Are you looking to unplug from everyday life and embark on a yoga journey in the heart of the Himalayas? Get ready for a self-realization holiday in Nepal, the ultimate yoga paradise! From the stunning Kathmandu valley to the base of Everest, Nepal is bubbling with top-notch yoga retreats.

Whether you're keen on hatha yoga classes, mantra chanting, or relaxing with a full body massage, you're in for a treat when coming to Nepal.

I'm here to guide you through the best yoga retreats in Nepal, where spiritual practice meets awe-inspiring landscapes.

Where To Book Your Yoga Retreat? 

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The 12 Best Yoga Retreats in Nepal

This ultimate list of the best yoga retreats in Nepal includes daily yoga classes, meditation sessions, and amazing yoga journeys such as a silent retreat in Nepal.

Picture yourself practicing hatha yoga in a retreat center with a view of the Himalayan mountains, joining a yoga retreat in Pokhara or maybe chanting mantras in the tranquility of Kathmandu Valley.

8 Day All-Inclusive Meditation and Yoga Immersion Retreat in Pokhara

This retreat is a true yoga holiday, a chance to escape your everyday life and immerse yourself in yoga practice and spiritual practice. You'll enjoy daily yoga sessions, meditation classes, sound healing, and even get to learn from a real-life Buddhist monk.

Whether it's your first or one of many yoga retreats, this yoga journey at the Atmashree Yoga Retreat will be a memorable one.

  • Duration: 8 Days

  • Location: Atmashree Yoga Retreat, Bhakunde, Nepal

  • Experience Level: Beginners, intermediate and advanced

  • Yoga Styles: Hatha, Nidra

  • Price: US$350

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29 Day Ayurveda Retreat with Panchakarma and Yoga in Kathmandu

During your retreat, you'll get to enjoy daily yoga sessions, meditation classes, and sound healing experiences. Plus, there's a chance to participate in cleansing techniques and take part in various yoga treks.

The retreat center offers both private and shared rooms, ensuring you have the perfect environment to continue your spiritual practice. And did I mention you could also score a full-body massage?

  • Duration: 29 days

  • Location: Nepal Ayurveda Home, Goldhunga Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Experience level: Beginners, intermediate and advanced

  • Yoga styles: Hatha

  • Price: US$2,000

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4 Day Wellness, Meditation, and Yoga Retreat in Kathmandu

Stay at Himalayan Yoga Academy, where you can level up your yoga practice amidst Nepal's picturesque landscape. Picture yourself mountain trekking the Annapurna range during your free time, rejuvenating with steam bath sessions, or engaging in cleansing practices to help your self-realization journey.

You won't just practice yoga, and you'll also get to enjoy relaxing yoga and meditation practices, engage with a Buddhist monk, and take silent walks for inner peace.

  • Duration: 4-day

  • Location: Himalayan Yoga Academy, Raniban, Nagarjun, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Experience level: Beginner

  • Yoga styles: Nidra and Bhakti

  • Price: US$185

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5 Day Yoga Retreat and Hiking in Kathmandu

Imagine you wake up to yoga sessions in the crisp Himalayan air, filling your belly with hearty vegetarian meals, and then going hiking in Chandragiri roots.

You'll retreat to your air-conditioned rooms, with breathtaking mountain views, after a long day. Plus, there's free WiFi and laundry.

Let's not forget about the relaxing massage, reiki healing, and sound therapy sessions thrown in for good measure.

  • Duration: 5 days

  • Location: Mandala Studio Yoga & Spa, Chandragiri, Nepal

  • Experience level: Beginners, intermediate and advanced

  • Yoga styles: Hatha

  • Price: US$450

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4 Day Relaxing After-Trekking Yoga Retreat in Pokhara

The Nepal Yoga Retreat is where you'll nurse your muscles back to life with relaxing yoga, posture alignment sessions, and an invigorating Ayurvedic massage.

Choose from a private or shared room at the Nepal Atmashree Yoga Retreat, fully equipped with free WiFi and all the creature comforts you need.

You'll munch on vegetarian meals, soak in stunning views of Lake Phewa, and chill in the pool. And the cherry on top? You'll even groove to authentic Nepali dancing and tune in with candlelight meditation sessions.

  • Duration: 4 days

  • Location: Tri-Bikram Yoga Center, Pokhara-18, Sedi, Nepal

  • Experience level: Beginners, intermediate and advanced

  • Yoga styles: Nidra

  • Price: US$140

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8 Day Yoga and Meditation Holiday in Pokhara with Trekking to Ghorepani, Poonhill, and Ghandruk

At the Atmashree Yoga Retreat, You'll nestle in a cozy shared or private room, practice your downward dogs, and learn from the living Buddhist monks.

Imagine every day filled with mindfulness, meditative hikes, and wholesome vegetarian meals. Plus, they've got a steam bath, perfect for rejuvenating after your trek. It's the perfect combo of a luxury yoga retreat and a trekker's dream.

  • Duration: 8 days

  • Location: Atmashree Yoga Retreat, Bhakunde, Pokhara-18, Nepal

  • Experience level: Beginners, intermediate and advanced

  • Yoga styles: Hatha, Vinyasa, Nidra, and Ashtanga

  • Price: US$750

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4 Day Reiki, Sound Healing and Yoga Meditation Retreat in Kathmandu

You'll be living in your private cottage at the Niru Yoga Homestay, one of the top yoga retreats in Nepal. Every day is a fusion of yoga practice, philosophy, and hands-on Reiki, all under the watchful eye of Buddhist monks.

Got some free time? Why not take a dip in the swimming pool or explore the capital city of Nepal?

  • Duration: 4 days

  • Location: Osho divine zone, Tarekeshor, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Experience level: Beginner and intermediate

  • Yoga styles: Nidra

  • Price: US$225

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7 Day Budget-Friendly Nature Yoga Retreat in Pokhara

You'll be practicing your asanas, mantras, and breathing techniques in a perfect yogic environment. Stay in cozy rooms with a view of Phewa Lake, paired with an outdoor swimming pool and an organic garden for farm-fresh meals.

Let's not forget the exploration bit – Himalayan shrines, temples, and the lush green hills of Pokhara.

  • Duration: 7 days

  • Location: Pokhara Yoga School and Retreat Center, Infinity Resort, Nepal

  • Experience level: Beginners, intermediate and advanced

  • Yoga styles: Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga

  • Price: US$400

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15 Day Ayurveda and Yoga Detox Retreat and Cleansing Course in Kathmandu

Dive into the daily routine of yoga classes, Ayurvedic treatments, meditation, and breathing exercises. The retreat is nestled in the tranquility of a picturesque location with awesome views of Kathmandu city and the snowcapped Himalayas!

This isn't just about yoga and Ayurveda; it's a complete rejuvenation journey for your body, mind, and spirit. Plus, let's not forget the exciting chance to explore Kathmandu city.

  • Duration: 15 days

  • Location: Nepal Ayurveda Home, Goldhunga Kathmandu

  • Experience level: Beginners, intermediate and advanced

  • Yoga styles: Hatha

  • Price: US$1000

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10 Day Himalayas Stress Management Yoga Retreat in Kathmandu

You'll venture out on nature hikes, master yoga asanas, and explore the power of pranayama together. Healthy vegetarian meals are provided daily. Plus, I promise there's no better way to end your day than in your cozy accommodation with a stunning view.

You'll return home from this retreat with a peaceful mind, a rejuvenated spirit, and, most importantly, stress – what's that again?

  • Duration: 10 days

  • Location: Nepal Yoga Home, Goldhunga 5, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Experience level: Beginners, intermediate and advanced

  • Yoga styles: Hatha and Ashtanga

  • Price: US$500

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Nepal yoga retreats

2 Day Living Like A Buddha Life Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Kathmandu

You'll learn how to live like a Buddha at the Himalayan Yoga Academy and Shanti Yoga Ashram. As you practice yoga and partake in the teachings of the Nepal Yoga Home, you'll uncover the philosophy that underlies this peaceful way of life. Daily yoga sessions and meditation teachings will leave you feeling zen.

This quick 2-day retreat, organized by Himalayan Recreation Treks, is the perfect taste-tester for Buddhist monks living for those short on time.

  • Duration: 2 days

  • Location: Osho Divine Zone, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Experience level: Beginners, intermediate and advanced

  • Yoga styles: Hatha

  • Price: US$110

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3 Day Yoga & Ayurvedic Massage Retreat in Pokhara

In just three days, you'll get to experience the richness of yoga philosophy while enjoying the luxury yoga retreat that Nepal has to offer.

This health retreat will let you explore the beauty of Phewa Lake, participate in Nepali cooking and dancing, and enjoy an Ayurvedic massage.

What's more, the retreat includes 2 nights' accommodation, 3 delicious vegetarian meals daily, and rejuvenating yoga sessions. You'll leave with a rejuvenated body, a clear mind, and a full heart.

  • Duration: 3 days

  • Location: Tri Bikram Yoga, Pokhara 33700, Nepal

  • Experience level: Beginners, intermediate and advanced

  • Yoga styles: Nidra

  • Price: US$95

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Best yoga retreats in Nepal – Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Nepal as a yoga retreat destination?

Choosing Nepal and the Himalayan wonderland offers a unique blend of peace, culture, and the chance to connect with Mother Nature. Plus, where else can you say ‘Namaste' while facing the majestic Everest? It's an unbeatable spiritual experience!

How to choose the right yoga retreat in Nepal?

Choosing the right yoga retreat in Nepal is like picking the perfect toppings for your pizza. First, choose your yoga style, maybe it's Hatha, Kundalini, or Ashtanga. Next, think about your budget, there are luxury retreats and affordable options, too. Now, pick your spot from Kathmandu, Pokhara, or somewhere quieter. Lastly, check out your accommodations options, a comfy bed and a beautiful view can really seal the deal!

What’s the best time to go on a yoga retreat in Nepal?

Let me tell you, any time is a good time for a yoga retreat in Nepal! But, if you ask for my favourite, it's the spring from March-May and autumn from September-November. Clear skies, comfortable temperatures, it's like nature is rolling out the red carpet for you!

What to pack on a yoga retreat in Nepal?

Packing for a yoga retreat in Nepal is a cinch. Yoga gear – check! Comfy clothes – check! Snuggly jacket for chilly mornings – check! Don't forget your water bottle, sunscreen, insect repellent and compact yoga towel. And, of course, pack your adventurous spirit because you're about to unroll your yoga mat in the heart of the Himalayas!

The best yoga retreats in Nepal – Final Words

Unrolling your mat in the heart of the Himalayas, you'll find the best yoga retreats in Nepal!

As a yogi, your days will be filled with Hatha yoga, guided meditations, and relaxation sessions. You could be gazing out at the Annapurna mountain range or the Everest base camp while holding your best warrior pose.

Imagine enjoying hiking, horse riding, and even getting a glimpse into the daily life of the Buddhist monks living around the many UNESCO world heritage sites.

Going on a yoga holiday in Nepal offers an ideal opportunity for spiritual seekers to delve into self-discovery and transformation. Experience the essence of tranquility and rejuvenation at the best wellness retreat in Nepal, where you can immerse yourself in a yoga holiday that surpasses all expectations.

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