Being a lover of sunshine and warm days, I recently spent some long summer days exploring all that Sweden has to offer.

Stockholm, with its many little islands, uncountable bridges and cobblestone streets leading through a medieval old town is an absolute must-do! I then travelled through the country to the lakes and beaches of the west coast to experience staying at a traditional Swedish summerhouse.

How Warm Is It In Sweden In Summer?

Summers in Sweden are generally short and vary greatly, also because the country is pretty stretched out from north to south.

Temperatures you can expect in summer in Sweden range from 15 degrees up to 30 degrees on some of the hotter days, which are rare though.

During my time in Sweden, it was around 20 degrees in the daytime but around 10 degrees at night, so it does get quite chilly and a jumper or light jacket is a must for your trip to Sweden in summer.

If you want to experience warm weather, the best time to visit Sweden is between May and September. During that time you also get to experience long days with sunsets close to midnight.

In the far north, the sun doesn’t set at all in the month of June. This makes summer definitely perfect for long sightseeing and outdoor activity days when visiting Sweden.

Places to visit in Sweden

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Top Summer Experiences In Sweden In Summer

Below are some of the best ideas on what to do and experience in Sweden in the summertime.

To me, it truly is the best time to explore this Scandinavian country.

1. Explore Beautiful Stockholm

With just over a million people living in the capital of Sweden, a few days in Stockholm have to be on your travel itinerary when visiting Sweden in the summer.

I recommend spending at least 2-3 days wandering the streets of Gamla Stan, which is the old medieval town with lots of colourful buildings from the 17th and 18th century and the Royal Palace with its daily guard changing ceremony.

Then, catch a ferry to Djurgarden, a beautiful green island with lots of trails and an open-air museum with Nordic animals. Of course, you can also pay a visit to the Abba Museum, if that’s more your jam.

Best places to visit in Sweden

Another favourite find of mine was visiting Östermalms Saluhall, a big food hall from the 1880s, where I had some of the best traditional Swedish gourmet seafood. Best for a visit around lunchtime.

You surely don’t want to leave the city without having tasted the traditional Köttbullar, Swedish meatballs served with potato mash, lingonberry jam and thick gravy. So good!

The afternoon is a wonderful time to browse the vintage and design stores of the neighbourhood of Södermalm. With its creative and laid-back vibe, I could’ve spent hours just walking around the streets. There are also plenty of cosy cafes to have Fika, a traditional Swedish coffee and café break that’s an integral part of Swedish culture.

Finish your day by visiting Monteliusvägen viewpoint and get a jaw-dropping view of the beautiful city skyline.

If you have a bit more time in Stockholm, there are about 30,000 islands to explore and plenty of sailing and boats tours you can take.

Sweden in Summer

2. Celebrate Midsummer Like The Locals

Midsummer is a special celebration in Sweden in the month of June. It’s actually one of the biggest and most famous holidays in the entire country and marks the celebration of the longest day of the entire year, the summer solstice.

Traditionally, women wear white dresses or something floral, while men wear a blue or white shirt, and later in the day everyone will dance around the Midsummer pole that gets decorated with local flowers.

Don’t forget to also wear a floral headband (if you’re a woman) and get ready to gather with enough beer, schnapps, herring and boiled potatoes with dill, and simply dance the night away.

If you happen to be celebrating somewhere by the lakeside in a true Swedish summerhouse, you surely will have to take a midnight swim, it’s tradition!

All big and smaller cities in Sweden put on outdoor midsummer events too, so even if you don’t have friends from Sweden, you can still be part of the midsummer festivities in one of the many public parks or gardens. The open-air museum Skansen in Stockholm puts on a big show for midsummer and has several events happening in the lead up to the big midsummer day.

Sweden nature attractions

3. Pick A Swedish Summerhouse By The Lake

Summerhouses, also called “sommarstuga”, are a very popular getaway for Swedes who live in the city and want to escape in their summer holidays.

I never understood what visiting a summerhouse meant for Swedes before actually visiting one in Sweden. Many summerhouses are located in rural areas with beautiful backdrops like mountains, forests, lakes or by the sea. You might have seen the red cottage houses on a postcard or on TV before, and yes, that’s exactly what they look like! Simply beautiful.

I also never knew that more than 50% of Swedes have easy access to a summer cottage through extended family or friends and they are an integral part of the local culture to detach from the stress of living in a city and just get back to nature and unwind. Many Swedes choose to own a summerhouse only about an hour or so away from their homes for easy access.

For someone visiting Sweden, it’s of course amazing to be invited to a real Swedish summerhouse by people you know and experience it in its full glory and Swedish tradition.

However, in case you don’t get this honour, there are plenty of Swedish summerhouses on offer on Airbnb and I highly recommend you take a few days to relax in the countryside Swedish-style. Be sure to befriend the neighbours and you will get first-hand Swedish summerhouse vibes and insights.

What to see in Sweden in summer

4. Enjoy The Beaches And Get Active

Sweden might be known for its winter activities, but did you know that Sweden also has pretty beaches and seaside spots to spend some sunny summer days?

You can even catch some waves in Töro, south of Stockholm, where they also have an annual surf competition running. Surely, the water is still pretty cold, but that makes it even more special – and really, that’s what the sauna is for in Sweden, to warm up afterwards.

What is Sweden known for

Swedes love to get out and about year around and therefore, there is no shortage of activities to do all throughout the country. Swedish summer activities involve anything from swimming, kayaking, sailing, hiking, cycling or riding your mountain bike, yoga in the park or climbing.

One of the most popular Swedish sports you probably know nothing about is an outdoor activity called orienteering. It’s a thinking sport with map reading and decision-making combined with a workout. Maybe about time to give it a try?

5. See The Midnight Sun

Experiencing sunlight at midnight is something truly special. From early June to early July, you can get a full 24 hours of sunlight in the northern parts of Swedish Lapland in the Arctic Circle. Then, the sun simply doesn’t set in this part of the world at all!

Surely, midnight sun messes a little with your head, so it’s best to pack a decent sleeping mask and use the black-out curtains at your accommodation, so you don’t get tricked into staying up for as long as you can.

There are many cool experiences you can have during the midnight sun in Sweden, such as:

  • Go skiing at Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest mountain
  • Play golf at midnight
  • Take a swim whenever you feel like it
  • Go to a music festival
  • Soak up the midnight sun from a horseback

Summer is a wonderful time to visit Sweden. Everyone is out and about, the days are long, and the temperatures are moderate and beautiful. If you are planning to spend your next summer holidays in Sweden, I hope this article gives you some great inspiration!

And remember, always take out travel insurance before you go. SCTI are experts in travel insurance, with over 35 years’ experience. You can also add options tailored to your needs, like snowboarding or skiing cover, cover for valuables, as well as being able to choose how much excess you want to pay.

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