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Learn Organic Farming While Travelling Northern Thailand

Travelling to Thailand and looking for a bit of a different experience in this beautiful country? Something off the beaten path, away from the tourists? Well then, you might want to learn about organic farming, vegan cooking and meditation while volunteering on the Mindful Farm near Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

A Relaxing Guide To Chiang Mai

Visitors to Chiang Mai’s hottest tattoo shop called Panumart Tattoo regularly ask the shop owners for advice on what to do in Chiang Mai. So today Ryan and Ahm share their top 5 places to spend some relaxing time in the Rose of the North!

The Top Views Off The Beaten Track In Thailand

A visit to Thailand surely will linger long in your memory, with its abundance of breathtaking scenery and superb hospitality. Take time to explore, here are a few favourite spots to get you started and whet your appetite for wanderlust.

How To Spend 3 Awesome Days In Chiang Mai

Are you thinking of travelling around Thailand, wondering how many days to stay in Chiang Mai and what to do? Here comes my ultimate itinerary suggestion for a 3-day visit in the beautiful mountainous city of Chiang Mai.

The Ultimate Guide On How To Shop Till You Drop In Bangkok

Better plan ahead for extra baggage during your next flight, you're going to need it. If you're set on just window shopping, you might just change your mind especially with all these bargain prices. There is something to be found for everyone!

10 Amazing Ways To Explore A Different Side Of Bangkok

Off the beaten path, non-touristy, unusual, unique, if those are what you’re looking for in Bangkok, you are in the right page. The top tourist destinations in Bangkok sure are worth visiting but so do these beautifully strange Bangkok destinations.

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