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Work, Stay, Play: The Digital Nomad Guide To Berlin

As one of the major freelance and startup hubs in Europe, there really is so much going on in Germany's capital city Berlin! Check out all the things to do, see, where to work from and how to connect with like-minded people from Nisha, who started this neat little app with some coworkers called Get Croissant.

A Digital Nomads Intro To San Juan Del Sur

Allow me to introduce you to exactly what you’re looking for as a digital nomad: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. A vibrant beach town with tons of energy, San Juan has long been a destination for avid surfers and travellers alike, but in recent years it has begun to grow exponentially, and with no signs of slowing down, San Juan is sure to be the next go-to spot for anyone on the road looking for sun, surf and adventure.

The Digital Nomad Guide To Las Palmas

Europe is becoming more and more popular as a summer location for digital nomads all over the world and rightly so. However, there are a few European destinations that attract the attention of digital nomads year-round, one major one being Las Palmas, the bustling capital city of the Canary Islands.

Passionate Travellers Meet Healthy Work-Life Balance: An Interview With WiFi Tribe

Are you looking to re-design your life, work on projects that you are passionate about and travel the world at the same time? In this interview, I am speaking to Julia, Co-Founder of WiFi Tribe, a community of like-minded traveling entrepreneurs and creatives to find out a bit more of what they do, who this is for and what a day in the life of a WiFi Triber looks like!

The Simplest Ways To Meet Travellers & Digital Nomads

Feeling a bit lonely on the road? My thinking is: There are so many more people I could potentially meet compared to back home! I hardly ever feel lonely when travelling, it's really super rare. But if you do, here are a few cool ways to meet and connect with other travellers.

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