Hua Hin is a small beachside city in Prachuap Khiri Khan province, just a mere 2.5 – 3 hour drive south of Bangkok. Expect sweeping beaches, seaside culture, markets selling fresh seafood, beautiful spa and wellness offerings and plenty of things to do to keep entertained.

Hua Hin is a great destination for a quick weekend getaway from Bangkok, as I've recently done. But it's also a wonderful place to stay and relax for an entire week.

Best things to do in hua hin

If you're wondering what should be at the top of your list of things to do, read on to find my recommendations for the 25 best things to do in Hua Hin, including temples, markets, forests, caves, beaches, and other popular Hua Hin attractions.

1. Catch Some Sunshine at Hua Hin Beach

Hua Hin Beach is a popular beach, being so close to Bangkok, with four kilometers of white sand right in the middle of Hua Hin city centre and overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. Hua Hin means “stone head” and refers to the large rock formations visible from the beach.

While you might have the beach to yourself in the morning, it gets pretty busy around lunchtime. There are plenty of restaurants nearby and places renting water sports equipment, perfect to just while away an entire day!

2. Take in the View from Khao Hin Lek Fai

Get a feel for Hua Hin by driving up to the popular Khao Hin Lek Fai viewpoint. There are six different viewpoints on the plateau, with views as far as Koh Singtoo, a tiny offshore island.

If you are up early enough, this is a great place to watch the sun rise up over the ocean.

Things to do in hua hin

3. Discover Wat Hua Hin

Wat Hua Hin, also known as Wat Amparam, is right next to the beach in the center of Hua Hin town and is the most significant temple while also being a cultural focal point for the city.

Wander the large and attractive courtyard and check out the mural walls inside the temple.

4. Snack at Hua Hin Night Market

The main night market in Hua Hin starts at Petchkasem Road and runs up the railway line.

Opening at 5 pm every night, brightly lit market stalls sell freshly made street food and a wide range of local souvenirs. This night market is the perfect spot for people-watching.

Night market things to do hua hin

5. Handicraft Shopping at Cicada Market

If you want to discover the local art scene, there is no better place than Cicada Market, which feels a little chic. There are stalls selling food, souvenirs, clothes, and accessories, and you can watch live performances too.

Many artists work and sell at Cicada Market, and you can watch them paint or request a sketch.

6. Get Pampered at the Barai Spa

Thailand is well known for its pampering massages and relaxing spa treatments, and the Barai is one of the very best spa options in Hua Hin. Set in the Hyatt Regency and spread over 4.5 acres of serene beach, there are 18 treatment rooms.

The programs aim to take guests into an unfamiliar environment and create inner balance by using the elements to connect with the five senses.

Barai spa things to do hua hin

7. Embrace History at Rajabhakti Park

Rajabhakti Park is a historically themed park created to honor the Thai kings from the historic Sukhothai period to the current Chakri royal family.

The grounds are lush and there are seven fine bronze statues on display. The large plaza is used for parades and ceremonies.

8. Meet the Animals at Hutsadin Elephant Foundation

One of the most exciting things for many visitors to Thailand is to get up close and personal with its native elephants. However, finding ethically run parks that treat their elephants well is more challenging.

Fortunately, the Hutsadin Elephant Foundation is an ethical foundation that cares for elephants rescued from exploitation. Wander the park and watch the elephants feed, bathe, and play.

Best things to do in hua hin thailand

9. Dine at Tamarind Market

Tamarind is yet another of Hua Hin's excellent night markets. It is smaller than a lot of the others but has a delightful local vibe.

There is usually live music playing, and while the market is mostly food stalls, there are also a few souvenir treasures.

10. Explore Phraya Nakhon Cave

Phraya Nakhon Cave is about an hour from Hua Hin in the heart of Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. From the entrance of the park, you can reach the cave by trail or boat. In the giant cave of dramatic stalagmites and stalactites is a small temple that glows in natural sunlight.

You can get a full-day tour of Praya Nakhon Cave and Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park from Hua Hin with Viator.

Things to do in hua hin thailand

11. Visit the Tham Khao Luang Cave Shrine

The entire province is famous for its atmospheric caves, but Tham Khao Luang Cave Shrine stands out with its natural sunlight and dozens of statues of Buddha in quiet meditation.

There are several smaller caves hiding more statues, and it is a challenge to find them all.

12. Scale Wat Huay Mongkol Temple

The Wat Huay Mongkol Temple attracts visitors from throughout Thailand. It is dedicated to the important supernatural figure of Luang Phor Thuad, who was known for his miracles. People pray here for good luck, favors, health, fortune, and happiness.

The temple features a gigantic statue of the monk on a large pedestal. There are several other statues, including a three-headed elephant thought to be Thai angels in the shape of Garuda.

The best things to do in hua hin thailand

13. Find Thrills at Vana Nava Water Jungle

Vana Nava Water Jungle is one of Thailand's oldest water parks and top tourist attractions.

It has more than 20 attractions including rides, slides, a wave pool, and the famous Lazy River raft. This is a great place for a family day out that both children and adults will enjoy.

Purchase your ticket online in advance to get a better rate.

14. See the Standing Buddha Statue at Wat Khao Takiab

Wat Khao Takiab sits at the top of a mountain, also known as Monkey Mountain, and is one of the most famous temples in the region. It is visible from the beach below, but it is worth hiking up the hill and then the 80 steps to the shrine.

The temple itself is stunning, and there are fantastic views of the beach below.

Wat khao takiab best things to do hua hin

15. Swim at Black Mountain Water Park

Black Mountain Water Park in Hua Hin is a popular, family-friendly attraction nestled just outside Hua Hin in the scenic beauty of Thailand.

With its thrilling water slides, wave pools, and relaxing lazy river, it offers a perfect blend of excitement and relaxation for visitors of all ages.

Buy your one-day pass & skip the line.

16. Walk Mrigadayavan Palace

This stunning summer palace was built 1923-24 as a holiday home for King Rama VI so that he could live by the airy seaside for his rheumatoid arthritis. Sadly, he visited the palace only twice before his passing, and it took another 30 years before it was opened to the public.

It is a mix of Italian and Thai architecture with large airy rooms and long verandas, and its own private beach.

Mrigadayavan palace best things to do hua hin

17. Spend the Day at Market Village

Market Village is Hua Hin's largest shopping complex and is more of an entertainment center with 100 specialty shops.

It's a must-visit destination for those seeking a well-rounded shopping and leisure experience in Hua Hin.

18. Sail on the Venezia Hua Hin

The Venezia Hua Hin feels a little Las Vegas, mixing shopping and theme park activities.

The complex is constructed to look like Venice in Italy, even with a grand canal that can be traversed via gondolas.

Venezia best things to do hua hin

19. Visit Plearn Wan Shopping Village

Shopping can be a fascinating way to learn about local culture, and Plearn Wan Shopping Village is one of the best places to do this in Hua Hin.

This shopping center feels like it has a bit of everything, but that everything is unique, and there are few chain stores. There are many restaurants and cafes ideal for people-watching.

20. Relax at Khao Takiab Beach

If you are looking for a less crowded beach, head out of Hua Hin for Khao Takiab Beach, about seven kilometers away.

A large Buddha stands on the rocks looking out over the beach and there are several nice restaurants and resorts in the area. The water is calm and shallow, which makes it a great spot for kids.

Khao takiab beach best things to do hua hin

21. Trek Pran Buri Forest Park

This is a large mangrove conservation area and also a popular tourist attraction.

You can walk the mangroves via a one-kilometer teakwood walkway with signposts describing the native flora and fauna. You can also book a boat to explore more broadly.

22. Visit Kaeng Krachan National Park

A day trip to Kaeng Krachan National Park, including a trip to Pala U Waterfall, should be on your list and I recommend booking this with Viator.

The waterfall is on the south side of the park and has sixteen big, rocky steps. While the lowest three steps are fairly accessible, the high steps should only be tackled by experienced climbers.

Kaeng krachan national park best things to do hua hin

23. Take a Day Trip to Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park

I've already mentioned the caves in Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, but there is so much more to see at this marine park that also contains the mountain with “300 peaks”.

It is a wildly diverse environment with caves, peaks, beaches, and freshwater marshes. It's best to be explored as a day trip from Hua Hin, such as this popular tour.

24. Explore the Hua Hin Floating Market

Thailand's floating markets are among its most famous features and should always be part of your itinerary.

The busy water markets are frequented by both locals and visitors and there are 200 shops on the boardwalk and 40 floating boats. Hire a pedal boat to reach the floating stalls.

Floating market best things to do hua hin

25. Set Down at Hua Hin Railway Station

Located a short drive from Khao Hin Lek Fai lookout, Hua Hin train station is a vintage red-colored relic.

It has majestic royal waiting rooms with distinctive Thai design and concept. It's a beautiful building to look at, but not much more. However, since this is a working station, you can get the train from Hua Hin Railway Station to Bangkok.

The 25 Best Things to Do in Hua Hin – Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Is Hua Hin worth visiting?

Hua Hin is one of the top tourist destinations in Thailand for both locals and visitors. It is much more relaxed than Pattaya, the other seaside resort town just outside of Bangkok, yet there is plenty to do. The city has excellent food, great shopping, and a variety of interesting temples. Visit Hua Hin for wonderful beaches, glorious mountains, wellness experiences and lush rainforests.

📅 How many days do you need in Hua Hin?

You need a minimum of 2 days to see Hua Hin's top attractions. You can get much more out of the experience if you give yourself three or four days. But you can easily spend a week here lounging beachside as well.

❓ Which is better, Hua Hin or Phuket?

Phuket has some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand, not to mention excellent infrastructure for tourists to access all of its wonders. But this means that staying in Phuket can often feel overcrowded. Hua Hin might have a bit less on offer, but it has a more relaxed and laid-back vibe.

💸 Is Hua Hin more expensive than Bangkok?

Hua Hin is noticeably more affordable than Bangkok and other major tourist destinations such as Pattaya and Phuket.

You can also read about staying at the Aleenta Hua Hin resort for luxury and relaxation.

The 25 Best Things to Do in Hua Hin – Final Words

Hua Hin is one of Thailand's top tourist destinations for both locals and visitors. The idyllic seaside town offers a relaxed atmosphere with lots of things to do, including temples to visit, night markets to eat through, and water parks to enjoy.

If your time in Hua Hin is limited, start putting your itinerary together with this list of the best things to do in Hua Hin. Planning a trip to Thailand? Check out these things to know before visiting Thailand.

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