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Hi there & thanks for stopping by on the Make Money Online section of my site.

I've been on the quest to find ways on how to make money online since 2014. The year, I sold everything in my home country Germany to buy a one-way ticket to Thailand and travel the world for the foreseeable future.

The goal was to work entirely from my laptop – and make enough money to survive and keep going.

Over the past few years, I have tried many ways to find the ultimate key to how to make money from home, or quite literally from anywhere.

I've worked hard, failed a lot and learned a lot about running a business online – all while travelling and living in many different places all over the world. 

Below are some ways I make money from my laptop:

  • As a freelancer in digital marketing.
  • Building several websites and monetizing them.
  • Blogging and making money through sponsorships and as an Influencer on social media.
  • Selling a physical product line on Amazon. 
  • Through affiliate marketing and website advertising.
  • Working a remote job for a company.

I never believed climbing the corporate ladder or following anyone's footsteps is the way to success.

I like doing things my way, but I am also afraid, afraid to be judged, to not be successful. 

On this site, I want to share my experiences of building an online business, and ultimately a lifestyle – with the end goal of giving me total time and financial freedom.

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