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Work, Stay, Play: The Digital Nomad Guide To Berlin

As one of the major freelance and startup hubs in Europe, there really is so much going on in Germany's capital city Berlin! Check out all the things to do, see, where to work from and how to connect with like-minded people from Nisha, who started this neat little app with some coworkers called Get Croissant.

The Best 3-Day Itinerary To Explore Portugal’s Capital Lisbon

Lisbon has been rising from a hidden gem to one of the top city travel destinations across Europe in a flash. Having said so, I gotta admit that I was also completely smitten by this beautiful city and have decided to give you my best 3-day itinerary – so you will have a fantastic stay if you decide to go too which you absolutely should.

How Much Does It Cost To Travel Portugal?

Portugal is supposed to be one of the cheapest European countries. Check out this article and learn how to calculate your budget for your next trip to Portugal and how you can travel more & spend less!

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