Have you ever considered staying in a treehouse when visiting Bali?

One of the many reasons to visit Bali is the amazing natural landscape. The island is characterized by glorious sandy beaches and a lush green jungle interior. Why stay locked up in a fancy Bali hotel (which of course is also really amazing!) when you are there to be close to nature?

Tree houses, set among the branches of the green interior, are the best way to sleep close to nature. You will fall asleep under a brilliantly star-lit night sky, thanks to the low light pollution, and wake up to the sounds of birds and waterfalls.

While many Bali treehouses are simple, you can also find luxury treehouses equipped with private bathrooms and maybe a private pool on the terrace, ideal for a romantic rural retreat. There is something for every taste.

Find your dream Bali tree house escape with my list of the best treehouses in Bali. They are organized by price, so you can choose whether to splurge, stay mid-range, or choose a budget option.

1. Splurge: The Best Luxury Treehouses in Bali (over US$200/night)

Best Luxury Villa Tree House: Veluvana Bali

This may be cheating since this is more of a luxury villa built on stilts and on a peak than a house in the trees, but if you book Veluvana Bali accommodation, you will not be disappointed.

The bamboo and thatched roof construction of the Bali treehouse makes this feel like a home appropriate for Tarzan, but it also has a fully-equipped kitchen, rooftop pool, and private bathroom.

  • Location: Sidemen

  • Price: from US$588 per night

  • Sleeps: 1-2 bedrooms, sleeps 2-4 people

  • Why stay here? Discover “true Bali”, surrounded by nature but also enjoy it in luxury.

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Best Jungle Luxury Tree House: Camaya Bali

Again, this is a magical Bali bamboo treehouse rather than a traditional tree house, but it is situated at an elevated location among the trees, so it feels very “Jungle Book”.

The luxury villas feature four-poster beds and giant hammocks hanging over the surrounding forest. Each treehouse villa has a private bathroom and a jacuzzi. The food served on-site is delicious.

  • Location: Sidemen

  • Price: from US$401 per night

  • Sleeps: 2 bedrooms, sleeps 4 people

  • Why stay here? Fall asleep to the sounds of the jungle amid tranquil luxury. Camaya has actually been featured on Netflix!

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Best Canggu Tree House: Grün Canggu Garden

These elevated wooden guesthouses among the trees feel rustic but are fully equipped with kitchens, ensuite bathrooms, and more. Each Bali treehouse has its own wooden terrace with a private infinity pool.

This is a secure, lush, and quiet getaway in large private gardens just outside of busy Canggu. The large rooms and open-plan design give a freeing feeling.

  • Location: Canggu (about a 10-15 min drive from Old Man's)

  • Price: from US$102 per night

  • Sleeps: 1 bedroom, sleeps 2-3 people

  • Why stay here? Find a secure paradise in this eco bamboo treehouse, great for a romantic getaway.

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Best Large Luxury Tree House: Ananda House

This towering bamboo house is perched among the trees; you will feel like you are sleeping in the jungle if it wasn't for the luxury four-poster bed!

The free-standing spacious three-story bamboo house towers among the trees and has three bathrooms. The in-house restaurant serves Indonesian food made from fresh, local ingredients.

  • Location: Located within Green Village Bali (30 minutes drive from Ubud centre)

  • Price: from US$558 per night

  • Sleeps: 3 bedrooms, sleeps 6 people

  • Why stay here? Plan a private retreat where it is just you, your friends, and an excellent chef in the jungle.

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Most Relaxing Tree House: Gumi Ayu Eco Hotel

Everywhere you turn in this stilted Bali tree house hotel, you will find lush greenery. Whether you are sitting on your balcony or in the tub in your private bathroom, the leaves form a lush backdrop.

These Bali tree houses also feature a spa with wellness treatments as well as delicious food from the on-site restaurant. You can walk to several lovely waterfalls from the property.

  • Location: Munduk

  • Price: from US$124 per night

  • Sleeps: 1 bedroom, sleeps 3 people

  • Why stay here? Have a peaceful time in the middle of nature, where everything is taken care of. This is a seriously dreamy eco tree house stay.

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Gumi Ayu EcoHotel

Best Group Travel Tree House: Villa Nautilus Treehouse

This clay villa in the middle of the trees offers Hobbit-style comfort in a tropical jungle paradise. You rent out the whole villa with five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen.

Spend the day relaxing on the terrace, swimming in the pool, or ask the kitchen to arrange packed lunches for an adventure. You can even book a yoga class for your group in this hobbit treehouse.

  • Location: Ubud (10 minutes drive from the centre)

  • Price: from US$420 per night

  • Sleeps: 5 bedrooms, sleeps 14 people

  • Why stay here? For the ideal group trip that allows everyone to relax and unwind.

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Best Beach Tree House: The Cove Bali

This bamboo house is set high among the trees but only steps away from a cove perfect for swimming. Book the five-bedroom villa with four bathrooms and split your time between the waves and the beachfront infinity pool.

Both European and local cuisine is prepared and served onsite, and you can organize private yoga classes for you and your guests. Spend the day chilling by the pool, or ask for packed lunches so you can go out and adventure.

  • Location: Balian Beach (roughly 1-hour drive north along the coast from Canggu)

  • Price: from US$704 per night

  • Sleeps: 5 bedrooms, sleeps 10 people

  • Why stay here? For the best of both worlds when it comes to beach and jungle.

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2. The Best Mid-Range Treehouses in Bali (US$100-$200/night)

Best Riverside Tree House: Hideout Bali

These bamboo villas nestled among the trees and alongside a river feel otherworldly, worthy of ethereal wood elves or other enchanted creatures. Your individual Bali treehouse villa comes with a private balcony, fully equipped kitchen, outdoor fireplace, and hot tub.

Every space and most of the furniture at Hideout Bali is made from bamboo, and spaces have been designed with tranquility in mind.

  • Location: Sidemen

  • Price: from US$128 per night

  • Sleeps: 1-2 bedrooms, sleeps 2-5 people

  • Why stay here? Tranquility in the heart of Bali between lush trees and a running river.

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Hideout Bali

Best Social Tree House: Roots Tree House

This small village of tree houses sits among immaculately kept dense gardens. Each Roots Tree House has a private bathroom and stunning views.

The Roots Tree House complex has a swimming pool and bar and offers activities such as yoga and massage. It is a great place to both relax and meet like-minded travelers.

  • Location: Uluwatu (11km from Ngurah Rai Airport)

  • Price: from US$87 per night

  • Sleeps: 2 bedrooms, sleeps 2-5 people

  • Why stay here? Combine solitary reflection with a tranquil social environment.

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Roots Tree House

Best Private Tree House: Grün Ubud

This is an elevated Bali treehouse with a sprawling terrace so you can remain close to nature throughout your stay. Everything is made from stunning dark wood and glass.

You will get a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom to call your own, with concierge and daily maid service to make life blissful.

  • Location: Ubud

  • Price: from US$152 per night

  • Sleeps: 1 bedroom, sleeps 2 people

  • Why stay here? Relax in complete privacy in this magical bamboo house location.

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Grün Ubud

Best Eco-Friendly Tree House: The Rice Joglo Eco-Stay

This delightful wooden villa community makes the most of traditional Balinese and Javanese decor to create a tranquil environment. Everything in this Bali treehouse hotel is designed to be environmentally friendly, so there is no air conditioning here!

The Bali treehouse villas are designed to be open living spaces close to nature with furniture and facilities designed with natural materials.

  • Location: Ubud (a 20-minute drive from Ubud)

  • Price: from US$146 per night

  • Sleeps: 1-3 bedrooms, sleeps 2-11 people

  • Why stay here? Relaxing and dreamy eco tree house accommodation close to the center of Ubud.

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The Rice Joglo Eco-Stay

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3. The Best Affordable Treehouses in Bali (less than US$100/night)

Best Tree House Tents: Ekommunity

Spend the night sleeping in a tent on a wooden platform perched among the trees. It is a thrilling experience. You can also upgrade to a more substantial Bali treehouse if you wish, it's definitely worth it!

During the day use the restaurant, shared kitchen, and free Wi-Fi, or participate in a yoga class or sightseeing tour.

  • Location: Munduk

  • Price: from US$77 per night

  • Sleeps: 1 bedroom, sleeps 2 people

  • Why stay here? Sleep under the stars and wake up to the sound of the nearby waterfall.

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Most Affordable Tree House: Jero Tumbuk Private Villa

Stay in a private bamboo villa in a forest setting with a mountain dominating your view. The tranquil design and large balcony create the ideal Bali treehouse hotel setting.

Sample Indonesian cuisine in the family-friendly restaurant, participate in yoga classes, use the spa facilities, or sign up for a cycling tour or picnic.

  • Location: Sidemen (15-minute drive from the centre of town)

  • Price: from US$33 per night

  • Sleeps: 1-3 bedrooms, sleeps 2-7 people

  • Why stay here? Amazing ambiance at a great price.

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Jero Tumbuk Private Villa

Best Hostel-Style Tree House: Bali Tree House Pelangi

You will find hostel-style accommodation in these bamboo villas overlooking the jungle. You can expect a comfortable bed and a shared bathroom in the middle of a tranquil jungle setting.

The traditional Asian breakfast is a great way to fuel up for the day, and there is a bar on-site to socialize with other travelers.

  • Location: Bedugul (just 15-minute drive from the famous Ulun Danu Beratan Temple)

  • Price: from US$18 per night

  • Sleeps: 1 bedroom, sleeps 2 people

  • Why stay here? Simple yet stunning accommodations close to nature.

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Bali Tree House Pelangi

Most Famous Tree House: Rumah Pohon

This treehouse is not actually on Bali but on the small neighboring island of Nusa Penida. While this is the simplest of the tree houses, it is also the most isolated and tranquil, and has the best views.

Don't expect fancy hotel service, but you can expect fresh fruit and an evening bonfire with the host. Zipline around the accommodation or explore the surrounding via bike.

  • Location: Nusa Penida

  • Price: from US$30 per night

  • Sleeps: 1 bedroom, sleeps 2 people

  • Why stay here? Simple yet stunning accommodations close to nature.

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Rumah Pohon

The Best Treehouses in Bali – Frequently Asked Questions

🌳 Is staying in a treehouse in Bali with it?

If you are looking to get close to the natural beauty of Bali and want a serene and eco-friendly place to unwind, then staying in a Bali tree house is totally worth it!

💸 How much is it to stay in a treehouse in Bali?

You can stay in a hostel-style Bali treehouse for as little as US$20 per night. But if you prefer luxury, you can find multi-bedroom Bali treehouse villas for US$500 per night and more. Unless you are looking at budget options, you should expect to pay at least US$100-$150 per night for two people.

🚿 Do Bali treehouses have a toilet or bathroom?

It is amazing what modern plumbing can do! Many of the Bali treehouses feature toilets and a bathroom as part of their accommodation. In most cases, these are private per treehouse unless you choose budget hostel-style accommodation.

⭐ What's the best treehouse in Bali?

The best treehouse in Bali depends on what you are looking for. You can find luxury treehouses in the middle of the jungle or overlooking the beach. You can also find truly remote treehouses where it is just you sleeping under the stars without a single soul around. It depends on what you are looking for in your Balian treehouse.

💦 Do treehouses in Bali have a pool?

Many treehouses in Bali have a pool. Mid-range options will usually have a shared swimming pool as part of the accommodation complex. If you choose a luxury treehouse, you may have your own private pool on your private treehouse terrace.

📺 What's the treehouse seen in Netlifx?

The Bali tree house featured in Netflix's “World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals” is the Camaya Bali, which is featured on my list as one of the best splurge accommodations above and is a truly magical treehouse.

❓ How far ahead should I book a treehouse in Bali?

Treehouses are much like other popular Bali accommodations, they book out fast! To book a specific tree house on a specific date, you will want to book as far in advance as possible. You might have luck finding a last-minute deal, but don't get your hopes up and certainly book ahead if you don't want to miss out!

The Best Treehouses in Bali – Final Words

There is no better way to relax and feel like you are one with the incredible natural landscape of Bali than to stay in a classic Balinese treehouse. Find your ideal tree house for your next Bali visit with my list of the very best Bali treehouses for every budget.

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