Sri Lanka surely has many different surf and beach towns, but the queen of all beach towns is without a doubt Mirissa.

Mirissa has it all, picturesque beaches, amazing hotels, restaurants, and cafes, and incredible marine life like turtles and whales. It's the ideal spot to learn how to surf, be a beach bum, and relax with a cold coconut in hand by the ocean. Or if you're feeling adventurous, zoom around on your scooter and explore the surroundings.

I must admit, I'm more of a beach bum myself, and I think Mirissa should definitely be a stop on your next Sri Lanka itinerary. In this guide, I'll show you where to stay in Mirissa, so you can easily find the right hotel and area to make the most of your stay.

Best areas to stay in Mirissa

Mirissa might just be a small beach town, but you'll see that there are still a few different areas to discover.

For first-timers, I'd recommend staying near Mirissa Beach. You'll be right on the beach and still close to the main road where you'll find plenty of restaurants and shopping opportunities.

If you're traveling with your family and want a quieter spot, head to Turtle Point. It's a smaller beach, a little further away from the hustle and bustle of the main beach.

The City Center is perfect for you if you're on a smaller budget. You'll find plenty of hostels and budget accommodations here.

And if you're looking for a secluded couples' vacation, Thalaramba is the place to be. It's a bit further out of town, but you'll find empty beaches and luxurious hotels.

1. Where to stay in Mirissa for the first time: Mirissa Beach

where to stay in mirissa - mirissa beach

I highly recommend Mirissa Beach for first-timers because it offers a little bit of everything.

Not only are you right on the beach, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, surfing, and whale watching, but you're also conveniently close to the main road, Matara Road. This makes it super easy to explore all the amazing restaurants and cafes nearby.

Keep in mind that Mirissa Beach can get pretty crowded during the high season. However, if you wake up before everyone else and hit the beach early, you'll definitely enjoy a few peaceful hours without the crowds.

And after that, you can even venture out to other beautiful beaches like Secret Beach.

Mirissa has some well-known yoga and wellness retreats, such as Sri Yoga Shala as well as some yoga centers that are set right by the beach and you can do your practice with the gentle sound of the ocean waves as your backdrop.

Best area for:

  • First-timers

  • Surfing

  • Central location

Things to do in Mirissa Beach

First and foremost, Mirissa is an awesome surf town, and Mirissa Beach is the perfect spot to catch some waves. It's super popular for beginner surfers and intermediates due to its great conditions. If you're here during the right season (October to March), you'll have perfect conditions to learn surfing.

Chutys Surf School is one of the most popular ones in the area, and I totally get why. They have all-new equipment, and affordable prices, and their instructors are super friendly and helpful.

Now, I already mentioned that Mirissa Beach can get crowded sometimes, but I have a not-so-secret-anymore tip for you.

Head over to Secret Beach, just a 20-minute walk or a 5-minute ride from Mirissa Beach. It's smaller but less crowded and much quieter. Perfect for escaping the crowds. Just be aware of the sea urchins!

Best hotels to stay in Mirissa Beach

($$$) Randiya Sea View Hotel

There aren't any real 5-star hotels in Mirissa, but for the town, we'll consider this one on the top end. As one of my favorite Mirissa luxury hotels is the Randiya Sea View Hotel. It's located just a 5-minute walk away from Mirissa Beach, but it's still secluded enough to offer peace and quiet. The rooms are large, comfortable, and modern. Of course, the hotel also features a spacious outdoor swimming pool.

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($$$) Palace Mirissa

If you want to be even closer to the beach, check out Palace Mirissa. It's literally right on the beach, with its own private access. The rooms are spacious and beautiful, and the property also has an outdoor swimming pool.

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($$) Celestial Inn

One of the best mid-range hotels in Mirissa Beach is Celestial Inn. The rooms are modern and comfortable, with a private bathroom and some even have a balcony with sea views. It's just a few minutes' walk from the beach, and they also offer free private parking and an on-site restaurant.

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($) SriMany

One of the most affordable Mirissa hotels is SriMany, a cozy guest house with comfortable rooms. It's located just 2 minutes from the beach and features a lovely garden, terrace, and on-site restaurant.

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2. Where to stay in Mirissa for families & relaxation: Turtle Point

where to stay in mirissa - turtle beach

Turtle Point is a charming beach located next to Mirissa Beach. It's a bit quieter here, as it's a little outside of town, making it perfect for families or anyone who wants to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the center.

The beach is a small bay with the famous Parrot Rock on one side and the popular photo spot Coconut Tree Hill on the other side. Staying here is ideal for sightseeing while in Sri Lanka.

You'll also find some incredible boutique hotels and family-friendly accommodations in this area. And that's not all, you'll even stumble upon some of the coolest restaurants and beach bars in town right here.

Best area for:

  • Families

  • Relaxation

  • Snorkeling

Things to do in Turtle Point

Turtle Point is an awesome spot for snorkeling, and the best part is that you can do it all by yourself right from the beach. There's a high chance of spotting some turtles swimming around, so just grab some snorkeling gear from your hotel or local shops and hop right in.

If you're more into exploring the land, check out Parrot Rock and the famous Coconut Tree Hill. These two spots are a must-visit for stunning photos, and they're conveniently located right on Turtle Point Beach.

And for all foodies out there, I've got two amazing spots right on the beach. Petti Petti is an international restaurant where you can enjoy pasta, burgers, and some fantastic cocktails. They even have a pool that you're allowed to use if you order something.

And for all my vegan friends, I highly recommend The Slow-Vegan. They serve incredible traditional vegan dishes along with vegan burgers and smoothies. You can even stay here as they also have the boutique style Slow Vegan Hotel accommodation right behind.

Best hotels to stay in Turtle Point

($$$) Somerset Mirissa

For a luxurious stay in Turtle Point, check out Somerset Mirissa. The rooms are spacious and beautifully designed, and some even have their own private pool. The boutique hotel also features an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and an on-site restaurant.

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($$) Resort Deepika Mirissa

The perfect mid-range option and one of the best hotels in Mirissa when it comes to value for money is Resort Deepika Mirissa. The rooms are modern and comfortable, and the hotel features a beautiful outdoor pool and a sun terrace.

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($) Maison D'hotes Sanda Beach

A little more basic but super cozy and affordable option is Maison D'hotes Sanda Beach. It's located right on Turtle Point Beach, offering stunning sea views from some of the rooms. The hotel also has a lovely garden and terrace to relax.

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3. Where to stay in Mirissa for budget travelers & backpackers: City Center

where to stay in mirissa - city center

I think accommodation in Mirissa is generally already cheap, but the city center of Mirissa is perfect for budget travelers, and it's also a great spot for backpackers!

Here, you'll find a variety of hostels and cheap hotels. Plus, being right by the main road, it's the best place to be close to everything that's happening. Not only is it a short walk to the beach, but you'll also find plenty of cafes, restaurants, bars, and supermarkets. 

Moreover, from here, it was a breeze for me to explore the surroundings of Mirissa. It's super convenient to hop on a scooter and ride to Weligama or Matara. If you don't have a scooter, you can also take a tuk-tuk or one of the local buses if you're feeling adventurous!

Best area for:

  • Budget travelers

  • Backpackers

  • Nightlife

  • Foodies

Things to do in Mirissa City Center

Beach towns in Sri Lanka are not only popular for their awesome surf but they're also packed with amazing cafes and restaurants. I've tried so many of them and I've got a couple of favorites to share.

For breakfast, the go-to place for me (and many others) in Mirissa is Shady Lane. They serve up an amazing avocado on sourdough and hands down the best coffee in town. Just a heads up, it can get super busy, especially during high season, so be prepared to queue up. Other great spots to check out in Mirissa are Milky Wave and Aloha Coffee Gallery.

Now, let's talk about my favorite day trips from Mirissa. Weligama and Matara are both just a quick 15-minute ride away, making it super easy to pop over for the day.

Weligama is like Mirissa's little sister, a bit smaller but growing more and more each day, and it's got some amazing surf too.

Matara, on the other hand, is more of a city than a beach town, but once you hit the beach, it feels even cozier than Mirissa. Oh, and don't forget to visit The Doctors House for a meal when you're there – it's a must-visit spot for every Matara trip!

Best hotels to stay in the City Center

($$$) Mirissa Blue Whale Holiday Hotel

For a comfortable stay in the city center, check out Mirissa Blue Whale Holiday Hotel. The rooms are spacious and modern, and some even have a private balcony with sea views. The hotel also features an outdoor pool and an on-site restaurant.

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($$) JJ's Hostel Mirissa

If you're looking for a budget-friendly hostel in Mirissa, then JJ's Hostel Mirissa is your best bet! The staff is super friendly, and the location is unbeatable – just 5 minutes from the beach. They also offer private rooms if you prefer more privacy.

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($) HappyShack Hostel

Even more affordable and great for solo travelers, especially if you like your own private bathroom. HappyShack Hostel also offers clean and comfortable dorms with lockers and shared bathrooms for an even lower rate. The hostel offers plenty of group activities, such as surf lessons, whale watching, and BBQs.

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4. Where to stay in Mirissa for couples & luxury: Thalaramba

where to stay in mirissa - thalaramba

If you're searching for a romantic and luxurious getaway in Mirissa, then Thalaramba is the perfect spot for you!

This secluded area on the east side of Mirissa boasts some of the most stunning villas and resorts. Plus, it's less crowded than other areas, making it ideal for couples seeking a more private stay.

While there isn't much happening in the area itself, it's just a quick 5-minute tuk-tuk or taxi ride into the city center of Mirissa. Rest assured, all hotels in Thalaramba will gladly assist you in organizing a driver.

Best area for:

  • Couples

  • Relaxation

  • Luxury hotels

  • Seclusion

Things to do in Thalaramba

Thalaramba might be a little quieter than the rest of Mirissa, but it's extra popular for one thing – scuba diving! The diving spots here are absolutely amazing, and some even say they're the best in Sri Lanka.

I recently went for a dive with Mirissa Diving & Snorkeling Center, and they were incredible. Despite the slightly murky waters, we still got to see plenty of turtles, lobsters, fish, and corals. The equipment was in great condition, and the dive masters and instructors were super friendly and professional. If you're into diving, Thalaramba is the place to be!

Best hotels to stay in Thalaramba

($$$) Saltasia Boutique Beach Villa

One of the best luxury hotels in Mirissa is Saltasia Boutique Beach Villa. The boutique hotel offers spacious and elegant rooms with private balconies overlooking the ocean. The hotel also has an outdoor pool, a private beach, spa facilities, and a restaurant serving delicious seafood. This Mirissa Beach hotel only offers a handful of rooms, which makes it a very exclusive experience.

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($$) Imagine Villa Hotel

For a more affordable yet still luxurious stay in Thalaramba, check out Imagine Villa Hotel. The villa hotel features spacious rooms with air conditioning and room service, as well as a large outdoor swimming pool.

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($$) Beach & Bliss Mirissa

For a romantic and cozy stay in Thalaramba, check out Beach & Bliss Mirissa. This boutique hotel is one of the best Mirissa luxury hotels, offering spacious modern rooms right by the ocean and a large outdoor swimming pool.

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($) Kiss Blossom

A little further inland, nestled in the middle of the jungle, is one of my favorite luxury hotels in Mirissa, Kiss Blossom. The hotel offers spacious and modern rooms with private balconies and flat-screen TV, overlooking the lush greenery. The hotel also has an outdoor pool, a restaurant serving delicious Sri Lankan cuisine, and a spa.

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Where to stay in Mirissa – Frequently Asked Questions

📅 When is the best time to visit Mirissa?

Sri Lanka has two different rainy seasons, which take turns on each side of the island. Mirissa experiences the most rainfall between May to August. Ideally, you should visit Mirissa between November and March during the dry season – this is also when the surf is at its best! However, if you prefer fewer crowds, October and April are also great times to come.

🏄‍♂️ Is there good surf in Mirissa?

Absolutely! Mirissa is a popular surfing destination, especially during the high season between November and March. The waves can get quite crowded, but you can always find some great spots in nearby Weligama or Matara if you prefer a more chilled surfing experience. There are also plenty of surf schools and rental shops in Mirissa if you're just starting out or don't have your own board.

🚂 How do I get to Mirissa?

The coolest way to reach Marissa is by hopping aboard one of the iconic trains that wind their way through the lush jungles of Sri Lanka. The most iconic journey is the one from Ella to Kandy, but you'll find plenty of other incredible train routes throughout Sri Lanka. You can easily catch a train from Colombo to Weligama or Matara, which are the neighboring towns of Mirissa. And from there, it's just a short tuk-tuk or taxi ride!

🤔 Is Mirissa worth visiting?

Absolutely! Mirissa is a must-visit destination in Sri Lanka. Not only does it offer some of the most beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, but it also has a lively nightlife and plenty of activities to enjoy, from surfing and whale watching to exploring nearby temples. Plus, the food in Mirissa is absolutely delicious, so you'll definitely want to add this coastal town to your Sri Lanka itinerary.

Where to stay in Mirissa – Final Words

Mirissa is one of my absolute favorite beach towns! It's not too small, but not too big either. You never feel overwhelmed by crowds, yet it's never too quiet either. There's so much to do, from surfing and exploring the nightlife, to enjoying the beach and whale watching. Honestly, it was really hard to leave when my time was up.

Mirissa is a small community, so no matter where you stay, you'll be guaranteed to have an amazing time. I hope my guide gave you a better overview of where to stay in Mirissa. Whether you're a solo traveler, a couple on a romantic getaway, or a family looking for some fun in the sun in one of Mirissa's beach hotels, you'll definitely find the perfect spot for you.

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