Iceland, a country full of stunning waterfalls, picturesque mountains, glaciers, hot springs, black sand beaches and cute grass-roof houses and colorful churches.

The decision to go explore Iceland was an easy one if you are a nature lover, adventure seeker and outright curious about a country that's different to what you've seen anywhere else.

Iceland is unique and I loved every minute of driving the Ring Road in Iceland and wanted to share all of the best hotspots and where to go in Iceland if you are currently planning a trip to the island of fire and ice.

Ready for my ultimate self-drive Iceland itinerary in 7 days? Read on!

Ring Road Iceland

This 7-day Iceland itinerary is completely free for you! It was a lot of fun but also hard work putting it together. If it is useful to you, I would appreciate it if you use the affiliate links throughout the article when you decide to book your hotels, rental car and activities. When you use these links, I get a small commission and there is no extra cost for you! This keeps the site running 🙂

What's The Best Way To See Iceland?

Wondering how to get around Iceland? Here are my three favorite options:

#1 Hire A Car Or Camper

I believe it is by hiring a car or camper and doing an Iceland self-drive tour. Simply because it is very flexible, you can stop whenever and wherever you want to along the way and stay in places you love longer. Plus, you can travel further away from Reykjavik and the Golden Circle, where all the tour buses go and therefore explore the real, raw Iceland.

Additionally, if you choose a campervan over a rental car, you can totally save a lot of money on accommodation and travel Iceland on a budget.

For car rentals in Iceland, I recommend you have a look at

#2 Go On a Guided Tour Around Iceland

If you are not too keen on planning a whole road trip by yourself but rather go on a guided tour around the island, check out these amazing Iceland tours from G Adventures.

#3 Take Day Trips From Reykjavik

If you don’t have that much time in Iceland and rather use Reykjavik as your base to do small trips, I love Get Your Guide to book small day trips. Check all day trips from Reyjkavik here.

All You Need To Know: Hiring A Campervan In Iceland

There are plenty of campervan rental companies and I recommend you read up on them and go with a reputable company.

Also, be sure to book well in advance if you are travelling to Iceland in the peak tourist season of summer from June to August.

Automatic Or Manual

Note that most cars and campervans are manual and it may be hard to score an automatic one.

Book far in advance and be prepared to pay extra if you can only drive automatic.

Golden Circle Iceland

Our Choice: Book With Go Campers

We ended up going with Go Campers and found them very responsive and friendly.

You can book airport pickup to get to their rental location easy and fast, as they are located in a suburb of Reykjavik, not downtown! Plus you get 24 hours road assistance if you break down and I found no hidden charges, everything was very clear when I booked in.

Lastly, make sure you check the type of insurance when booking in. With Go Campers, CDW (collision damage waiver) insurance is included with 2.500 EUR self-risk, which you can be lowered with an extra fee.

Everything else you want to get out insurance-wise is up to you, but I recommend getting extra gravel insurance as gravel roads are everywhere in Iceland.

Our choice was the Go LITE Camper 3-pax that easily fits 2 people. They say it's good for up to 3 people, however, it will be quite snug especially if all 3 have a big piece of luggage.

Do I Need To Book A Campervan With Heating?

The best thing about the camper was the heating system, which will keep the camper warm during the cold Iceland nights.

Yes, even in summer it's not that warm in Iceland and I highly recommend booking a campervan with heating! We had it running every night and I believe our trip would not have been as enjoyable without the heating.

Campervan Extras & Essentials To Bring To Iceland

Our camper came with all the important stuff, including kitchen equipment to cook food and a small refrigerator. Gas needs to be purchased extra. You can get it right at Go Campers or a supermarket like Bonus.

Note that the refrigerator only works when the camper is turned on, and I found buying a lot of food upfront in Reykjavik unnecessary, as it got warm at night when the refrigerator was off and we had the heating running.

Get the essentials and stuff that can get warm without going off, and then stop for fresh things at the little stores along the way, that's how I would do it against people advising to buy a lot of food upfront in Reykjavik.

There were plenty of little shops in the towns we passed and petrol stations also have sandwiches and warm soups.

Iceland itinerary

You might even want to eat out in town one night. We actually did that multiple times, as we wanted to experience Icelandic food and hospitality.

Finally, make sure you have a look at any extras you might need for camping as you can rent camping chairs, camping tables, baby seats and more at an additional fee with Go Campers.

We went for a table with a set of chairs but didn't end up using them much as we mainly used the table inside the van since it was cold outside in the morning for breakfast and evening for dinner when we mostly prepared meals. For lunch, we usually had a sandwich or snack that was easily made in the van and then simply opened the back doors to have some air and views.

Our Extras: Power Inverter, WiFi & Sleeping Bag

What was helpful however was renting a power inverter and sleeping bag.

Of course, you can bring your own too, but if you are travelling light this might not be so easy.

Iceland Road Trip

You will also have to bring your own towel, don't forget that one as you will otherwise have to buy an expensive one when you get there.

Purchase one of our awesome travel towels that I created after trying many towels. They are super absorbent, quick dry and roll up to next to nothing

You might also want to bring a wind and rainproof jacket and a fleece sweater because even in summer, it can get chilly, and don't forget waterproof hiking shoes, so you can go hiking even when it is wet.

Go Campers also had mobile WiFi routers to rent, which can be handy if you want to have Internet along the way to look up places and use Google Maps.

I used my Skyroam WiFi hotspot that I take anywhere in the world, and it worked brilliantly! It works in 130+ countries and is fast and secure without roaming fees.

Driving In Iceland Rules

1. With most rental cars, you are forbidden to drive on F-Roads that are higher in the mountains. F-Roads are typically only accessible by 4WDs, as these are very rough roads.

2. In Iceland you drive on the right side of the road and the speed limit is 90km/h and 80km/h on gravel roads.

3. It is illegal to drive off-road in Iceland where there are no marked tracks as the ecosystem in Iceland is very delicate, especially the Icelandic moss that takes a long time to recover. Don’t be like Justin Bieber!

4. Buying gas in Iceland is expensive and in remote regions petrol stations are often unmanned and only take credit cards, make sure you have one with you that works. Instructions are however available in English.

5. You need to have your headlights on at all times, day and night, this is a legal requirement in Iceland.

6. You cannot just stop anywhere on the side of the road to sleep overnight in your campervan. Wild camping is forbidden. People visiting Iceland must use designated campgrounds to park and sleep at night.

Campsites In Iceland Map

Here’s a map of all campsites so you always find a spot when driving the Iceland Ring Road:

You can additionally check out the camping card for Iceland, that gives you access to around 40 campsites around Iceland for up to 28 nights for a flat fee of 159 EUR.

If you’re only driving the Iceland Ring Road for a week, it might be cheaper to pay on the spot at the campsites. Most campsites we went to were between 1,000 to 2,000 Icelandic Krona ($8-$16 USD). Note that most places charge per person not per car.

Best Time To Drive The Ring Road

During the summer months of July and August you will get the best weather and potentially also sunshine. Also consider travelling to Iceland in May/June or September/October as prices are a little lower and you might also have a chance to see the Northern Lights.

I travelled to Iceland in July and it was the perfect time. It's a warmish 10-15 degrees and light for 24 hours of the day, which gives ultimate freedom to explore places without the crowds in the early morning or later in the evening. No Northern Lights during these months however.

Driving In Iceland

Be Aware Of Strong Winds In Iceland

Two other things to be aware of are the many sheep that roam around wildly and don't know roads, obviously. The other thing is the potentially strong winds. The rental company told us to check this website to keep up to date with the daily wind and weather conditions and also alerted us to always hold the campervan door when opening it.

Many vans and cars have been damaged from strong winds blowing the door out of the frame or even being tipped over when driving in strong wind conditions. Be aware and don't drive when the winds are too strong.

Driving Iceland in winter can be dangerous as roads are icy, slippery and sometimes even closed off.

How Many Days Should You Spend In Iceland

A week in Iceland was the perfect time to spend driving around and getting a taste of all the highlights in Iceland. I would say if you are planning a trip to Iceland and driving all the way around the country on Route 1, 7 days is the minimum.

I even wish we would've had another day or two extra to also have a day to just relax in a place we like.

This way we did a lot of driving every day, which was also fun and since some stretches in Iceland simply are very barren and there is not much there before you hit the next town. If you have only 3 or 4 days, I recommend sticking closer to Reykjavik and doing the Golden Circle only.

It technically only takes 15 hours to drive the roughly 1,333km around the country if you don't stop at all. But that's not what you came to Iceland for, right?

Below is the map of our Iceland campervan itinerary with all the stops we made along the Ring Route. For up to date road conditions, check out

Iceland Road Trip Map

Coming soon!!!

Iceland Ring Road Itinerary In 7 days

Day 1: Blue Lagoon, Geysir & Gullfoss

All international flights arrive into Keflavik International Airport, which is roughly 45-60 minutes drive from Reykjavik downtown.

I suggest you pre-book your shuttle bus from the airport and visit the Blue Lagoon first since it is only 20 minutes from the airport and I found it was a great and relaxing introduction to our Iceland ring road itinerary.

You will also have the chance to shower properly at the Blue Lagoon, which is great after a long flight, and before you pick up your campervan and start driving.

How To Visit The Blue Lagoon

It is advisable to book your Blue Lagoon Entrance Tickets  ahead of time, especially in summer as they sell out fast and you don't want to miss out!

You also have to specify a time when you will be arriving at the Blue Lagoon, this way they limit how crowded it gets which is great. However, you need to work out when your flight lands, give yourself some time to pick up luggage and then hop on the shuttle bus to the lagoon.

For example, when you book your Blue Lagoon ticket for 11am, you have a whole hour from that time to enter the lagoon, so even if you are not on the dot you will still get in, don't worry!

Iceland travel guide
Iceland self drive tours

We pre-booked our shuttle from the airport to the Blue Lagoon as this one can get crowded, but the bus from the Blue Lagoon to the City we only booked on the spot when we arrived at the airport in Iceland as we didn’t know how long we would need at the Blue Lagoon. I think about 3 hours is a good amount to walk around, relax and shower. If you want to sit around longer or eat there, make it more like 4 hours.

Book your Keflavik Airport to Blue Lagoon bus shuttle here.

Getting To The Go Campers Office

After you are relaxed and ready to start your Iceland road trip, take the Flybus with Reykjavik Excusions towards the city and request to be dropped off at Nordurey Hotel Reykjavik Road. From here it is only a few minutes walk from the Go Campers office where you'll pick up your campervan if you have booked with them too.

Iceland Itinerary 5 days

After all the formalities, we loaded the van and drove to the nearby Bonus supermarket which is only two streets away to buy some groceries. There is a bottle shop too if you want to grab drinks. Alcohol is expensive in Iceland, like most things, and it might pay to get alcohol while walking through Duty Free on your arrival at Keflavik.

It was later in the afternoon when we finally started driving out of Reykjavik and I remember myself thinking, you're in Iceland now, wow. The landscape is pretty barren and you don't see a whole lot of trees but somehow it's just magically different.

Our first few stops on the Iceland travel itinerary were:

  • Kerid Crater: A volcanic crater with a 3,000-year-old crater lake in a vivid aquamarine blue. And easy and short hike.
  • Geysir: Also called The Great Geysir, a hot spring, boiling mud pits and exploding geyser along the famous Golden Circle Iceland Route. Sprouts water as high as 30 meters!
  • Gullfoss Falls: Just down the road from Geysir, this waterfall is one of the popular waterfalls to visit and its beauty is a great introduction to what's waiting for you here in Iceland!
Planning a trip to Iceland
Where to go in Iceland


It was raining a little but we drove on for roughly another hour and found a campground near Seljalandsfoss called Hellisholar Cottages & Campground where we set up for the night. If you’re driving in a car, you can rent one of their lovely cottages.

Day 2: Seljalandsfoss To Vik

Rise and shine, the first morning in Iceland was actually sunny, I couldn't believe it!

Time to drive to Seljalandsfoss, one of the most famous waterfalls on the South Coast of Iceland and with its 60 meter drop definitely and impressive, unforgettable and a must-visit on your Iceland trip itinerary!

The car park here is paid with a machine, make sure you pay it as there is people patrolling and you will get fined if you don't pay. Then start the small walk towards the waterfall, you can even walk behind it, it's super cool and since we were so early in the morning, there were no tour groups yet! We decided to make a hot cup of coffee and had some Icelandic Skyr yoghurt, which I highly recommend you try.

Seljalandsfoss waterfall

If you want to take epic drone photos like this one above, check out my post on the best drones for travel, including features to look for, reviews and international drone laws.

Truly the best investment ever, especially when you are travelling to Iceland anytime soon!

Iceland ring road itinerary
Iceland ring road itinerary 10 days

Nearby Seljalandsfoss you can visit the following spots:

  • Skogafoss: Absolutely beautiful with its 60 meter drop. You can get really close on the bottom, but the spray will get you wet, rain jacket needed. Walk up the steep stairs and watch the cascade produce a rainbow as the sun emerges from behind the clouds, super cool!
  • Solheimasandur Plane Wreck: A famous site in Southern Iceland which is a two-hour return walk. However, there is now even a shuttle bus that takes you out to the wreck which is an option if you don’t want to walk or have little time. The DC Plane Wreck is a rusting shell lying in black sand and sparse surrounding and popular by photographers.
  • Solheimajökull Glacier: Located between the volcanoes Katla and Eyjafjallajökull (that erupted in 2010). This is the spot if you want to do an ice climb and glacier hike or kayak at the foot of the glacier.

Then, it’s time to drive onwards to Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, the world-famous beach made from cooled lava and one of the Top 10 non-tropical beaches to visit on the planet. From here you also see the arch-shaped Dyrhólaey and Reynisdrangar Rocks, a basalt rock formation with a lot of legend around.

Visit the amazing basalt columned wall and cave that also starred as a filming location in Game of Thrones Season 7. Come at the right time of the year and you might be lucky to see the famed puffin’s nesting.

Next up on your Iceland ring road trip is the lovely town of Vik.

Driving Iceland ring road

With only 300 people living here, the southernmost town of Iceland is a cute town full of history, a petrol station, church from which you have beautiful views, and outdoor pool, geothermally heated of course!

Feeling hungry? Have order a ‘Hot Lava Soup’ at The Soup Company in downtown Vik, I promise you will not regret it! They also have panini's and other freshly baked bread and desserts on the menu.

How to get around Iceland
Iceland ring road Itinerary 7 days

A few times a day, there is an Icelandic Lava Show with real hot lava recreating an eruption and it’s the only place in the world where you can safely experience hot molten lava in close proximity! We would’ve loved to see this, but unfortunately we were here at the wrong time.


From Vik it’s another 2.5 hour drive to the Glacier Lagoon, which we planned on visiting the next day in the early morning. You can stay overnight in Vik or at Skaftafell Camping which is a bit closer. We also stopped off at Fjaðrárgljúfur, a massive canyon with about 100 meters depth and about two kilometers length.

Iceland ring road trip

Day 3: Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon To Egilsstadir

Rise early to see the sunrise at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, fingers crossed there is one! Even if the sun doesn’t show, seeing the massive icebergs in various shades of blue float in the lake and out to sea is stunning. Remember, sunrise in summer in Iceland is around 3am!

The ice at Jökulsárlón is over 1,000 years old and an absolute must-see on your Iceland driving itinerary! You can take a boat tour around the lagoon, but we decided not to as it’s already beautiful from the shore. 

Iceland travel itinerary
Iceland trip itinerary

Another place to check out nearby is Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon, a smaller and lesser-known lagoon, but which is equally stunning.

We saw a few seals pop out their heads between the icebergs and enjoyed hearing the cracking of the ice with not a single soul around us. Lucky, we got up so early!

Iceland ring road 7 days
7 days Iceland

The lagoon is connected with the ocean and therefore sea and fresh water mix which causes the unique colour. When you follow the stream down, you can reach the nearby black sand beach that’s called Diamond Beach. This is where you’ll find chunks of ice from the lagoon being washed ashore and glistening like diamonds in the sun.

We took our time, made coffee and breakfast, had a nap and walked Diamond Beach twice, just so beautiful!

Iceland driving itinerary
Iceland road trip Planner

From here it’s a good 3.5 to 4hrs driving through a lot of nothing to the next bigger town called Egilsstadir. Along the way, we had lunch on the peninsula of Höfn and later found a secret hot pool in the middle of the fields with some amazing views.

Iceland campervan itinerary
Iceland ring road 7 day itinerary


Finally, we made it to Egilsstadir where we stayed at Camp Egilsstadir, which has some amazing facilities and big, modern bathrooms. Pretty crowded but we found a spot at the very end.

That night, we decided to eat out and I found pretty much the most happening place in town: Askur Pizzeria. Great stone-oven backed pizzas made with local ingredients from East Iceland as well as local craft beer and live music and even Brewery Tours are on offer here!

Day 4: Dettifoss To Myvatn

Waking up in the morning, we bought some groceries for the road at the local supermarket Nettó and then hit the road. If you want to have a nice breakfast in town, check out Bókakaffi Hlödum.

First up on our Iceland travel guide today was a visit to Stuðlagil Canyon, which is an hour from Egilsstadir. It has been a hidden spot for a long time and recently risen to fame through all the Instagram pictures. We almost missed the turn-off, as it is a little detour from the Ring Road. Read here for more on how to get there. 

Travel guide Iceland

This Basalt Column Canyon is not easy to access and while you can partly view it from the top, to see its full beauty, you have to climb to the bottom. There are some paths and robes but it’s definitely a little more challenging. You can walk along the bottom for a bit and I even dipped my feet into the flowing river, definitely could feel its glacier water running through here.

It started raining and we were glad to drive in our van for 2 more hours to reach Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Europe and truly a sight to behold! Use the Dettifoss West Side Parking as the road is better than the East Side and it’s a short 10-minute walk to the waterfall from here. Prepare to brace yourself as you see water spraying, the roaring noise of the water and the rainbows dancing.

Iceland guide
Driving through Iceland

From the same car park you can also reach Selfoss, that drops over a number of waterfalls and reminds a little of the Niagara Falls.

Continuing our Iceland Ring Road 7-day Itinerary, you will find the following hotspots after driving around 1 hour:

  • Hverir: A large area of bubbling mud pools and steam coming from the ground. I think this is what Mars might look like!
  • Grjotagja Cave: A small cave that also starred in Games of Thrones. It was underwhelming when we visited as you couldn’t see the crystal blue color and the cave is smaller than expected. I might be better when the sun is out. However, climbing on top you can see the huge fissure where the tectonic plates meet.
  • Myvatn Nature Baths: An inexpensive alternative to the Blue Lagoon if you are coming to Northern Iceland and looking to relax and rejuvenate. I loved hanging out at this man-made hot spring and it was a great finish to the day. They are open until midnight!


We chose to camp overnight nearby the Myvatn Nature Baths.

Try Camping Vogar or Caming Myvatn.

Self-drive Iceland guide

Day 5: The Capital Of The North, Akureyri

It’s time to head to Akureyri, the so-called capital of Northern Iceland. On our way, we made a stop to visit the Laufas Turf Houses (put in Laufás Museum into Google Maps), it’s a little outside of the city and very interesting to explore the museum. Very real and the houses are just uber-cool!

7 day itinerary through Iceland

Arriving into Akureyri, there are lots of things to do and see:

  • Climb the stairs to the iconic church of Akureyri, Akureyrarkirkja and get some city views.
  • Shop around Flóra, a cute store with lots of alternative little boutique things & coffee.
  • Have brunch or lunch at Café Berlin.
Self-drive Iceland itinerary
Trip itinerary Iceland
  • Stroll around the Botanical Gardens.
  • Eat the best ice cream in all of Iceland at Brynja.
  • Akureyri is the whale watching capital of the North. Book a classic whale watching tour here or check out this Silent Whale Watching Tour that starts from Husavik, a nice town famous for whale watching only 75-minutes out of Akureyri. You will cruise on one of the most eco-friendly electric boats causing minimum disturbance to wildlife and bringing your carbon footprint down to zero.
  • Have a Beer Bath! You know spas and saunas are a thing in Iceland, but on this tour you get to sit in a beer bath in the countryside outside of Akureyri. Soak your tired muscles in beer, hops, water, and yeast and enjoy the unlimited beer from the tap just outside your tub! There are limited tubs available, so book your Beer Spa Experience ahead.

Lastly, pay attention to the traffic lights when driving the streets of Akureyri. They are heart-shaped!

Trip itinerary through Iceland
Getting around Iceland

Driving on, we found a nice spot by the river somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the afternoon to take a break. So peaceful and I once again realized the simple beauty of our Iceland self drive tour. We also saw lots of Icelandic horses and stopped a few times to pat their nose and chat to them. Not sure if they understood me though as I don’t speak Icelandic.

We decided to do a bigger drive all the way to the town of Budardalur as we wanted to get closer to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula to start our day out there.

Getting around Iceland guide
7 day itinerary Iceland


We stayed at Camping Dalakot, a small campground located within green bushes and trees sheltering the wind and a newer-looking convenience store across the road.

Day 6: Stykkisholmur To Kirkjufellsfoss To Arkanes

Have you watched or read The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty? Well then, you will love this one!

Stykkisholmur is the picturesque fishing village where Walter Mitty sits in the bar and then takes off in the helicopter with a drunken sailor. Below is the full clip with the song Space Oddity:

Have a look around the set and recognize the buildings here, it’s just cool. You can also take a walk up to the nearby lighthouse to get a birds eye view. The town also has a funky looking church called Stykkisholmskirkja.

As you leave Stykkisholmur, grab a coffee and a bite to eat from Café Nú or Nesbrauð ehf.

7 days in Iceland

The next highlight is a quick 30-minute drive from here. Grundarfjardarbaer is our destination. A small town with mountain ranges in the background and the sea at its shores. What makes it famous is nearby Kirkjufell Mountain and Kirkjufellsfoss, two of the most photographed spots in all of Iceland and I can quickly see why.

This location has not only appeared in Game of Thrones but also on pretty much everyone’s Instagram in recent years! A wonderful photo stop but be prepared for a lot of tripods, cameras and selfie sticks.

There is an N1 petrol station right in town with a supermarket and small café if you’re in need of some caffeine or a hot soup. Search for Kaffi Emil, it’s actually part of the local library/tourist information.

How to spend 7 days in Iceland
Road trip through Iceland

Time to hit the road again. If you still haven’t had enough of hot springs and are craving a bath, Google ‘Landbrotalaug Hot Springs’. They are literally in the middle of nowhere and when we arrived there were only two other people there. The spring is spread out and has multiple pools where you can sit and relax. Don’t forget to bring your quick dry towel to dry off and dress at the spring. To find other hot springs and public pools around the country, check this website.


Arkanes Campsite was one of my favorite campgrounds in Iceland as it was right by the bay with beautiful mountain views at the backdrop, which we only saw in the morning as the sun was out.

Road trip Iceland
Iceland road trip
All you need to know Iceland

Since it was drizzling once again, we decided to play some UNO and relax in the van (with the heating on of course!). There is not a whole lot happening in town, but the bakery Kallabakari has lovely bread and pastries and is worth a stop in the morning before taking off again.

Day 7: Thingvellir, Silfra & Reykjavik

We are so close to being back in Reykjavik now and our Iceland Ring Road 7 days adventure is slowly coming to an end.

However, we won’t take the direct route back into the capital of Iceland but detour to visit Thingvellir National Park, a historic site and national park known for being the site of Iceland’s parliament between the 10th and 18th centuries and where the old church and ruins are still visible.

This is also where you find Silfra, a fissure between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Formed through a major earthquake in 1789 when the earth opened up, it is the only place in the world where you can snorkel or dive between the tectonic plates. 

And surely, I did it! I snorkeled in the rift and it was soo cool! You can read all about my Silfra snorkeling experience with in this article here.

Iceland all you need to know

Back to Reykjavik to have the afternoon exploring some highlights of the city:

  • Hallgrimskirka, strikingly modern architecture for the main church in the center of town. You can climb to the top for a small fee if you like some good views.
  • Sun Voyager, right beside the sea stands a steel boat sculpture that stands for the dream of hope, progress and freedom. A great spot for sunset.
  • Take a free walking tour to learn about the history and see all the main sights. Reykjavik is very walk able and the center is small.
  • Harpa Music Hall & Conference Center, opened in 2011, it’s the cultural and social center of the city boasting with modern architecture.
  • Visit Whales of Iceland, the largest whale exhibition in Europe with life-size models of whales!

Where To Eat In Reykjavik

Some foodie places I recommend checking out:

  • Seabaron: Located at the old harbor, the name says it all: You will find anything seafood here and it’s amazing! Try the famous lobster soup.
  • Lamb Street Food: enjoy fresh Icelandic quality meat and ingredients.
  • Icelandic Street Food: Home made Icelandic traditional food for a good price.
  • Sjávargrillið: Icelandic seafood grill. Try the fish of the day during lunchtime.
  • Brew Dog: A casual eatery with pub and bar food like wings, burgers, fries and great selection of beer. Reasonably priced.
  • Frederiksen Ale House: Good selection of beers, happy hour is good value and tasty pub food.
All you need to know about Iceland


We stayed at the Swan House, which is not far from downtown and offers spacious rooms with kitchenette, modern interior and a comfy bed that was wonderful after a week sleeping in a campervan. Book on  |

Other Accommodation Options I Recommend In Reykjavik:

  • Sand Hotel by Keahotels: Located right on the main shopping street, this boutique hotel is very modern and clean and has a good breakfast. Book on |
  • 41 – A Townhouse Hotel: Great value for money if you want to stay right in the heart of Reykjavik. Stylish interior with everything you need. Book on |
  • Kex Hostel: A trendy hostel with dorm rooms and free WiFi and bar, perfect if you are travelling solo or on a budget. Book on  |

Day 8: Goodbye Iceland

Time to head to the airport and depart Iceland. What a legendary 7-day trip it has been!

I loved every minute of our road trip around Iceland, the stunning natural beauty, roaring waterfalls, deep blue icebergs, lava fields, spitting mud pools and relaxing hot springs, horses galloping in the distance, a road trip around Iceland will probably be one of the best things you have ever done. Hope you have your cameras charged, you will need it!

Are you planning a trip to Iceland? Do you have any questions about Iceland’s Ring Road? If so, leave me a comment below and I will answer them.

All you need to know guide iceland

Thank you to Go Campers for making this trip possible. This post was written in collaboration with Go Campers, experiences and opinions are entirely my own.

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