To me, Bali seems to have collected so many of  the wonderful things in this world.

Starting with the infinite seascapes, sunsets that set the sky on fire, or the plentiful options of things to do & eat, Bali has everything it needs to be the most photogenic spot on earth. Therefore, one of the first reactions when you put your feet on the Balinese sand, apart from trying calm your heart of excitement, is to take out your camera and start taking thousands of photos. I totally get it, I do too!

So, what are the best Instagram-worthy spots in Bali? Everything looks spectacular in Bali, but Canggu is definitely one of its hottest places to get those Insta shots!

What are some of Instagram-worthy spots in Canggu?

Canggu is one of Bali’s hottest destinations right now.

Situated on the north-side of Seminyak, it is rapidly becoming one of the trendiest escapes in the Indonesian paradise thanks to its great surfing, breath-taking rice fields and unique atmosphere. It is known as the home of worldly digital nomads and yoga practitioners, offering them an oasis of relaxation and inspiration.

This really make Canggu one of the best Instagram spots in Bali.

If you are going to Canggu for the first time, fill yourself with a lot of energy and get ready to have the best time of your life. And, most importantly, don’t forget to take your camera with you as you will have plenty of spots to shoot.

After all, you are going to one of the most Instragrammable places in Bali, right? So mark the below places on your map next time you go to Canggu!

Kynd Community

Kynd Community has re-defined vegan food and quickly became one of the best cafes in Canggu.

People are driving to Kynd from all the surrounding areas to have their breakfast here. You shouldn’t miss the scrambled tofu with vegan chorizo aka Big Boss Breaky, or the crunchy Asian salad.

The colourful and healthy juices and smoothies will fill you up with energy for the entire day.

Old Man's

You cannot say that you spent your holiday in Canggu unless you enjoyed at least one Happy Hour at Old Man’s.

It is amazing how this place manages to transform from a nice, relaxing place during the day, to a vibrant location when the sun sets.

Your Instagram deserves some snapshots of everything Old Man’s has to offer: delicious food, energizing music, and those parties. Expect it to get crowded!

Loop Pool Bar & Restaurant

Loop Pool Bar and Restaurant is definitely a little secret spot in Canggu. It's right next to the Theanna Eco Villa & Spa, a wonderful place to stay while in Canggu.

It can offer you a great start of the day. The floating breakfast is a must as you'll eat right next to the pool and be sure to try the French toast, which is considered one of the best in Bali.

Then, spend the entire day relaxing and soaking up the sun by the pool and you will see what a perfect day in Canggu looks like!

La Brisa

It wasn’t difficult for La Brisa to gain the reputation as one of the best Instagram-worthy spots in Bali.

Words are not enough to describe the atmosphere created by this place.

The cozy hammock gardens and the fresh food are everything you need after an intense surfing session. Come night time and the place turns into a disco just like the motto says: A little party never killed nobody!

Cinta Café

Café Cinta really means it when they say that they “cook with care and serve with love”.

It possibly is not enough to have lunch just once here. The menu is full of yummy combinations that will make you come back again and again.

Plus, the ambiance right next to the rice fields mesmerises all travellers and locals alike and this café became one of my favourites in the whole of Canggu. Beware as it creates addiction!

The Slow Suites

If you are browsing the internet for Canggu accommodation and you still haven't chosen, then you will not want to miss The Slow.

The interior of this place is simply superb and I promise it will make it difficult for you to leave and start exploring, especially since you can book rooms with a private pool.

Sprinkle this with mouthwatering dishes and you will never regret your choice of staying here!

Hotel Tugu

Are you ready to reach the highest points of relaxation?

Tugu Hotel Canggu celebrates life, grabbing their visitors in a world full of color and tastes. The staff’s attention to details is remarkable.

They manage to surprise you daily with little meaningful messages and gestures that will make your day! Add to that the wonderful bath tubs, private plunge pools and the world-class Ji Restaurant next door with rooftop bar and this will easily be one of Bali's most romantic spots.

Read my whole review on staying at Tugu Hotel in Canggu.

Bungalow Living

Do you want to combine shopping with a nice brunch?

Then you need to put Bungalow Living Bali on your list.

Apart from the fresh, gluten-free food, you will also find a lot of gorgeous things to buy for your home. So, get ready to empty your wallet as it will be difficult to buy just one item.

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The Lawn Canggu

If you are looking for the most incredible fire sunsets, then you should spend one afternoon at the Lawn Beach Lounge.

Not only the sunset is amazing here, but you can also enjoy a cool pool party with your friends and try some of their iconic dishes like the pizzettas. Stay after darkness and you'll be in for a party with international DJs and dancing until the late hours.

RedDoor Villa Canggu

Are you looking for an exquisite place to stay in Canggu, where all the details have been looked after?

The RedDoor Villa meets even the pickiest tastes. It became one of the most appreciated getaways in Canggu thanks to its lavish garden and spectacular pool.

Is your Instagram ready for this?

The Shady Shack

Your Instagram deserves at least one photo of the delicious and colourful dishes served at The Shady Shack.

Even if you are a meat one, you will find it difficult to resist to their healthy vegetarian alternatives.

After all, everyone likes a salad and a smoothie made of unprocessed ingredients once in a while. Right?

The Jungalow Bali

If you are interested in a modern place to stay in Canggu, intimate enough for a couple, yet spacious in case you want to spend your holiday with some friends, then The Jungalow is what you need.

The generous pool, outdoor shower, live green wall, and the stunning view are the key elements for an unforgettable instagram-worthy holiday in Canggu.

Craving a Bali holiday? Well, you shouldn’t lose more time!

Start packing and prepare your Instagram for the most fabulous photos you have ever posted. Canggu is the place of the momentum, ready to “open its arms” and welcome you in heaven!

Enjoy x

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