The Ultimate Travel Guide To Chiang Mai

I came to Northern Thailand for various reasons.

Firstly, I was somehow looking to rediscover Chiang Mai which I have visited a few years back while backpacking through Thailand after my study abroad semester in Singapore.

And then I also wanted to see if the city was still as relaxed and beautiful as I remembered it and I surely wanted to find some like-minded digital nomads hanging out in cool cafes on their laptops. 

But no matter what brings you up here, I think you should definitely pay a visit to this city. The food is amazing, the markets are big and colourful and the surrounding boasts with incredible nature and adventure activities.

I also believe people are more friendly and genuine up here, not like in Bangkok for example and just a little less ‘in your face’ like in the southern beachy areas of Koh Phi Phi and Koh Samui on the eastern side.

Come for a few days, immerse yourself in the city, food and speak to locals and just fall in love with Chiang Mai! But don’t just listen to me, read any other Chiang Mai travel blog and you’ll be sold in no time!

Some Quick Facts About Chiang Mai

  • After Bangkok, Chiang Mai is the second largest city in all of Thailand
  • Chiang Mai’s City Center is surrounded by a walled moat, which is also called the Old City
  • The city area of Chiang Mai is home to about 300 Buddhist temples
  • There are about 200,000 people living in Chiang Mai City and over 1 million in the metropolitan area
  • Chiang Mai is also home to Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand which is just about 2,500 meter high

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Best Time To Visit Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is known for it’s slightly cooler temperatures than Bangkok or Southern Thailand but you can actually find three different seasons here.

The hot season is from April to June with tropical temperatures of up to 40 degrees and very high humidity. From May through to November is the rainy season with heavy downpours however they only last for an hour or so.

Get The Best Of Chiang Mai In Winter

The cool season starts in December and goes right until the end of February. It’s the most popular time to visit Chiang Mai. Temperatures in the mid-day can still go up to 30 degrees.

However, in the morning and evening it gets rather cool and you might want to bring a jumper. The same accounts for trips into the mountains or windy motorbike rides, always come prepared with a jacket.

Avoid The Burning Season in Chiang Mai

March is possibly the worse time to pay Chiang Mai a visit as the air is polluted with a lot of smoke and dust as farmers in the area burn down their fields to clear them for recultivation.

So far authorities have failed to manage the problem so travellers and locals are advised to remain indoors on certain days as the dust particles can be a real health hazard.


With only 150,000 people living in the closer urban area of Chiang Mai, downtown is pretty small and therefore easy to navigate.

Most of the action happens inside the four ancient city walls and the moat, the so-called Old City. It attracts most visitors and houses plenty of guest houses, hotels, restaurants. Here you also find the most famous temples as well as the popular Sunday Market.

East of the city towards the river and just outside the old city walls lies the bustling Night Bazar and Loi Kroh, a busy bar and restaurant street which has today become another center of attraction.

The riverside is further down housing some nice cafés and accommodation options as it is developing fast with new options popping up frequently.

West of town lies the Chiang Mai University and the Zoo. On the foot of Doi Suthep mountain you will find the more upmarket Nimmanhemin area (simply called Nimman) which is popular among expats and digital nomads with many coffee shops, trendy boutiques, bars with live music and one of my favourite night clubs Warm Up Café – especially cool when you come in a group of friends.

Getting Around Chiang Mai

Take A Walk

Pick up a Chiang Mai city map or dare to get lost! You can easily walk inside the wall of the Old City as there is little traffic and you will discover some beautiful hidden places to visit in Chiang Mai.

I highly recommended this if you are fit on your feet!

Alternatively, you could also rent a bicycle and cycle around if you want to go a bit faster than just walking.

Share A Songthaew

Use the red pick-up trucks called Songthaews that serve as public transportation.

Make sure you know a reference point where you want to go to as some drives often speak little English. Prices depend on distance and start from 20 THB up to 60 THB (US$0.60 to US$1.85) .

Haggle For A Tuk-Tuk

Very common 3-wheeled transportation which are normally going quite fast and beating traffic cleverly by meandering between the usual traffic chaos. Know where you want to go and agree on a fare before getting on to avoid over-paying afterward.

Prices depend on distance and start from 30 THB to 100 THB (US$0.90 to US$3.00). On special occasions or at night-time it can be more expensive. Travelling solo is also often pricier.

Rent Your Own Scooter

You can easily rent a scooter for about 150 THB to 300 THB (US$4.60 to US$9.20) a day to drive around town and through the wonderful mountains.

Most shops ask for a security deposit of between 1,000 to 3,000 THB or alternatively, you have to leave your passport whereas I always prefer to leave the money and never my passport.

Chiang Mai

Money Saving Tips For Chiang Mai

#1 Always Bargain

And I mean for anything and everything. This especially includes souvenirs, clothes, handicrafts, etc. If you buy more than one item or in bulk you will definitely have an advantage at bargaining.

If nothing helps, making a final offer and then walking away might close the sale at your desired price. I observed this is especially the case when it’s been a quite day and vendors desperately want to make a sale.

#2 Save On Transportation

You can even bargain over transportation costs. If travelling in a group, make this a point when bargaining with the driver, break it down by each person instead of an overall price.

Ask the locals how much it should be from one point to another. Most of the time, the reception people were very helpful.

Sometimes even stopping a songthaew for me and helping me to bargain in Thai before I got on. I guess I am saying, make friends with the locals and they won’t refrain from helping you!

So what are you waiting for? Chiang Mai is really like no other city in Thailand and full of amazing things to do and explore!

Things To Do & See In Chiang Mai

This time was my second time around in Chiang Mai and I have stayed for several months. Long enough to know my way around and still too short to have explored all the activities this cultural city has on offer.

But whatever you have on your itinerary make sure it includes food because that’s one big part why I love this city!

Temple Hopping Around The Old City

Of course no visit to Chiang Mai would be complete without spending some time at the various Buddhist temples (in Thai called ‘Wats’) around the Old City of Chiang Mai. Alternatively, if you do not feel like walking, rent a bike and paddle around, inside the moat there is little traffic and you will have an easy time stopping wherever you like. Or join one of the many Chiang Mai tours which you can easily book at the numerous travel agencies in town.

The most popular ones to visit are located right in the inner quarter of the Old City walls. 

The three oldest Chiang Mai temples are all worth visiting to get your ultimate temple fix:

If you are looking for a peaceful place away from the crowds you may want to check out Wat Umong which is set in a leafy jungle environment outside the Old City. The temple is especially popular among photographers because of the many Buddha heads scattered around that make for some fantastic shots.

And then there is also Wat Phra That Doi Suthep sitting on top of the mountain overlooking the city of Chiang Mai. I love taking the scooter there, sometimes at sunrise or sunset you are almost by yourself and I find it very peaceful to come here.

Please also check my post about day trips out of Chiang Mai to find out more details about visiting this temple and other cool things outside of the Chiang Mai City.

Doi Suthep temple chiang mai
Chiang Mai Doi Suthep Trip

There are over 200 temples in and around Chiang Mai you can imagine that you will probably be over-templed very soon but check this list of temples for the greatest picks.

With 99% of the population of Thailand being Buddhist it may be interesting to have a chat with a monk to find out more about their lifestyle and the do and don’ts.

In Thailand, almost all young boys become a monk even if it is just for a little while. For boys from more rural communities, this is a great way to get a better education and learn English.

There are monk chats in different locations and times all around town.

Monk Chat Chiang Mai

Eat Thai Food At One Of The Many Night Markets

Probably one of my favourite past time activities in Chiang Mai is visiting one of the numerous night markets in town.

No matter if you are searching for a souvenir, handicrafts, fashion or yummy food. Oh, that market food!!

roti street stand chiang mai

Personally, my favourite one is the Sunday Night Market in the Chiang Mai Old Town, despite it being quite touristy and often crowded. It starts from 4pm at Tha Pae Gate and runs 1km all along Ratchadamnoen Road. Be prepared to walk like forever!

There are many beautifully lit up temple grounds that serve as food courts with an impressive amount of Thai food choices along the way where you should definitely make a stop (or two).

Try Pad Thai, Tom Yam, the northern- style Thai salad, fresh spring rolls, chicken skewers with peanut or spicy papaya salad and don’t miss out on my beloved mango sticky rice!

The Saturday Walking Street seems a bit more local and runs just south outside the Old City on Wua Lai Road.

Chiang Mai Night Market
Chiang Mai Ladyboy Cabaret

Then there is also the Night Bazar which is open every day from sunset until midnight.

Here you will also find the Ladyboy Cabaret which is quite a spectacle and unlike other shows around Thailand. Don’t be scared to take a snap with these ladies as they are super friendly.

Another amazing night market a bit out of the Old City towards the University is called Kad Na Mor. It’s also referred to as the CMU Night Market, as it’s pretty much opposite the Chiang Mai University and sells mainly everything fashion.

From dresses, pants to bags, shoes, and accessories and makeup you will find anything for pretty good prices. Always remember to bargain though! There is also a big food court with an even larger BBQ buffet and amazing freshly made to order Sushi Bar.

It’s very local and you only see a few white faces there and that’s why I like it so much.

One of my personal highlights in Chiang Mai is really close to here too: Catmosphere, a space-themed cat café! It’s open until 8pm so you can conveniently visit just before heading over to the market.

If you still haven’t had enough check this list of other markets to visit in the day and night-time around town.

Chiang Mai Blog

Take A Cooking Course

There is a wonderful variety of cooking courses that teach travellers to cook simple but healthy and tasty Thai meals. You can choose from half day to full or multiple day classes, from beginners to masters and with some schools being fancier than others.

There are schools inside the Old City while others offer the course in a beautiful Thai farm setting outside of town.

I can highly recommend the classes with Sammy’s Organic Thai Cooking School

I had a fantastic experience learning from Sammy in a small class with a lot of humor and set on a beautiful farm and lounging in the hammock with a full stomach in the afternoon. Very peaceful.

travel blog Chiang Mai

Meditate, Relax And Work-Out

You’re probably not surprised that Chiang Mai is also sometimes referred to as the meditation capital of Thailand. Therefore, you will find many yoga studios in town as well as retreats that run for a day or a week outside of town.

The popular Doi Suthep Vipassana Meditation Center offers meditation courses from 4 days up to 23 days for beginners or advanced. Be prepared to wake up early! All meditation courses are run by donation.

Additionally, there are many spas to relax and unwind after all the action and adventuring.

A rather interesting massage can be found at the Chiang Mai Women’s Correctional Institution which offers a program that trains inmates on Thai Massage in order to help the women gain employment and integrate them back into society.

Chiang Mai Blog

You could also take a class and learn how to professionally massage.

Most recently, Bootcamp Fitness and CrossFit classes have become very popular. And of course, you can practice Muay Thai, the traditional form of kickboxing in Thailand which also makes for quite a tough workout.

Festivals In Chiang Mai

If you are coming in the right months, Chiang Mai may put on quite a show, for example, Yi Peng (Loy Krathong), the lantern festival which is happening every year in November or Songkran, the water festival held annually in April.

Always check ahead on the calendar for holidays and festivals so you don’t miss out when planning your trip to Chiang Mai.

Things To Do Outside Of Chiang Mai

Why not take a day trip into the beautiful natural surroundings of Chiang Mai?

Check out my post about the best day trips outside of Chiang Mai and explore the fantastic National Parks, waterfalls, caves and mountain views! I simply love renting a scooter and just go exploring myself.

Most of the day trips out of Chiang Mai are easy to organise. You can either join a tour or simply drive yourself on a scooter if you feel confident. Many sightseeing spots around are very accessible. For many day trips from Chiang Mai you do not need a guide, just pre-load your Google Maps and go! And in any case you feel lost, you can always ask the locals along the way.

If you need a break from Chiang Mai, I recommend spending a few days in the hippie town of Pai!

This relaxed town is only about 3.5 hrs from Chiang Mai set in the middle of mountains and surrounded by loads of nature including waterfalls, caves, canyons and hot springs.

Such a bliss visiting, not only for the stunning nature but also for the cute cafés in town.

Related Article: The Ultimate Travel Guide To Pai 

Doi Inthanon Waterfall National Park

Feeling Even More Adventurous?

Other popular activities around Chiang Mai include one or multiple days of trekking adventures through the mountains, zip-lining through the jungle, mountain biking, climbing, canoeing, whitewater rafting and much much more.

I recommend you check out Expedia to find and book all possible adventure activities!

There are numerous companies that offer trekking in Chiang Mai. Yes, there are some black sheep too, so be sure to do your research before and I can also recommend paying your chosen company a direct visit beforehand to discuss details and any doubts you may have.

Also consider trekking a little further outside of Chiang Mai like Chiang Dao, Chiang Rai, Umphang or Sopphong. These places are a bit less touristy and you will have a better time getting off the beaten path.

Chiang Mai Travel Blog

A Note On Riding Elephants In Thailand

While in Thailand you probably have thought about riding an Elephant and yes, I have too. However, there is a dark side to elephant tourism and most people coming to Thailand are unaware of how the elephants are treated in order to make them carry baskets with people.

I suggest doing your own research before you sign up for anything involving elephants. And I think that should count for all activities with animals, snakes, tigers, etc.

If you still want to spend some time with those gigantic creatures while in Chiang Mai, check out the Elephant Nature Park, an elephant rescue, and rehabilitation center. You can even do some volunteer work here which helps to protect and contribute to the healing of their past.

At Elephant Nature Park you do not get to ride the elephants but you can feed and wash them and generally hang out with those amazing creatures for the day as many travellers have found this being an highlight of their time in the North of Thailand.

Where To Stay In Chiang Mai

Budget (But Nice) Accommodation In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is probably one of those few cities in Thailand where you can crash in a hostel dorm for as little as US$3 a night.

However, not all cheap places are created equally nice. I do like to get a good nights sleep and a hot shower in a clean bathroom while working wifi is almost equally important to me too.

So here are my “budget, but nice” choices if you’d ask me where to stay in Chiang Mai:

Hug Bed And Breakfast

Modern pod-style bunk beds in 6 or 12 bed dorms located on the northern end of the Old City of Chiang Mai. For even more privacy there are also private family rooms. Of course they have free wifi, secure lockers and yes, they serve food downstairs in a little outside patio.

Prices start from US$9/night in a mixed dorm and US$11/night in a female-only dorm.

This Chiang Mai accommodation is also very close a wonderful restaurant called Blue Diamond which is known for its fresh vegetarian dishes and also serves a yummy western-style breakfast where I usually stop by quite a few times a week. Possibly the best place to stay in Chiang Mai when you’re on a budget but like it nice!

Dozy House

Located toward the west of the Old City but still inside the moat you’ll find this accommodating, quiet hostel. You can choose to sleep in a 6 bed dorm or a private double room. Wifi is included and private lockers are available as well.

Prices start from about US$9/night in a dorm and US$13-14/night in a private room.

So Hostel Chiang Mai

Choose between a 12, 8 or 6-bed  dorm or book a standard double room in this modern design hostel. Great location between the Night Bazar and the Old City which are both just a short walk away. There is a shared kitchen and free wifi.

I stayed when they just opened their doors and had a pretty good night sleep here!

Prices start around US$6.50/night in a 12-bed dorm and US$25/night in a double room.

9 Hostel

Clean and peaceful hostel close to the famous Wat Chiang Man located towards the northern wall of the Old City. Wifi and a relaxed atmosphere, what else do you need in this town!

Prices for a bed in a 4, 6 or 8 dorm start from US$6/night or choose a private double room starting from US$10/night.

Mid-Range Accommodation In Chiang Mai

Looking for something more comfortable than a hostel? Without sharing your bathroom and a bit more service?

Well then, here you go:


This friendly and comfortable hotel is located right in the center of the Old City and walking distance to all the major attractions, temples and the fantastic Sunday market.

Breakfast is freshly cooked every morning and there is free wifi available all throughout.

Special room rates per night start as low as US$30 but depending on season and room size prices may vary up to US$47.

P21 Chiang Mai Hotel

Comfortable and modern hotel with friendly service in easy reach to the Night Bazar and other attractions around the Old City of Chiang Mai.

You have the choice between standard or deluxe rooms with prices starting from around US$41-61/night.

Pha-Thai Guest House

Lovely boutique guest house with a nice decor and perfectly located in the south-east of the Old City. There is also a great breakfast place nearby called Good Morning Chiang Mai Café.

You can find a variation of room types with affordable rates starting from US$40-50/night.

Have You Been To Chiang Mai?

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      I hope you have enjoyed Chiang Mai nevertheless, Gemma! It’s an awesome city but where you sleep can make it or break it sometimes, glad you had a good time at the Elephant Nature Park and massage 🙂

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    It will be a nice change of pace in Chiang Mai, and I’m happy that the rains don’t last so long. Here in Korea, we don’t get the short rains so much so that’s great to hear! Thanks for sharing this. It’s going in our big trip plan as a goto guide. 🙂

    Take Care Carolin.

    • Carolin August 3, 2015 at 10:07 am - Reply

      Thank you so much Duke, means a lot you find the guide helpful and I hope you will have a fantastic time in Chiang Mai. I can’t wait to go back, which might be quite soon too 🙂 I hear you when you say REAL Thai food, Chiang Mai has the best thai food in the whole country I think! Enjoy your trip and of course, Korea too, it’s still on my list, I have not been so far! Safe travels!

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      Hi Tommi, travelling to Chiang Mai in August/September leaves you in the middle of the rain season when you will experience sudden downpours which however only last for an hour or so. Great to sit down in a café and just listen to the rain 🙂 and then just go on sightseeing! It’s not the worse time to visit as the rain turns the landscape bright green and also gives a little relief to the heat. Hope that helps with your decision!

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    We were checking out your Bali post and wandered over here since your guides are so through and informative. We are going to Chang Mai in a couple of months so travel planning is kicking in full gear. We definitely added the Catmosphere to our must see list. OMG that place looks amazing. We’ll have been away from our kitties for about a month at that point and needing a little cat loving.

    We are planning of Flight of the Gibbons. Passing on white water because of the season. We are visiting elephants down south and made sure that they did not offer rides. We will have bikes available for a couple of days, is there anyplace you would suggest to ride? Any outdoor adventure things you would recommend? We would be particularly interested in caving or technical canyoneering.

    • Carolin September 19, 2016 at 3:09 am - Reply

      Thanks Jenn & Ed, Chiang Mai is another real favourite of mine besides Canggu, perfect to put yourself down for a while. And there literally is so much to explore around. Make sure you say Hello to the lovely kittens from Catmosphere from me! I am not sure about caving or such, but I am sure there is some around Chiang Mai, haven’t tried any companies though. As for scooter rides around, maybe my article on day trips is helpful: Of course you have to visit Doi Suthep and I really like Huay Tung Tao Lake and if you have some more time, go to Doi Inthanon! Hope that helps 🙂

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      Thanks so much Josh for sharing, I am so glad you liked my guide too and it was helpful on your trip to Chiang Mai! I cannot wait to get back 🙂 Still so much to see and explore up there!

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      Thank you Catherine for your lovely comment, it’s so great to hear you currently live in Chiang Mai, I absolutely love it up there and cannot wait to come back at some stage even though I don’t know when that will be. Have a great time with your family visiting! 🙂

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      Thank you so much Melissa, that means a lot coming from someone living in Chiang Mai! Hope you liked my other articles too 🙂

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