I haven't been a yoga girl for long. Starting with yoga, I could never sit still, I always shuffled in all the positions, my breath wasn't calm nor were my thoughts. But I guess that we all start. We are simply not born and raised in a world that instills calmness and teaches us meditation naturally.

However, yoga brings many benefits to the body and mind and that is supported by science as well. It lowers your stress levels through moves and meditation techniques thus helping you relax.

It also helps with anxiety and mental health, while at the same time improving the quality of life. Positive medical effects are present as well and osteopathic medicine advises practising yoga to increase flexibility, muscle strength and cardiovascular health.

But the best way to truly reach your inner Zen is if you travel and practice yoga during your next trip. This is all part of the an active holiday trend that is gaining popularity by the day. There is no more perfect way to recharge than by travelling to an amazing destination far away from everyday stress.

And if you add yoga to that travel opportunity you will really get the ultimate zen experience.

#1 Kerala And Uttarakhand, India

India is the country where yoga found its beginnings so of course if you go to India you should certainly take a few lessons. The truly authentic experience is in the Northern India where you can choose from numerous retreats and courses.

However, the best place to start from is Ananda in the Himalayas on the 100-acre estate overlooking the river Ganges.

Or opt for the southern parts of India if you'd like to be closer to the ocean. Kerala’s Soul & Surf hotel is situated on the Golden Beach and offers an amazing program of action and relaxation. With skilled teachers for both yoga and surfing, you will have quite an active holiday by the Arabian Sea in the Indian state of Kerala.

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#2 Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the most popular yoga destinations in the world.

If you stay in Ubud, go to the infamous Yoga Barn located among rice fields and overlooking the gorgeous Balinese mountains. Yoga sessions here are held in groups during the whole day, but if you want something more private try Radiantly Alive, one of my new favourite studios in Ubud.

The studio is smaller and thus the classes are more intimate and can be specifically tailored for you.

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Canggu is another perfect yoga place in Bali. Desa Seni has eco-friendly vibes, lush garden and a beautiful studio in its centre. This is a perfect opportunity to really experience the raw and undiluted environment in order to find your inner Zen.

Additionally, if you can, hire an instructor to give you private lessons by the pool or on the porch overlooking the ocean or rice fields at some of those astonishing luxury villas in Canggu.

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The Best Yoga Mats To Take On Your Next Trip:

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#3 Silver Island, Greece

Silver Island in Greece is a 60-acre private estate with an old church and thousands of olive trees. It also has a small lighthouse with a gorgeous view of the whole island and engulfed in scents of the sea. The island is a home of week-long yoga session held by the professional instructors.

The price includes all vegetarian meals based on the Mediterranean cuisine and accommodation in peaceful whitewashed houses. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to try local wines, swim and hike around the island.

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#4 Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is an island set along the east coast of southern Thailand and one of the popular tourist destinations with more than 2.5 million visitors in 2017.

It has several yoga retreats that range from luxury studios to the ones perfect for anyone’s budget. Kamalaya Hotel is one of the popular yoga destinations on Koh Samui offering Personal Yoga Synergy Programme of various types. You can apply for private, daily or one-on-one lessons while enjoying the hotel’s spa offer in between.

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On the other hand, Absolute Sanctuary brings a completely different ambience to its Moroccan décor. Its yoga instructors will teach you all the moves to stretch and relax your body with different styles and meditation practices. Classes are held daily and are appropriate for all levels, even beginners.

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#5 Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is famous all around the world for the parties and music on its beautiful beaches. However, this island is part of Spain and also an ideal place to practice yoga as well. Choose a yoga retreat and dive into a sanctuary, perfect for those who not only want to find their inner Zen but also enjoy some luxury.

The view over the sea and daily yoga lessons are accompanied by facials, mani-pedis and scrubs. When you’re not relaxing at the hotel, you can go on hikes or spend evenings star-gazing at the skies free of pollution and city lights.

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#6 Ulpotha, Sri Lanka

Ulpotha is an eco-village in Sri Lanka surrounded by the Galgiriyawa mountains full of temples and caves.

Although remote, monks still live there in peace and quiet of the gorgeous nature. This traditional village offers a unique yoga experience along with Ayurveda medicine.

Yoga classes here and the whole experience are centred toward finding your inner self. Visitors sleep in the jungle in specially designed huts engulfed in the sounds of animals and tropical flowers. Food is organic and produced on the farms while all yoga classes are held by international instructors.

When you are not practising yoga, you can bathe and swim in the lake called The Tank, and enjoy Ayurveda treatments.

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Give yourself the best possible holiday you can by visiting to some of the best yoga destinations in the world. There is nothing better than to help you find your inner Zen and feeling completely relaxed and comfortable with yourself.

With the help of yoga and meditation at fabulous destinations full of amazing landscapes and nature, you will feel like a completely new person when you come back home. I have definitely come to love yoga through all my travels.

Are you planning to go on yoga retreat on your next trip?

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