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“You will never be completely at home again,
because part of your heart always will be
elsewhere. That is the price you pay
for the richness of loving and knowing
people in more than one place.”

Hi, my name is Carolin and I am the traveller soul behind Breathing Travel. I was born in Germany in the year when the Berlin Wall fell, 1989. My parents raised me in a lovely small country town among chickens and corn fields. At the age of 16, I traded everything I knew for kangaroos and surf beaches and moved to Australia for a year to go to high school. My life has never been the same again and I am forever grateful for this opportunity.

Ever since, the road has been my home. With 19 I extensively backpacked through Australia, camped in a van for weeks, worked in a hotel in Perth, planted Strawberries on the Sunshine Coast and sold German pretzels in a bakery in Brisbane. I urged to see more. I snorkelled with the beautiful fish in Fiji, snowboarded through New Zealand and conquered the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Over the years, I have lived both in Singapore and Peru and travelled extensively around Southeast Asia. I visited the mysterious temples of Bali, jungle trekked through wild Borneo, sat between chickens on a local bus in Vietnam and witnessed the sunrise at Machu Picchu in Peru.

In November 2014, I decided to travel and live overseas permanently and sold everything in my apartment, my car and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand. My goal was to combine travel with location independent work. And here I am today, living my dream, having seen so many incredible places already and having met beautiful people along the way. Home is not a place, it is wherever my heart is.

In a nutshell

  • I am absolutely in love with Australia, my favourite country in the world.

  • I am a huge fan of housesitting and believe it’s one of the best ways to live like a local and travel long-term.

  • Home is not a place, it is wherever my heart is.

  • I love photography and am obsessed with Instagram.

  • There’s nothing better than a sunny day spent at the beach surfing the waves.

Work with me

With over 10 years extensive travel experience and almost 3 years working as a digital marketing consultant and web designer, I am always looking for exciting collaborations and projects to work together.

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