Looking for a cool gift to give to someone who is going travelling or who has recently returned from a trip and can't stop talking about it? 

Here are some awesome travel gift ideas to get you started.

Goodbye tangled cords in your backpack! With these stylish tech tacos, you will keep your headphones, chargers and all your other cables neatly organised, even if you take them travelling. Made out of leather, they are not only practical but really good-looking too.

To keep track of all the countries you have already been to! This map beautiful deluxe map has a unique black background and gold coating. Very classy on the wall and a great conversation starter in any room. Also a unique travel gift for a traveller friend!

Who doesn't love reminiscing about travel stories! This leather writing journal is a wonderful travel buddy to write down all your thoughts and stories along the way to relive them when returning home. Go crazy with is and draw or stick tickets in too! Different colours available.

Super small, lightweight and even waterproof (!) portable speaker to take anywhere and everywhere around the world, no matter if you are sitting around the bond fire having drinks, in the shower, while camping or hiking through the mountains, this speaker is a perfect travel gift like no other!

Ever wanted to set the ambiance with a romantic candle while adventuring with your loved one? This is the one you can pack and take anywhere. Absolutely a great gift for a girlfriend going travelling or even if you just use it in the comforts of your home, it smells quite beautifully.

A versatile water bottle that easily rolls up when empty and therefore very easy to take on your next trip. It even has a strap to easily attach it to your bag so it's always handy. BPA free and dishwasher safe, you can fill it with hot or cold drinks, add ice cubes or fruit. Such a practical gift for any traveller!

If you are wondering what to give someone who is about to go on a big trip, I recommend some Airbnb credit! It can be directly be loaded onto the account and you can book some totally unique places to stay from local hosts anywhere in the world. Paris, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, and New York, there are simply so many great places out there!

Because travelling is a time to celebrate freedom and the amazing places that are out there to see! With this cute cocktail kit, you could be making a Moscow Mule mid-flight or when you reach the mountaintop. Definitely, an unusual gift to give a traveller this holiday season.

This comfortable hammock fits 2 people so you could be hanging between the palmtrees with your bestie or loved one! It's easy to set up and super lightweight so you can take it camping, to the beach or all around the world. No need for extra tools, everything is already included, just find a few stable trees!

We all have a friend who loves and practices yoga, so why not give them a much-wanted gift! The mat is super thin and portable as you can fold it over, so it fits in your carry on! It has natural rubber grip, so you could use it for a workout in your hotel room or go to a yoga class while travelling to another city.

Keeps all your valuables dry, no matter if you are going kayaking, sailing or simply sweat a lot during a hike. A perfect companion especially for any activities involving water. Includes a waterproof phone case that fits all models and will allow taking pictures even while inside the case.

This travel adapter is so very useful if you travel to multiple countries with different power plugs as you can use just this one adapter in over 150 countries. The additional USB plugs are very handy to charge phones along with other devices at the same time!

For all of those who have ambitious goals to see the world but still have to save a few pennies. You can watch as your adventure fund fills up to make your travel dreams come true.

The cutest Xmas gift for any girl! This waterproof make-up bag is durable and protects its contents even when dropped accidentally. It has separate pockets so you can organise your things inside too. Most of all, I love the flamingo design!

If you love wide angle as you know it from Go Pro, you can simply add this feature to your phone with a neat little clip over the lens so you get a fisheye lens. Fits almost all phone models and had a built-in UV filter and HD optical glass to ensure professional photo quality.

Keeps your cards and personal information safe and secure and away from thieves with an RFID blocking shield. Easy to organise all your important documents in one stylish place, including your passport, boarding pass, credit cards and more.

Stay organised, no matter where you go with these packing cubes. Idea for travelling, backpacking or even yoga and a trip to the beach! This set of 6 cubes is perfect to organise your whole luggage. The cubes have little handles for carry, lightweight and even washable. Comes in different designs too!

When you have to think of a million things already while packing, this bundle of travel essentials will come in handy as it includes a TSA lock, luggage scale, silk eye mask, earplugs, travel adapter and a clear passport cover, so really everything to give you a head start to your trip!

You most definitely know the chunky u-shaped travel pillows and if you have used one before it couldn't win you over, this neck pillow might be a game changer. Next time you board a plane your head will rest between super soft fleece which is lightweight as well as washable.

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