Krabi is a province in southern Thailand with hundreds of islands that became a travel hotspot a long time ago.

To answer the question where to stay in Krabi is not easy, because there are so many beautiful beaches, you’ll be served excellent Thai food, and submerged in the cultural richness of the country – wherever you go.

Why Stay In Krabi?

Krabi's province is located on the southern part of Thailand, and includes a part of the mainland as well as a rich archipelago of famous islands, such as Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi.

In case you're wondering, Krabi is an excellent destination for any type of traveler, from adventure to a honeymoon or a family trip.

Thailand Krabi hotels
Krabi resort

If you're into tranquillity, beautiful natural sceneries and “dolce far niente” (sweet doing nothing)… you'll have a blast here.

Do you prefer immersing yourself in a busy local town and join some cool parties? It is possible too!

The beaches here are surely the most incredible attraction in the area, and the sea is pure bliss to swim in. Nature in Krabi can offer a lot of memorable experiences: from rock climbing to trekking in lush jungles and mountains.

What To Do In Krabi?

To enjoy some city vibes, head to Krabi town. Here you’ll encounter night markets, shopping opportunities, some museums, temples and party spots.

For nightlife, you can head to the island of Koh Phi Phi and the popular Ao Nang Beach.

Best Krabi Beaches

  • Railay beach
  • Phra Nang beach
  • Tonsai beach
  • Tub Kaek beach
  • Ao Nang beach
Best hotels in Krabi

Best Adventures In Krabi

Rock climbing: Limestone cliffs surround all beaches in the area. Believe me, you won’t be missing your indoor climbing wall for a minute!

Other than that, you can try the giant rope swing, zip lining, windsurfing, kite surfing, and wakeboarding, Scuba diving, rafting and kayaking.

Go Island Hopping Around Krabi

Boat tour: Try the Four Islands Tour or the James Bond one. In both, you'll swim, sunbathe, get lunch, and of course snorkel!

Take A Day Trip To Phi Phi Islands, Koh Hong Island or Koh Lanta

Natural Wonders, Parks & Trekking

Thung Teao Forest Natural Park: Fancy cooling off in some natural pools in the jungle, a crystal clear lagoon, and observing some local flora and fauna? Don’t miss the emerald pool!

The Hang Nak Trail: North of Tubkaek, this trail is perfect for nature aficionados, trekking in the jungle, and enjoying the views over the mountains and the rainforest.

Klong Thom Hot Springs: Enjoy the healing properties of a bath in the Klong Thom Hot Springs, in the middle of the rainforest.

Khao Sok & Khao Phanom Bencha National Park: If you want to trek for a few hours, enjoy nature, waterfalls, natural pools and a breathtaking viewpoint, these two national parks should be on your list!

Side note: you’ll be surely offered to visit an elephant “sanctuary” and ride them. Please, don't do that, as they are badly mistreated all their lives to let you ride them. This article explains it really well.

Temples To Visit In Krabi

Visit the mysterious and sacred Wat Tham Sua temple (also called Tiger Cave Temple, due to it’s unique tiger paw prints in the cave) set on top of a mountain in a cave where monks live and pray.

The climb up is tough but you’ll be rewarded with amazing 360 degree views, and some cheeky moneys who will follow you around for some food.

There are also some more temples to visit in Krabi town, but they are not as spectacular as the Tiger Cave Temple.

Thai Culture

Cooking Class: Take a Thai cooking class and learn all about the balance between sweet, spicy, and the sour flavors that make this amazing cuisine so delicious.

Street food: head to any night market, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the wide choices available!

Pampering: For the tough ones, try a proper Thai massage! The least I can say is that is it highly energizing… or let them know that you want “less pressure”.

Ao Nang Krabi hotels

Is It Better To Stay In Krabi Or Phuket?

Phuket is probably one of the most famous destinations in Thailand. It's a buzzing destination, perfect for a beachfront resort experience, with well-established infrastructure and many tourists visiting every year.

However, that comes with a price. Phuket tends to be more expensive than other regions in Thailand, which might make it feel like a bit of a tourist trap sometimes, somewhat crowded, and over-developed.

On the contrary, Krabi is more about natural wonders! Exclusively for the wild, adventurous and sporty ones.

Not as developed as Phuket, Krabi has truly beautiful and pristine beaches, unique offshore islands, with some nightlife arising, mainly around Ao Nang, and a lot of activities including a wide variety of sports and trekking options.

Krabi resorts on the beach

What About Koh Samui vs Krabi?

Koh Samui is an island located just off the East Coast of Thailand in the Gulf of Thailand.

The island a tropical escape with its stunning beaches, you can splurge or make it an affordable stay.

Within one-hour boat ride, you can head to Koh Phangan, a party spot for the Full Moon Party while the rest of the island is remaining wild and untouched.

It's also close to Koh Tao, an island perfect for diving, snorkeling, beautiful corals and marine life.

Best Time To Visit Krabi

Krabi is a lovely destination all year round. However, some periods are more crowded than others.

There are also different seasons, from hot to rainy. The temperature never goes below 27 degrees Celsius.

Accommodation in Krabi
Best place to stay in Krabi

November to March is generally the best time to enjoy Thailand and Krabi hotels, because it's dry and sunny.

December and January are the busiest months, because of Christmas and New Year.

From May till October, the rainy monsoon season hits the Andaman Sea. It can rain every day, but it's not an absolute rule.

April and September are quiet months, April is very hot, and September can be quite wet.

What Is The Best Area To Stay In Krabi?

So, where to stay in Krabi that will fit your interests and needs best?

#1 Where To Stay In Krabi For The First Time: Ao Nang Beach

Best beach resorts in Krabi

This is the main touristic hub of Krabi, with a beautiful beach and wide variety of activities.

The beachfront has lively restaurants, cocktails bars, and night markets for foodie experiences as well as nightlife.

To get the best out of your holiday, make sure to pick the right Ao Nang cliff beach resort in Krabi.

The Best Hotels To Stay In Ao Nang

Located in Ao Nang this Krabi resort features rooms overlooking the pool, AC and a private bathroom.

Order your favorite cocktails at the bar, then book a spa treatment, or enjoy some gym!

There is a game room for young and old alike with pool table, table soccer, kids area and slides in the pool.

Location: Moo 1, Tambon Ao Nang, Amphur Muang
Price from: US$130 per night
Sleeps: Family room, up to 4 people
What makes it unique? Get a room with the ocean view!

Are you more into the mountains rather than the beach? That might be the right option for you then.

A bit more inland, you'll get a great view of the majestic mountains from the rooms and a beautiful infinity pool, while being only 5 minutes walk to the beach.

They feature a seating area, a terrace, a desk, a TV and AC.

Location: 318 Moo2, T. Ao Nang
Price from: US$70 per night
Sleeps: Two-bedroom villa, up to 4 people
What makes it unique? Book the villa with private pool, and enjoy the only company of trees…

Off the main street, this Ao Nang Krabi hotel features a large pool with fun slides and spa facilities.

Each double room has a bathroom with bathtub, a terrace, and a desk.

Location: 182 Moo 3, Tambol Ao-Nang
Price from: US$190 per night
Sleeps: Double room, up to 2 people
What makes it unique? Family-friendly with a kids club and fun slides in the pool.

Away from the busy part of Ao Nang, this accommodation in Krabi is tucked away in nature.

Each room is very original and has a smart layout. It includes a flat-screen TV, a desk, a seating area, a private bathroom, and some with a terrace.

Buffet breakfast and dinner are included.

Location: Ao Nanang
Price from: US$180 per night
Sleeps: Family room, up to 4 people
What makes it unique? Their eco-friendly touch: zero impact toiletries are available free of charge.

This hostel is a cool place to be, boasting a cafe, minimalist rooms and beautiful views on the mountains.

The dorms have AC, WiFi, shared kitchen and lounge, and a delicious breakfast is served every morning.

Location: 249/3 M.2 Aonang
Price from: US$16 per night
Sleeps: Dorm, up to 8 people
What makes it unique? Best place to stay in Krabi if you want a social space, great to meet other travellers, and their excellent coffee!

#2 Where To Stay In Krabi Without The Crowds: Railay & Tonsai Beach

Fancy relaxation, adventure, nature and incredible beaches? Railay is a haven of deep tranquility and adventure alike.

Surrounded by cliffs, it’s only accessible by boat that contributes to a unique privacy feeling.

Tonsai is the beach “next door”.

Beach hotels in Krabi

Way less popular than its neighbor, it's more tranquil, perfect for a hippy, reggae, backpacker crowd.

The Best Hotels To Stay In Railay And Tonsai Beach

One of the most charming Krabi resorts on the beach!

Book an elegant room or a private villa (it's a special one!) with TV, DVD player, terrace with sunbeds and incredible bathtub decorated with flower petals.

Enjoy the spa, the pool bar and the restaurant serving Thai and western food.

Location: 479 Railay, Moo 2
Price from: US$200 per night
Sleeps: One-bedroom villa, up to 2 people
What makes it unique? The location: hidden in between cliffs and mountains, and immersed in nature.

One of my favorite 5-star hotels in Krabi.

Wondering why? Just have a look at their pavilions and villas in the jungle.

Treat yourself and book a fancy room with bathroom, AC, and garden view.

You’ll enjoy the beachfront area, as well as their magical pool.

Location: 214 Moo 2 T. Ao Nang
Price from: US$719 per night
Sleeps: Two-bedroom villa, up to 4 people
What makes it unique? The best pick to experience wilderness in the privacy of a luxury villa…

One of the most original boutique hotels in Krabi!

It displays a blend of Thai culture and western luxury.

Indulge in a room with an ocean view, AC, private bathroom and a terrace.

I love the bamboo features on all buildings, turning the hotel into a perfect jungle escape.

Location: 1 Moo 2 Ao Nang Muang
Price from: US$131 per night
Sleeps: Family room, up to 4 people
What makes it unique? You’ll get nature at its best: cliffs, ocean, and lush jungle. And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to snorkel or make a day trip to other islands.

This beachfront Krabi resort is close to all bars and restaurants, and live music events of the area.

Book a cozy villa with your own spa bath, ensuite bathroom, terrace and mountain view.

Little bonus: you can have your meal served on the beach!

Location: 544 Moo 2, Ao Nang
Price from: US$105 per night
Sleeps: One-bedroom villa, up to 2 people
What makes it unique? Every single day, you'll be in awe of the original design beautifully blending with nature.

#3 Where To Stay In Krabi For Families: Nopparat Thara & Klong Haeng

Klong Haeng village and Nopparat Thara beach are located next to Ao Nang.

The beach is still tranquil, but there are a steady growing number of bars and restaurants.

Generally, people who stay in Nopparat Thara don't want to stay in Ao Nang as it can get busy, without being too far.

The Best Hotels To Stay In Nopparat Thara & Klong Haeng

Another one of these fabulous beach hotels in Krabi!

It’s very close to Ao Nang beach, without having to suffer the crowd.

You'll enjoy a landscaped garden, a room with a terrace, a fancy bathroom, and WiFi.

Location: 123 Moo 3, Ao Nang beach
Price from: US$40 per night
Sleeps: Four-bedroom villa, up to 8 people
What makes it unique? If you’re travelling as a family, you’ll enjoy the kid and teen zones of the resort!

Instead of choosing Ao Nang Krabi hotels, stay a little away from the busiest area.

This resort will provide double rooms with bathroom, AC, WiFi and a terrace.

Whenever you want some action, use the free shuttle bus to Ao Nang. You will surely get a top-class service!

Location: 271 Moo 3, Thanon Klong Hang
Price from: US$95 per night
Sleeps: Double room, up to 2 people
What makes it unique? I love the rooftop infinity pool with views on the magical surroundings.

Away from the crowd, and only a little walk from the primary hotspot, this beachfront resort offers great options for small budgets.

Double rooms all have AC, TV, a seating area, and a balcony.

Location: 225 Moo 3, Nopparat Thara beach
Price from: US$44 per night
Sleeps: Double room, up to 2 people
What makes it unique? The beachfront location!

Do you prefer renting your own villa? Great choice!

Have a look at this super modern villa with private pool, fully equipped kitchen or anything else you would need in a house!

Nice add-on: free tuk-tuk rides during the day!

Location: 265 Moo 5, Nopparat Thara Soi 9
Price from: US$218 per night
Sleeps: Six-bedroom villa, up to 12 people
What makes it unique? Particularly big villa for a massive group of friends or family!

One of the best hotels in Krabi for affordable luxury.

If you’re visiting Krabi with your family and friends, book the big villa! It has six different bedrooms, AC, and a private pool.

Location: 265 Moo 5, Nopparat Thara Soi 9
Price from: US$40 per night
Sleeps: Four-bedroom villa, up to 8 people
What makes it unique? Wooden bungalows inspired by local architecture. It will add a special flavor to your holiday.

#4 Where To Stay In Krabi For Couples & Honeymooners: Klong Muang & Tupkaek

Tupkaek is a part of Krabi that is more isolated, counting only a few luxury hotels in the area. Perfect for those who want complete seclusion, as you won't meet a soul out here!

On the contrary, Klong Muang is a bit livelier and has a village featuring some restaurants, and a discreet but growing nightlife.

Oriented towards upmarket customers, they both display incredible nature and tranquility.

The Best Hotels To Stay In Klong Muang And Tupkaek

Feeling like experiencing one of the best beach resorts in Krabi?

Check this one out! A pretty affordable beachfront hotel with a great pool facing the sea and its crystal clear water.

The rooms have a terrace, a bathroom, TV, AC, and WiFi.

Location: 98 Moo 3 Tambon Nongtalay
Price from: US$50 per night
Sleeps: Villa, up to 3 people
What makes it unique? Choose it for the beach location and the pool!

Bright and modern rooms with a balcony with view on the tropical garden, a TV, AC.

The resort is well-equipped for people willing to stay fit: tennis court, aerobic classes, a gym and a spa.

A walk away from Klong Muang beach.

Location: 155 Moo 2, Nong Thale
Price from: US$170 per night
Sleeps: Suite, up to 2 people
What makes it unique? Pick the club suite with private pool!

The resort features elegant double rooms with AC, TV, a balcony, a shared pool and a sauna.

Perfect for a romantic getaway as its quiet and private.

Location: 189 Moo 3, Tambon Nongtalay
Price from: US$145 per night
Sleeps: Double room, up to 2 people
What makes it unique? The location out of the beaten track.

If this hotel is not special, I don't what is…

You’ll love the unique decor and bespoke furniture, incredible bathtubs, and the design of the colorful rooms.

The resort has no less than five dining options and a beautiful infinity pool.

Location: 111 Moo 3 Nongthalay
Price from: US$440 per night
Sleeps: One-bedroom villa, up to 2 people
What makes it unique? Luxury with tropical as a topping

The resort sits in front of a gorgeous pristine beach!

Pick the beachfront bedroom: your terrace will be almost an extension of the beach. You’ll be able to contemplate the sea while sitting in the privacy of your room.

Each room features a bathroom, AC, a TV and a terrace.

Location: 109 Moo 3, Nong Talay
Price from: US$125 per night
Sleeps: Bungalow, up to 2 people
What makes it unique? The bungalow-style room!

#5 Where To Stay In Krabi On A Budget: Krabi Town

Even though tourism is quite present, Krabi town remained very local and authentic over the years.

One of the highlights is the night market, displaying an incredible variety of local food. For US$1 to US$2, you'll be in food heaven!

In a nutshell, stay here to experience more of the Thai local culture.

The Best Hotels To Stay In Krabi Town

One of the cutest hotels in Krabi Town!

Each room is with AC, a terrace, and breakfast is served every morning.

Previous guests particularly loved the central location!

Location: 50-52, Maharaj 10 Road
Price from: US$47 per night
Sleeps: Triple room, up to 3 people
What makes it unique? I love the attention they put in the decoration of the rooms, from the bedding to the light shades and the wooden floor. It has a clean, minimalist ambience.

This lovely hotel offers dorms, as well as double rooms with all comfort.

Right in the center, you'll be a few steps away from some proper action.

There are a food serving counter and a shared seating area.

Location: 52, Maharaj Road
Price from: US$12 per night
Sleeps: Double room, up to 2 people
What makes it unique? You can get a double bed in a dorm!

This hostel features dorms with AC and lockers, a clean shared bathroom.

It has a food counter, some fitness facilities, washing machines, and a great rooftop with a view over the hustle-bustle.

Location: 87 Utarakit Road
Price from: US$8 per night
Sleeps: Double room, up to 2 people
What makes it unique? Right in the center of Krabi, this busy and social hostel is the perfect place where to meet fellow travellers!

This Krabi town hotel has modern and clean rooms, with a desk, a TV, and a private bathroom.

One of its greatest assets is the rooftop pool where to have fun, eat delicious local food and socialize.

Location: 316 Thanon Utarakit Krabi Town
Price from: US$62 per night
Sleeps: Double room, up to 2 people
What makes it unique? There is a kids’ zone to keep your little ones entertained!

#6 Where To Stay On An Island Near Krabi: Koh Ngai & Koh Phi Phi & Koh Lanta

Koh Ngai is the island just next to Koh Lanta. The island is almost deserted: there is only the jungle, empty beaches, white sand and crystal water. And a few hotels.

Koh Lanta is one of the most chilled islands in Southern Thailand, thanks to its remote location, stunning beaches and tropical climate. A great place to stay if you want to choose from a variety of great resorts and beaches are your thing.

Koh Phi Phi is stunning and a perfect choice if you’re into scuba diving.

It’s also the best area to stay in Krabi for nightlife, fire shows on the beach and you’ll typically meet a young crowd. Keep in mind though that the island is very build up and touristy.

The Best Hotels To Stay On An Island Near Krabi

Best Hotels On Koh Phi Phi

Inspired by local architecture, this dreamy bungalow offers all the essential comfort as well as pleasure for the eyes.

The beach is a real attraction, and you'll be only a few steps away from the appealing crystal clear water.

I particularly like the deluxe bungalow coming with a garden view, a bathroom, a terrace, AC and WiFi.

Location: 49 Moo 8
Price from: US$223 per night
Sleeps: Two-bedroom bungalow, up to 4 people
What makes it unique? Super charming type of accommodation, these bungalows are made of local materials such as bamboo.

That’s a proper island accommodation!

All built in bamboo, these beautiful local huts will make your eye pop. They boast a seating area, a TV, a private bathroom and a fridge.

You’ll love the pool, sunbeds, hammocks, and the proximity with the beach.

Location: 299 Moo 7
Price from: US$115 per night
Sleeps: Double room, up to 2 people
What makes it unique? Perfect for honeymooners! Just saying…

Sitting on a 10-acre land, the hotel has a private beach, a pool, a spa center and many outdoor activities can be organized for you.

Each room has a TV, private bathroom, AC and a terrace.

Location: 11 Moo 8 Laem Tong
Price from: US$150 per night
Sleeps: Suite, up to 2 people
What makes it unique? Feeling like being away from it all? The resort will give you the feeling you’re on a virgin island.

Best Hotels On Koh Lanta

This traditional Thai inspired architecture hotel offers double rooms, villas with pool overlooking the ocean.

Each room has a terrace with a view, AC, a bathroom and a coffee machine.

A nice feature is the possibility of a unique dining setup, for you to enjoy the best of the natural surroundings.

Location: 315 Moo 1
Price from: US$250 per night
Sleeps: Villa, up to 2 people
What makes it unique? Pick the villa with private pool!

Exclusive resort offering unique features: you can have a massage amidst the jungle, a romantic dinner on the beach, meditate next to the waterfall, have a spa treatment.

Their private villas are just stunning, with pool, terrace, bathtub, AC, kitchen, and so much more.

And it’s just a walk away from the beach.

Location: 99 Moo 5, Bakan Tiang Beach
Price from: US$237 per night
Sleeps: Two-bedroom villa, up to 6 people
What makes it unique? One of the best-rated hotels on TripAdvisor!

Best Hotels On Ko Ngai

Located on a quiet island, completely immersed in the green, you’ll get both views on the mountain and the beach.

Actually, it's the only hotel in this part of the island, so you'll have everything you need on-site: a restaurant, a kids’ area, and daily activities available.

The rooms are equipped with a fridge, a kettle, a bathroom and AC.

Location: 125 Moo 4
Price from: US$130 per night
Sleeps: Family room, up to 4 people
What makes it unique? Perfect for a couple looking for a tranquil nature escape.

The resort features a lounge area near the beach, a restaurant, and a buffet breakfast.

The bungalows have AC, terrace, and a bathroom.

Location: Koh Ngai, Moo 4
Price from: US$88 per night
Sleeps: Bungalow, up to 2 people
What makes it unique? This resort offers local huts that will charm you right away.

As you probably noticed, the question on where to stay in Krabi does not have an easy answer.

The province is big and filled with an overwhelming choice of popular destinations as well as some quieter hidden gems.

But there is no wrong choice! Especially because once you’ve been, Thailand is a destination where you'll want to go back again and again!

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