One of my favourite mornings in Chiang Mai is definitely spending time at the cat café with the cute name Catmosphere.

If you are a bit of a cat person like me you probably already went a little crazy when you read the title, let alone heard about the numerous cat cafés popping up around the world. Although, this trend already started a while back when the world's first cat café opened in Taiwan in 1998 and the concept of having a cup of coffee while cuddling cats has quickly become very popular in Asia.

Especially in Japan people have become crazy about cat cafés and therefore the country has now over 150 cafés housing cats, more than in any other country in the world. But I have seen them popping up in other places too. Another cool one is in Bangkok called Caturday and one of the different things to do in the city.

Catmosphere in Chiang Mai opened in 2014, so it's been around for a while now while I have seen other cat cafés come and go.

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Once you arrive in front of Catmosphere in Chiang Mai, you will have to take off your shoes and put on some pretty slippers as well as wash and disinfect your hands for health reasons.

The staff will then let you in as the cats run around inside and you don't want any of the kittens to slip through the door.

Once you step inside the café you'll be greeted by a spacey atmosphere as the walls are all decorated with drawings of cats floating in ufos around space.

The cats that live and play in the café are also named with the space theme in mind, so adorable!

You can order some decent local coffee and a range of pastries and sweets. The price for a hot cappuccino is a few dollars and slightly more than you'll find at other cafés around here but I guess still fair especially when comparing those prices to the cat cafés in Japan!


Of course there is wifi too. But don't expect to get any work done in case you were planning to. But of course you might want to Instagram live from here.

Or you might even read a book or magazine while having one of the kittens sleep on your lap.


Otherwise there are just too many cute kittens to snuggle with and yes, they are really playful too so you will most likely end up playing around with them all the time.


“The only escape from the miseries

of life is music and cats.”

Albert Schweitzer


The café is open daily except Monday!

At very busy times there is a limit to stay at the café for 2 hours – still a decent amount of time if you ask me.

Catmosphere is within easy reach from Maya Mall and the Chiang Mai University. It's on Huay Kaew Road towards the direction of the Chiang Mai Zoo and Doi Suthep.

From the old town it is a good 45 minute walk, however if you are around Nimman Road it is easily walkable in 20 minutes.

You can spot Catmosphere as you see the Mac Café on the corner of the street as the café sits in the same row of shops just a little further back from the main road. The café can be reached by scooter or a red Songthaew.


Here's how to find the cat café:

Catmosphere Cat Café Chiang Mai
233/5 Huay Kaew Road
Chiang Mai 50200
Phone: 092 273 1011

If you still haven't had enough of snuggling with cats, you might also want to check the second cat café in Chiang Mai called Maewmoth Cat Cafe.

There is definitely many ways to start a good day, but the combination of a nice morning coffee and snuggling with cats is probably one of the best ones I had in Chiang Mai!

Have you ever visited a cat café anywhere in the world?


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