If you’re dreaming of white sand beaches and crystal blue waters, then it’s time to start planning a trip to Diamond Beach in Bali.

Located just a short boat ride away on the nearby island Nusa Penida, which lies some of the most amazing sceneries I’ve ever travelled to. It’s well worth visiting to see the coastal cliffs and beaches that are unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.

Where is Diamond Beach?

Nusa Penida is a small island located 25 km southeast of Bali and is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Indonesia.

The fame is well deserved, as this place has some of the most jaw-dropping landscapes I’ve ever seen! If you’re looking to go to Diamond Beach, on the south-eastern tip of Nusa Penida island is where you’ll find this incredible beach.

How to Get To Diamond Beach: By Speedboat

The best way to get to Nusa Penida is by taking a speedboat from Sanur, which takes about 45 minutes.

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If you’re staying in a popular area like Canggu, Kuta, Seminyak, or Ubud, I would recommend either taking a taxi to Sanur or alternatively, you can also choose a speedboat company that provides shuttle transportation to Sanur. 

Many speedboat companies will do this, so just make sure to ask if the transport is included in the price as well!

Book your speedboat ahead so you don't reach Sanur and have to wait around.

Book a Day Tour To Diamond Beach

You can also book an entire tour package to Nusa Penida, which typically includes all of the transportation to the island, on the island, and then from the boat back to your accommodation.

This may be a bit more in price than figuring it out on your own, but if you can’t be bothered it’s a great option. You’ll be cruising around the island in an air-conditioned car, without a worry in the world.

Many Nusa Penida day tours will offer an East tour or West side tour. This is because there’s so much to see and do all over the island, that focusing on one side will be the best use of your time. Otherwise, you may spend a lot of time driving around, rather than relaxing on one of the island's many beautiful beaches.

Diamond Beach is located on the far east side of the island, so if you’re looking to visit this spot make sure you book an east side tour!

That being said, most tours are quite private and tend to be extremely flexible. If you want to see Diamond Beach, but also explore some of Nusa Penida's west side, just let them know and I’m sure they will do their best to make it happen.

Rent a Scooter or Private Driver on the Island

If you don’t choose to book a tour and would rather organize the trip for yourself, you’ll either want to get a private driver or rent a scooter once you arrive in Nusa Penida.

There are many rental options when you get there, and you should expect to pay about IDR 70,000/day for this.

Keep in mind the roads on this island are in pretty average conditions, meaning, there are massive potholes everywhere! But don’t let this scare you from driving, many people do. Just make sure you can drive a scooter already (this is not a place to learn!), wear a helmet and take extra caution, as it’s not the same as driving on Bali’s roads.

Otherwise, if you don't feel confident, getting a private driver is the way to go!

Entrance Fees To Diamond Beach

There is an IDR10,000 entrance fee to access this stunning beach.

Additionally, there is a parking fee of about IDR 5,000. If you choose to book a tour, these fees will likely be included in the cost of the tour, so you won’t need to worry about it.

The Best Time to Visit Diamond Beach

The best time to visit Diamond Beach would either be at sunrise or sunset, which is only possible if you stay overnight on the island. You are much more likely to avoid the crazy crowds, and even better, beat the heat!

The first tour groups arrive around 9-9:30 am, so anytime before this would be best. Alternatively, the last boat departs the island around 5:30 pm, so you could also plan on visiting a bit later in the day.

If you book a day tour from Bali to Nusa Penida, experiencing the beach at sunrise or sunset probably won’t be possible.

However, there’s no bad time to experience Diamond Beach. The last time I visited, it was right in the middle of the day and pretty crowded, but I was far too distracted by the scenery to be bothered. Just make sure you’re packing water, sunscreen, and hats and you’ll be good to go!

Access to Diamond Beach

Like many beaches on the island, you have to put in some work to get there. Most beaches on Nusa Penida are located at the bottom of steep cliffs.

To get to Diamond Beach you’ll hike down a carved-out staircase, with a rope to hold onto for some peace of mind.

Many people stop along the staircase for a great photo op moment, so it can get a bit crowded. It should take around 20 minutes to get to the bottom, and probably slightly longer for the climb back up.

Why Is It Called Diamond Beach?

There’s no great mystery as to where Diamond Beach gets its name from. Once you see it, it all becomes very clear.

Locals named it Diamond Beach because of the pointy, diamond-shaped cliffs that stand tall in the distance. They’re hard to miss, and really do resemble the shape of a diamond!

What Can You Do at Diamond Beach?

Once you see Diamond Beach from the top of the cliff, you’re going to want to experience it from the bottom as well.

The last few steps of the staircase turn into a bit of scrambling over some boulders, but it feels well worth it once you arrive at this little piece of paradise. Despite the other tourists around, the beach somehow still feels so private, like it’s a privilege to get to leave your very own footprints behind.

On the way down you’ll pass Diamond Beach’s swing, which is one of the main reasons this place has become such a popular tourist destination.

The swing is strung between two tall palm trees overlooking the stunning, turquoise blue waters, making it pretty hard not to stop for this photo op. It costs about IDR 100,000 and in my opinion, it’s the most beautiful swing to go on in Bali.

Can you swim at Diamond Beach?

I would not recommend swimming at Diamond Beach as the currents can be extremely strong and dangerous.

Instead, spend your time exploring small caves or searching for colourful seashells, and dig your feet into some of the island’s softest sand.

There’s also a small warung on the beach selling snacks and drinks, so you can sit back and relax with a cold coconut.

Other Attractions Nearby Diamond Beach

There is no shortage of things to do in Nusa Penida! You could, and definitely should spend several days exploring this island.

If you’re planning a trip to Diamond Beach, it’s well worth stopping at least at one of these other places:

Atuh Beach

This is another beautiful beach on the southeast side of Nusa Penida and conveniently shares a parking lot with Diamond Beach. If you’re going to visit Diamond Beach, you can’t miss this one! It’s a great beach to just sit back, relax and take in the moment.

There are several chairs lined up along the sand, with a couple of warungs offering a bit more than you’ll find on Diamond Beach. Some people will swim here, but be aware of the strong currents.

Teletubbies Hill

Also known as ‘Bukit Teletubbies’, this field of big round hills is named after the scenery from the kid's show, Teletubbies.

The best time of year to see this spot would be right around the rainy season, as that’s when they will be bright green! It’s unique to anything else you’ll see on the island, and worth the small hike up for the sweeping views.

Kelingking Beach

This is probably the most popular spot on the island, and arguably one of the most Instagrammed beaches in the world.

It’s also known as T-Rex beach because it resembles the shape of a T-Rex’s head jetting out into the ocean. Many people will make the trek down the uneven, rocky staircase but it proves to be much more strenuous than getting to Diamond Beach.

Ruma Pohon Treehouse

The treehouse is a great addition to any Diamond Beach trip as it’s super close by. You will have to pay to take a photo here, and I would only really recommend going if you’re spending more than one day on the island.

The wait for a photo can be up to 30 minutes or longer! But for good reason, it’s a breathtaking viewpoint.

If you’re interested in this experience, you can even look into booking a night’s stay in the treehouse which would be an absolute dream.

Thousand Island Viewpoint

One of the less popular tourist spots in Nusa Penida, but right next to the famous treehouse, is the Thousand Island Viewpoint.

A photo at this spot usually has no wait at all, but practically the same views. I’d highly recommend making the short trip over here!

Broken Beach

This spot is an awesome little bay, covered by a perfect arch that you can actually walk over! You can stroll around the entire bay getting amazing 360 views of waves crashing up against the cliffs.

This is another unique spot and unlike any other beach, I’ve ever seen. There’s no option to get down to the beach, so you’ll have to settle for admiring it from above.

Angel’s Billabong

Angel’s Billabong is a hit or miss, quite literally. It’s a natural infinity pool formed on the west side of the island, but completely dependent on the tides.

You must be aware of this as swimming can be really dangerous when waves come crashing in!

However, if you go at the right time when the tides are low, it’s absolutely magic. The perfect place for crystal clear, shallow waters, to just float in.

Where to Stay Near Diamond Beach in Nusa Penida

As I’ve mentioned, there are a lot of benefits to spending more than just one full day on the island.

It will give you a better opportunity to explore and actually enjoy your time there without feeling any rush.

Here are some of the best hotels near Diamond Beach in Nusa Penida that you’ll want to check out!

Kubu Penida Villa

These villas are a great value for money and are located only 700m away from Diamond Beach.

There’s a balcony, garden, and delicious breakfast offered every morning. Bike rentals or car services are conveniently available to hire onsite!

Kubu Penida Villa

The Raja Lima & Spa

With the best beaches in Nusa Penida only a 10-minute walk away, this hotel is an ideal place to stay.

There’s a restaurant, bar, and spa onsite offering amazing massages. There’s not much more you could need to feel completely relaxed.

The Raja Lima & Spa

Kaje Cottage

These cottages are just a bit further away from the beach, but you can rent bicycles right at the accommodation to get there in no time at all!

Rooms come with air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and room service for the most comfortable stay.

Kaje Cottage Nusa Penida

Other Unique Stays on Nusa Penida Island

If you’re looking for something a little different, Nusa Penida offers many unique stays!

Here are some of my favourites:

Autentik Penida “Glamping”

This glamping experience is only offered for adults, with beautiful tents overlooking the lush greenery of the island.

There’s an outdoor pool, bar, and tents are even air-conditioned.

Autentik Penida Glamping

Villa Victoria Nusa Penida

Each unit here has its own kitchen fitted with a fridge, oven, stovetop, and most importantly, there’s even a coffee machine.

The villa is set right on a cliff overlooking the ocean with an incredible infinity pool.

Villa Victoria Nusa Penida

The Mesare Eco Resort

If you’re looking for a more remote, jungle, oasis, with a nearby waterfall, then this is the spot.

This resort features rooms with balconies and seating areas for an opportunity to submerge yourself fully in nature

The Mesare Eco Resort

There’s something about descending the staircase, carved into the side of a cliff, that makes reaching Diamond Beach that much more special.

Although it’s a small journey to get there from Bali, Nusa Penida is worth the trip, as it offers an entirely different, small island experience.

From its impressive cliffs and private beaches to rolling fields of green, this destination is one you must add to your bucket list!

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