The 16 Most Romantic Things To Do In Bali

You will agree with me on that one: Travelling and seeing the world is amazing! But when you do it with people you love and care about, it’s even more beautiful.

Of course, you want to make your next trip to Bali as memorable as possible. I get it, you want to find a place that is not just scenic but also has some cool and unusual things to do, which is a bit more of a romantic getaway. 

Look no further but simply choose one of the most sought-after island destination in Indonesia, the picturesque island of Bali.

Here are the 16 most romantic things to do in Bali, no matter if you are coming to the island with your girl- or boyfriend or you have recently tied the knot and are looking for places to visit in Bali for your honeymoon.

Your romantic Bali escape will take you wandering through the lush rice fields, snuggling up at the beach at sunset, and even above the clouds on a helicopter ride. If you and your other half like heights that is.

Bali is truly a living postcard destination offering picturesque dining opportunities as well as romantic rendezvous activities. Even if you prefer spending your romantic getaway in the comfort of a beautiful villa for example, then I assure you, you will love the Bali romantic hotels at the end of this post.

#1 Jimbaran Sunset Dinner

After you have a walk around the stunning cliffs of Uluwatu with its most iconic temple in Bali, take a stroll along Jimbaran Beach where a fresh seafood dinner is waiting for you at the end. You will be literally sitting on the beach with your table and chair, toes in the sand.

Be in awe of the variety of seafood choices grilled to perfection for your meal. It’s not just lots but also fresh from the day’s catch caught by local fishermen.

The fresh food, the fine sand between your toes, that’s not even the best part. Jimbaran is famous for its stunning sunsets, the perfect backdrop for your romantic dinner at the beach.

#2 Have A Dinner Lit By 100 Candles At Swept Away Restaurant

If you think a sunset dinner is too common, why not try a candle-lit dinner out of a fairytale, or should I say 100-candle-lit dinner?

This magical dinner at Swept Away Restaurant at The Samaya Ubud is definitely one-of-a-kind as the venue only offers one table per night for this divine dining experience.

Set by the river, you can enjoy a tasteful 6-course dining menu with your choice of wine. Get truly swept away through this fairytale dining experience.

#3 Eat Dinner In A Cave

If you have a taste for some of the most amazing things in life, then opt for this uber romantic dinner at a private beach at Samabe Resort. What makes this dining experience really special is that your dinner will be served in a cave.

Enjoy your 5-course menu to the sound of the waves privately tucked away and right on the beach with your feet touching the sand. Sprinkled with candles to set the vibe, this beachfront cave dining is a meal you definitely won’t forget.

#4 Go Sunset Dining On A Cruise

Another luxury Bali romantic dinner you should seriously consider is a cruise on a luxury catamaran from Benoa.

There will be a Batako band that will provide your sweet serenades and they even play songs on request so you can listen to your special song on this cruise. Dinner is also served on board as the sun sets behind you.

#5 Have Afternoon High Tea At Le Jardins, Metis Bali

A laid-back day out, spend your afternoon date at Le Jardins at the Metis Bali. This low-key yet very deluxe tea date is perfect for couples who just wanna sit back and relax a little.

A panoramic view, dainty pastries, relaxing atmosphere, this tea place has got it all. They offer ‘The Melati’ package perfect for savory-loving couples or you can order ‘The Alamanada’, a sweets-inspired package.

This luxurious high tea experience will make you feel like a king and queen. Prices for two people starting at IDR 210,000. Available daily between 4 and 7 pm.

#6 Feed Your Sweet Tooth At Angelita Tea Salon & Patisserie

If you and your loved one have a liking for anything and everything sweet, then you will love this romantic thing to do in Bali. Take a trip to the Kerobokan area and stop in at Angelita Tea Salon & Patisserie.

This pastel paradise is great for sipping on a delicious tea or feast on some light snacks and tasty French desserts.

The food is great and every nook and cranny of this place is really picture perfect with its furnishings and pristine tea sets.

#7 Have A Hillside Picnic At Bukit Asah Bugbug (Asah Hill)

Picnics are so simple yet when was the last time you actually organised and sat down for one?

Change up your standard date, kick it old school and plan out a simple picnic with your darling at this perfect picnic spot at Asah Hill in Karangasem. The slanted hillsides certainly are a change but a very pleasant one. Lay out a blanket.

Enjoy your picnic basket food and enjoy the 360-degree view of the sunset over the Indian Ocean and the little islets. And guess what? It’s free!

#8 Take A Helicopter Ride Over Bali

Traffic jams are the worst. And Bali is very known for them.

So why not take your sight-seeing to a whole other level and by that I mean to a level hundreds of feet from the ground. A scenic helicopter ride by Air Bali is probably one of the most romantic things to do in Bali.

It’s such a majestic experience to look down and see Bali from a bird’s eye view. You and your dearest will be in awe as you fly over the spectacular coastline, the river gorges, Mount Batur’s caldera, the picturesque Uluwatu temple, the farms, and limestone cliffs.

#9 Go For A Golden Stroll Through The Marigold Fields

Have you ever seen those lovely photos of couples frolicking through radiant flower fields?

And have you ever thought of taking your own photoshoot there too? Well, in Bali is your chance to do that.

Take your other half to the marigold fields at Desa Belok located along the roadside between Kintamani and Bedugal. Enjoy a golden stroll among the marigolds.

Actually, the marigold flower is a significant part of Balis culture for the association with its colour to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, the Supreme Balinese God. It’s all free for you to simply enjoy!

Get your camera ready for you will definitely have a lot of golden memories to capture here!

#10 Have Some Beach Time At Gunung Payung

Another highly romantic thing to do in Bali will take you to what the island has been known for decades, its pristine beaches.

For a romantic beach time together, you want to avoid crowded beaches and search for secluded ones where you can spend quality time together.

Thankfully, Bali is home to Gunung Payung, a hidden beach in Nusa Dua where you can have some peace and quiet.

If you love plunging and tanning time as much as I do, I also cannot recommend enough to stay at one of these amazing hotels with infinity pools.

#11 Watch A Beachside Movie At Karma Beach

Another beach life choice is at Bali’s most exclusive beach club Karma Kandara Resort near Uluwatu. This hidden beach paradise is set on the foot of a limestone cliff and can only be accessed by a private funicular.

Other than the Aegean sea-inspired furnishings and the beachside night strolls, what makes Karma Beach a very romantic spot is their Monday movie nights by the beach under a canopy of stars.

Movie starting times are at 6.30 and 8.30 pm. Yes, there is a price tag to it, but it’s worth the 30-minute ride from Jimbaran.

#12 Go On A Romantic Horseback Ride

If you’ve ever tried horseback riding in a paddock and simply found it to be lacking freedom, then you’ll probably love what Bali has to offer.

The Bali Equestrian Centre in Canggu offers 2-hour horseback riding tracks where you can experience riding along the beach just like in the movies. How romantic is that? You will be passing villages and rice fields, crossing creeks and passing temples set right by the beach.

For those who are not confident in riding a horse, don’t worry, you can opt to have an experienced guide walking beside you.

#13 Customise And Make Your Own Jewellery

Bali is home to many master gold- and silversmiths. They pass these skills down their family line and are also very generous in sharing their silver jewellery-making skills to travellers.

One of the silver workshops in Bali is Wahana Silver’s art studio in Ubud. Here you can make your very own design of rings or necklaces.

Other than silver jewellery making, WS Art Studio also teaches Balinese art like batik and traditional painting, mask carving, bamboo weaving, traditional Balinese dance, and reading of lontar, the ancient Balinese manuscript.

#14 Wish Upon The Great Banyan Tree

Make a wish for everlasting love at the Giant Banyan Tree in the Gesing Village in the North of Bali. This 700-year old tree has an incredible 85-foot height.

The locals believe this tree has spirits that inhabit its branches. They say whatever wish you make at the tree it will come true! Really doesn’t get any more romantic in Bali than this you shouldn’t miss.

There are other smaller Bayan Trees to be found all around Bali, just ask the locals in case you cannot tell them apart.

#15 Stay At Kamuela Villas Seminyak

Get away from it all at the Kamuela Villas, set in trendy upmarket Seminyak, North of Kuta.

Here you will enjoy intimate and exclusive luxurious villa living. Each villa has actually their own private pool that you can jump in to anytime you want. How great is that?

Or opt to enjoy one of the many spa treatments in the comfort of your own room.

#16 Live Your Own Fairytale At Tugu Hotel In Canggu

For the ultimate romantic hotel experience, check into the luxurious boutique museum-style Tugu Hotel located right at the beachfront in Canggu.

The history of Tugu Hotel is possibly the most special one you shouldn’t miss to listen to when checking in and browsing through the facilities of the hotel which all recount the most romantic tales, folklores, and legends of Indonesia.

In short, there once was a young, poor medical student in Java with a passion for Indonesian antiques and history who later became a professional antiquarian and build these boutique hotels featuring vast collections of exclusive Indonesia art and antiques for the world to experience.

Tugu Hotel is truly the perfect place for couples who like some quiet time in Bali. I promise you, once you check in here, you just want to stay in one place and move from your spacious room with private plunge pool to the beach beds and back.

Experience romantic moments with Tugu Hotels various offers specifically designed for couples.

From the 3-night Honeymoon in Paradise stay in a luxury suite of your choice to a romantic candle-lit dinner under the stars to various spa treatments including relaxing massages, cleansing scrubs, and floral therapies. Or opt for a cooking class where you get to make meals along each other to finally try different Balinese and Javanese dishes.

Another icing on the cake while staying at Tugu Hotel was having breakfast in a different spot upon waking up every morning. You can choose to eat by the pool, under a little wooden hut on a lake covered in lilies or by the beach in one of the romantic beach beds. And the staff is also super warm and friendly!

I don’t know about you, but I believe a true love story never ends.

I would definitely go back to Bali anytime!

Whether is be with good friends, your loved one or family, the island of gods won’t disappoint! It might even exceed your expectations.

What are you waiting for? Your fairytale may only be a plane ticket away.

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