The Ultimate Europe Packing List

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Travelling light means packing enough clothes and toiletries to be comfortable but without the whole anxiety about how to transport all your stuff. But how on earth do you make it happen, pack and travel light without having to wear the same every day? Here is everything that should be on your Europe Packing List.

How To Choose The Best Travel Towel

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Packing a travel-friendly towel is possibly one of the most important travel hacks I have learned over the years. It saves you from overpacking as the best travel towel is light-weight, quick-drying and you can even use it as a beach towel or roll it up as a pillow on the plane. There are a lot of different brands offering various alternatives, so if you're in doubt which travel towel is the best for you, read on!

The Ultimate Thailand Packing List

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Paradise beaches, a warm and friendly culture, the amazing metropolis of Bangkok and Thai food all day every day. Here’s the ultimate Thailand packing list, so you know exactly what to bring to Thailand and also what you can leave safely at home.

The Best Packing Cubes For Backpacking, Suitcases & Carry On

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This one if for you, when you are a notorious over-packer like me and you know how hard it is to limit yourself. Packing cubes truly help me to keep my luggage super organised and are the ultimate solution to prevent overpacking. This guide is going to show you which are the best packing cubes for backpacking, your suitcase or that fit your carry-on luggage!

Bali Packing List: Everything You Need To Bring

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Are you counting down the days until your trip to Bali? You are probably spending hours on end adding and deleting items on your packing list. What the heck should your Bali packing list include? This list has everything from clothes, shoes, toiletries, electronics that you can leave at home!

20 Best Unique Travel Gift Ideas

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Looking for a cool gift to give to someone who is going travelling or who has recently returned from a trip and can't stop talking about it? Here are some awesome travel gift ideas to get you started!

The Best Drone for Travel (+ Features, Laws & Reviews!)

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Drones have recently become the go-to-product for upping your photography and videography game. When you are ready to move beyond your backyard or the local park for drone outings, you may want to consider purchasing a drone designed for easy traveling. Check out these do's and dont's as well as reviews of the best drones for travel.

15 Best Travel Blankets for Any Adventure

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Travel blankets offer a little bit of home, whether you are flying across the world or camping in your own backyard. If you cannot make up your mind, this list of best travel blankets for any adventure will help you to learn everything you need to know before you buy.

Best Backpacks With Wheels For Travel

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As a traveler, the bag you carry will make all the difference in your journey. If you have been thinking about getting a backpack with wheels for travel, this post will inform you on all the ins and outs as well as list the different brands - so you can find the perfect purchase.