It’s been on my list to visit for a long, long time. I feel excited, adventurous and intimidated all at the same time.

India, a country with the world’s most famous building, the Taj Mahal, madness like you’ve never experienced before in the streets of the country’s lively cities, hiking the Himalayas, national parks where you can watch tigers and rhinos, all the delicious Indian food in the world you can imagine – and then, there is Kerala.

The state of India located on the tropical southwestern Malabar Coast has become a stop on many travellers’ itineraries due to its stunning natural beauty boasting palm-lined coastlines, winding canals and interconnected lakes called the Kerala backwaters.

Kerala Tourism

Popularly known as God’s Own Country, the state of Kerala has evolved a distinct way of life that is different from the rest of India and that makes it so attractive to people visiting from near and far.

If you have been looking to travel to India, you have most likely come across Kerala as a place to visit.

Here’s what’s waiting for you!

The Kerala Way Of Life

What is the Kerala way of life you are asking?

To go with the flow! Something many of us try to do in our modern, fast-paced lives but hardly stick to outside of our hourly yoga session in the morning.

In Kerala, you can find this way of life expressed in a magical connection of humans with the nature around them. Travellers to Kerala surely talk about the natural beauty but almost always mention how welcoming and peaceful the locals they met along the way are. 

Simple and down to earth, that’s what native people of Kerala are known for. If you are open and like to immerse yourself into other cultures, you will quickly find that the population of Kerala loves to practice ancient rituals and traditions and they are very proud of their culture. 

Meeting the people of Kerala was special and touched my heart. I recommend staying in a homestay as that will give you the opportunity to make a close connection with locals and see how they live. It's not unusual to be sitting around a meal talking about everything and anything and afterwards you'd be playing football with the whole village. It made me feel like I somehow belonged, like I was part of an inclusive circle of people. 

Kerala India
Places to visit in Kerala

Celebrating the simple pleasures of life, playing in the waves, making someone else smile, watching a stunning sunset – something I envy strongly and wish our modern society would reflect on more.

In the end, we have to ask ourselves, do we really need more stuff or are we just compensating for something we don't have, like pure happiness?

Buying more stuff won't make us feel happy and safe in the long run. How about a plane ticket and authentic experiences instead?

Kerala Way Back & Today: Becoming A Melting Pot

The way of life in Kerala draws mainly from the states’ history of trade and seafaring that eventually led to becoming a big melting pot of people with the most diverse ideologies, faiths and cultures that co-exist like no other place in India.

Today, Kerala is still very untouched and pristine and has some vibrant and amazing places to visit.

Here are some highlights you shouldn't miss on your travels around Kerala:

  • Alleppey, with its backwater trips and houseboat stays
  • Munnar, a hill station with endless tea plantations
  • Kumarakom, a peaceful place with exotic flora and fauna
  • Wayanad, one of the greenest places in Kerala boasting mountains, trekking routes and adventure sports
  • Thekkady, the place to come and watch exotic wildlife, from tigers to elephants and gaurs
  • Kochi, the second most populous city in Kerala that proclaims one of the finest natural harbours in the world

Of course, there are many more destinations and Kerala truly offers something for everyone, from backpackers to honeymooners to adventurous adrenaline junkies.

Backpacking around Kerala was my most favorite thing to do as it allowed me to make some beautiful human connections, and I would love to return to see more places that I didn't get a chance to visit.

Kerala Trip
Best places to visit in Kerala

Whichever place you decide to visit, I encourage you to meet the locals and listen to their powerful stories.

The video below is from Kerala Tourisms’ global campaign “Human by Nature” and I love how it is not a typical tourism commercial but instead filled with human stories that inspire to re-think a little why and how we travel. It's not all about getting the best Instagram shot or ticking off places like it's a to-do list.

Final Thoughts

Kerala is more than just beautiful nature. In fact, I think Kerala and its people can teach us a thing or two about life.

Let’s make a promise to ourselves to find magic in the everyday, free our lives for more important pursuits than shiny things and stuff and celebrate every living thing.

And then, maybe book your trip to Kerala!

This post was sponsored by Kerala Tourism.

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