As an island state south of Australia, Tasmania is special in its own way. Besides the main island, it also includes the 334 surrounding little ones. Most of its nature is protected and under national parks which makes it an attractive destination for tourists and local travellers.

Before the colonization by the British, the island was inhabited by Aboriginal Tasmanians for around 40,000 years. In 1803, Tasmania was declared a penal colony and permanent settlement of the British Empire. It was declared a state in 1901 during the Federation of Australia.

Tasmania is an island rich with tradition, natural landscapes, and unique wildlife. It is also a hidden but increasingly favorite tourist destination of Australia, and a perfect destination for those wanting something different.

Just like any destination, Tasmania also needs a travel guide so you won’t miss anything while there. Therefore, here are some of the best places to visit and experience when on this amazing island state.

Pack For All The Seasons

The weather is tricky in Tasmania and you will often hear advice to pack for all seasons. This is because in one day you can start with a gorgeous sunny day and end up with heavy rains. Compared to the temperatures in the rest of the country, Tasmania’s weather is cooler.

During summer, from December to February, the average land temperature is 24 °C as measured in the area around Launceston. This is actually the warmest part of Tasmania, while Liawenee on the Central Plateau is the coldest location in Australia with temperatures from 4 °C to 17 °C during summer.

Winter lasts from June to August, with 3 °C being the highest temperature on the Central Plateau. This is also the wettest period on the island state, and even snow is possible in the inland areas as well as freezing weather.

packing for Tasmania

Spring is the period with the most wind, while autumn is calm and slowly turning into winter. Launceston is the warmest city with an average of 18.4 °C, followed by Hobart with 16.9 °C and Devonport with 19.8 °C.

If you plan to go on the walks, take a good pair of walking shoes with you, preferably they should be waterproof and a wind jacket, in case rain and lower temperature surprise you.

Visit Tasmania's Capital Hobart

Hobart is the capital of Tasmania with the highest population. It is located in the southeastern part of the island on the Derwent River. It overlooks Mount Wellington, which in winter is covered with snow on top, and it is beautiful scenery to enjoy while drinking warm tea in one of the cafés.

This is the centre of Tasmania’s tourism with recorded almost 1.2 million visitors at the end of 2023. The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens has an impressive collection of plants that are significant for Australian flora.

Hobart Tasmania by the water at sunset

Its suburb Fern Tree is located at the foot of Mount Wellington which also has an important role in the biodiversity of the area, and influences the local weather conditions. Tasman Bridge is a familiar city landscape while Hobart Synagogue is the oldest one in Australia.

This is the center of arts and cultural events with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and Theatre Royal, the oldest theatre in Australia. The city has a rich music scene with jazz, folk, electro and rock music performances. The most notable cultural events are the Festival of Voices, a celebration of voice in winter and Ten Days on the Island an international arts festival.

Tastes Of Tasmania

Local food and wine are very famous and respected in Australia.

The Taste of Tasmania segment of the annual Hobart Summer Festival presents the best cuisine and wines of the island state. It is full of restaurants that offer dishes from all over the world.

Taste of Tasmania

You can encounter vineyards all over the island, and the Tasmanians have their own beers like Boags and Cascade. If you want to try tasty cheeses then go to the northwestern coast. Of course, the seafood specialties are remarkable and make sure to try orange roughy, oysters and salmon.

Best places to visit are Bangor Wine and Oyster Shed in Dunalley, Freycinet Marine Farm and the village of St Helens for the finest oysters in Australia.

Have A Walk Across Tasmania

Tasmania trekking is a popular activity in Australia. This is a part of pristine beaches and lavish landscapes full of wildlife and untouched flora. Bay of Fires is one of the most popular places to hike since it allows you to walk along the coast and swim during the breaks.

The bay partially belongs to the Mount William National Park which is the home to kangaroos, Tasmanian devil, wombats and Bennett's wallabies. This area is especially rich in birds so bring your binoculars in order to spot some of the rarest in the world.

Don't be fooled by the fact that Tasmania is small. It is actually pretty big and you will need some time to go through everything of interest. Modern and old landmarks coexist here creating a unique place with some wonderful destinations to visit.

Walk across Tasmania

It's no wonder that Tasmania is one of the best places for travelers who want to experience something irreplaceable and remarkable.

Tasman National Park is another landscape beauty in southeastern Tasmania. This area is famous for cliffs and forests, while you can easily explore it piece by piece if you're staying in Hobart. Rock formations are the most attractive part of the park and many tourists come here to admire the scenery during their walks. This is also the home of the newest long-distance four-day hike Three Capes Track where only 48 hikers are allowed on a daily basis.

Mount Field National Park is the oldest one in Tasmania. It has everything you would want to see on a hike: alpine lakes, rainforests, waterfalls and tall mountains. It is the home of the tallest flowering plants on Earth called massive swamp gums.

The trails go through the tallest forests in the world and this is a place usually visited during the winter for skiing and snowboarding.

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