It's been long on my list: A visit to the USA! I have been to the States a few times as a child when my parents took me over on holidays, but this has been years and years ago. Finally, at the start of next year, I will be heading to the States again. And I am really so excited!

So as part of my travel preparation, of course, I had to look at the remote work scene over there and discovered a few cool spaces. After all, America is where big ideas are born?

I am stoked to have David from Qwerky on the interview today with his coliving concept, which will be launching right when I land over there in February 2018.

Hi there, please introduce yourself!

What is your background and what are you currently working on?

Hi everyone, my name is David Lowe. I am an entrepreneur originally from England. I just became a US citizen and am working on my second startup called Qwerky – a coliving community for like-minded people.

David Lowe entrepreneur Qwerky

What is it like to stay in a coliving space? What are the benefits?

It is the best living experience you will ever have. The benefits are being around people like you. Coliving gives you an emotional support system, an instant network, people to collaborate with and a way to accelerate your success.

Having run a pilot house for Qwerky, we realized that people were happier when they lived in our coliving community.

San Diego Qwerky

Who would be an ideal person to come stay in a coliving space?

An entrepreneur, digital nomad or creative. Also, people who have just moved to a new city and need to plug in fast.

Are there any activities, events, etc. offered around the space?

We are working on a full program for launch.

There will be Qwerky talks from inspiring speakers, events that will focus on health and wellness and activities to bring people closer together. We will always be aiming to bring you something you have never experienced before.

Qwerky coliving community

What has been your biggest challenge building this space to date?

Finding the right space. We realized that simply using a house was never going to be big enough for our community and people would be able to replicate our model too easily.

It has been tough to find the ideal space in San Diego but we are confident we have found it. It will be a bigger building and have more people than a house.

San Diego Qwerky Coliving

Are there other coliving space in San Diego already? How are you different from them?

Not that I am aware of. I think that is why we are getting so much attention from the media and have had an overwhelming response from people who want to live at Qwerky. There are several coliving communities in New York and San Francisco and the coliving movement is advanced in Europe.

We are different because we have a much deeper involvement with people who live with us (Qwerkies). We want them to succeed and will do anything in our power to make that happen.

Whether it is connecting them to people in a Qwerky coliving community or our extended network, we care about people and want them to be happier and more successful human beings. We are also developing concepts that will eventually be our first “Smart Communities”. These are like Smart Homes but on a broader scale.

Qwerky Coliving San Diego

When will you launch and where can people find out more about you?

We are pushing hard to launch in Spring 2018. People can join our community at and as soon as we open applications, we will let them know. We are on social media @qwerkycoliving and just launched Qwerky TV on YouTube.

Thank you, David, for the great interview! And I cannot wait to come to San Diego in Spring 2018!

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