Girona, one of Spain's dynamic cities, offers incredible haute cuisine that meets Medieval architecture, pastel houses, and a bustling social scene in this fascinating historical city. It's so eye-catching, in fact, that it was used as a filming location for the popular TV show Game of Thrones!

Just like many other spots in northern Spain, Girona has a reputation for being a foodie's haven, with dishes such as sweet Botifarra sausage and Xuixo, a very sugary pastry, being top on the list of treats for visitors to try.

Despite its small size, Girona packs in a large cultural punch. While many people come for a day trip from Barcelona, Girona is a great town to spend a night or two. So if you're on the hunt for places to stay in Girona, I've got you covered with my little guide, which includes the city's best districts as well as accommodation options for every budget.

Whether you're searching for a luxury hotel with a seasonal outdoor swimming pool that offers air-conditioned rooms or budget Girona hotel deals with easy access to the nearest Girona airport, there's something for you in my list of the best Girona accommodation. Let's dive in and explore this incredible Catalonian city.

The best neighborhoods to stay in Girona

Barri Vell – If you're looking for cobbled streets, medieval sights, and old-fashioned tapas joints serving up some of the tastiest Catalonian cuisine you'll eat, you should head straight to Barri Vell. This is Girona's Old Town with history dating back thousands of years and narrow streets and charming squares full of character.

Devesa – Home to incredible green space, La Devesa Park, this residential neighborhood is a great place to stay with children. It's got enough of a buzz to be fun with plenty of tasty restaurants while being chilled enough to be safe and enjoyable for young ones.

Eixample – The modern heart of Girona, Eixample is where you should stay if you want to stay centrally but not in the Old Town. It's home to plenty of shops, so if you plan on indulging in some retail therapy during your trip to Girona, it's definitely the right place for it. There's a thriving social scene here, too, with plenty of bars and restaurants to keep you fed and watered. You'll find the Girona Cultural Center here as well as a better selection of boutique hotels. Additionally, it's close to Girona Railway Station if you're traveling by train.

Mercadal – Located just a short walk across the river from the Old Town is Mercadal, a vibrant area that's home to plenty of greenery as well as excellent nightlife. If you want to party like a local, Mercadal should be your go-to spot. Plus, it's got plenty of places to hang out during the day, like parks and friendly tapas bars.

Lloret de Mar – Lloret de Mar is a town near Girona on the Costa Brava, so you can stay there and enjoy access to the sea while still spending plenty of time exploring Girona's city centre. Lloret de Mar is often seen as a party town, but it's got a lot more to it and a great location for beach lovers, with this picturesque town boasting a glorious coastline and plenty of friendly bars and restaurants to visit, too.

El Call – Located within the historic center lies El Call, also known as the Jewish Quarter. If a fancy boutique hotel is what you're looking for, El Call might not be the best destination, but it's perfect for a budget-friendly stay that's also filled to the brim with interesting local history.

1. Where to stay in Girona for first-time visitors: Barri Vell

Where to stay in Girona - Barri Vell

If you're looking for somewhere to stay in the Medieval heart of Girona, look no further than Barri Vell, which is Girona's Old Town. Traveling to Barri Vell will make you feel transported back in time from the minute you step out of your hotel, from the old-style architecture to the historical sights that will keep any tourist busy.

If it's your first time in Girona, Barri Vell is a great place to stay because it's central and within walking distance of all the main sights you probably plan on seeing during your stay.

One of the best things about Barri Vell is the restaurants it's home to, with streets lined with authentic places to grab some Catalan cuisine. It's here that Girona works hard for its famous foodie status.

There are plenty of things to do in Barri Vell, too, from taking a walk through its best-known streets to looking out over the city's famous bridge. With several historical and religious sites located in this part of the city, it's the best destination for history and culture lovers.

Things to do in Barri Vell

  • Take a boat cruise down the River Onyar – one of the best ways to see this city is from the water

  • Visit the famous street Rambla de la Libertad lined with shops and restaurants

  • Take a walk along the ancient city walls

  • Visit the Banys Àrabs (Arab Baths) and learn about their history

  • Look out at the view over the Eiffel Bridge

  • Marvel at the architecture at Basilica de Sant Feliu

  • See Girona Cathedral, the setting for the film ‘The Monk'

Best Girona tours

Best area for:

  • First-time visitors

  • Sightseers

  • Lovers of Game of Thrones

  • Medieval old quarter and cobblestone streets

  • Tourists who only have a few days to spend in Girona

  • Anyone visiting during the Girona temps de flors (flower festival), held annually in spring

Best hotels to stay in Barri Vell:

($$$) Hotel Palau Fugit

($$) Bravissimo Rambla Eiffel Bridge

($$) Bravissimo Cort Reial Entresol

($) Habitación en La Rambla

2. Where to stay in Girona for families: Devesa

Where to stay in Girona - Devesa

Devesa is home to La Devesa Park, which is the biggest in the city and a great place to spend a morning or afternoon soaking up the warm Spanish sun.

La Devesa Park also makes Devesa the best place to stay with family since it gives the little ones some space to run around in to prevent boredom. There is plenty of shade, little streams, fountains and even an outdoor swimming pool which is open seasonally. You can find it on Google Maps as Piscina pública de la Devesa.

Devesa also has a great location – it's close enough to the city's action to keep you busy while being quiet enough that you won't be bothered by tons of noisy or partying tourists.

If you're a traveler who likes to experience life like the locals, Devesa should be your destination pick for accommodation in Girona.

Things to do in Devesa

  • Grab a morning coffee and Pa amb tomàquet (a traditional toast dish of Catalan) from one of the local cafes

  • Take a walk in La Devesa Park

  • Catch a show at Audiencia Provincial de Girona (this one's probably better for Spanish speakers)

Best area for:

  • Travelers who enjoy living like the locals

  • Families

  • Exercise lovers and outdoorsy types

  • Travelers with pets

Best hotels to stay in Devesa:

($$$) DoubleTree by Hilton

($$) Hotel Bestprice Girona

($) Bypillow The Bloom

3. Where to stay in Girona in the heart of it all: Eixample

Eixample Girona

Want to stay in Girona's center but looking for an area that's a little more modern than Barri Vell? Head for Eixample.

This contemporary district is home to plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants, along with venues that boast the incredible nightlife scene that Spain is so famous for. The main train station is here, too, so it's a great place to stay if you plan on going further afield to visit other parts of Catalonia, such as Barcelona.

While there's not as much history in Eixample as you'll find in Barri Vell, there's still plenty to do, and even just walking around the city center will help you occupy an afternoon or two.

In Eixample, you'll find the famous Mercat de Lleo where you can explore Girona's renowned food scene alongside excellent restaurants such as Betlem.

Girona is a relatively green city and Eixample is no exception, with mini park spaces and trees lining the modern city center.

From Eixample, you can also reach Girona Costa Brava Aiport in just about a 20-minute drive.

Things to do in Eixample

  • Hit the shops

  • Hire a bike to explore the city center

  • Visit Parque de Mediodia (Midday Park) which has a man-made lake and a nice cafe

  • Visit the Biblioteca Publica de Girona Carlos Rahola

Best area for:

  • Shopaholics

  • Travelers wanting to stay in the modern center of Girona

  • Nightlife lovers

  • Visitors planning on visiting nearby places by train

Best hotels to stay in Eixample:

($$$) Carlemany Girona

($$) Apartamento con gran terraza

($$) Apartamento céntrico en Girona

($) Hotel Europa

4. Where to stay in Girona for green spaces & nightlife: Mercadal

where to stay in Girona Mercadal

Mercadal borders Devesa, so it's a great way of getting access to La Devesa Park without staying in La Devesa.

Mercadal is actually one of the best neighborhoods for nightlife and if you're looking for green spaces without the family vibe of Devesa, Mercadal should be your go-to destination.

There's also a nearby nature reserve – Aiguamolls de les Hortes de Santa Eugenia – where you can enjoy the great outdoors and wildlife in a tranquil setting.

When you're not strolling around parks or hitting the bars, Mercadal's incredible cinema museum will take you on a trip back in time through the history of movies. While it focuses on Spanish and Catalan movies, film fans from any country will be sure to get something out of it.

Just like Devesa, the vibe here is a little more local, so it's a great way to enjoy proximity to the sights while avoiding the crowds that some neighborhoods like Barri Vell can attract.

Things to do in Mercadal

  • Visit the Museo del Cinema

  • Go on a bar crawl & enjoy the nightlife

  • Stroll across to La Devesa Park

  • Enjoy a drink in Placa de la Independencia

  • Take a look at local art in Galeria d'Arte El Claustre

Best area for:

  • Nightlife lovers

  • Travelers who like living like the locals

Best hotels to stay in Mercadal:

($$$) Hotel Gran Ultonia

($$) Hotel Nord 1901

($) Girona Santa Clara

5. Where to stay near Girona for beaches: Lloret de Mar

where to stay in girona - Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar isn't strictly in Girona. However, it's certainly nearby enough that you can enjoy the benefits of this beautiful area while still spending plenty of time wandering the colorful streets of Girona.

Lloret de Mar is located on Catalonia's beautiful Costa Brava, which plays host to thousands of tourists per year including many famous faces.

If you want a vacation that combines beautiful coastline with city living, head to this bustling town. You can easily drive to Girona within 40 minutes whilst still enjoying the benefits of proximity to the beach.

And the incredible coastline isn't the only thing that makes Lloret de Mar so famous. Just like many places on the southern Costa del Sol, Lloret de Mar boasts excellent nightlife during the summer months, so if you're looking for a 24-hour party destination, this should be your go-to.

Luckily, there are quieter parts of Lloret as well, and definitely no shortage of things to do during the day, either, so it's not just a town for youngsters.

You can hire a boat or take a boat trip to explore Spain's incredible Costa Brava and visit incredible places like next doors Tossa de Mar or Sitges, another nearby Catalan coastal resort. The beautiful beaches provide the perfect backdrop to relax and indulge in a spot of sunbathing, swimming, or water sports.

Things to do in Lloret de Mar

  • Enjoy a beach day

  • Try some water sports

  • Take a boat trip across the Costa Brava

  • Great nightlife during summer, if you fancy

Best area for:

  • Beaches

  • Water sports enthusiast and boating

  • Visitors wanting to explore the whole Costa Brava

Best hotels to stay in Lloret de Mar:

($$$) The 15th Boutique Hotel by Bondia

($$) L'Azure Hotel

($) Hotel Bella Dolores

6. Where to stay in Girona on a budget: El Call (The Jewish Quarter)

Where to stay in Girona - El Call

Located within Girona's Old Town lies a smaller area, El Call, also known as The Jewish Quarter for its long history of Jewish immigration.

If you plan on being transported back in time during your trip and getting to know more about one of Girona's key historical demographics, you'll be fascinated by El Call.

Places in El Call can be a little cheaper than those in the surrounding Barri Vell and Eixample, so you'll stand a better chance of finding budget accommodation while still enjoying proximity to the city center.

I guarantee you'll fall in love with its cobbled streets and old-fashioned buildings while getting to know more about this city's interesting past with a visit to the Museum of Jewish History.

Bars are friendly and affordable and the plethora of old properties makes El Call perfect for history lovers. Nearby Girona Cathedral is one of the city's most impressive sights while the History of Girona museum is the perfect way to spend an afternoon learning fascinating historical facts.

Looking for somewhere to eat after a long day of sightseeing? You'll be impressed by the outstanding Bau Bar restaurant serving up Catalan food.

Things to do in El Call

  • Visit the Jewish History Museum

  • Visit the History of Girona Museum

  • Stroll the ancient streets

Best area for:

  • Visitors on a budget

  • Culture vultures

  • History buffs

Best hotels to stay in El Call:

($$$) Apartments Catedral

($$) Pensió Bellmirall

($) Casa Cundaro

Where to stay in Girona – Frequently Asked Questions

🚶 In Girona city easily walkable?

Like most cities in Spain, Girona is walkable. If you'd rather not walk everywhere there's a great bus service that connects different spots around the city. You don't need a car to navigate Girona, but if you plan on traveling to nearby areas such as Barcelona or the Costa Brava, you might benefit from hiring a car during your trip. I usually compare and rent on Discover Cars.

📅 How many days should I stay in Girona?

To get the most out of Girona, it's worth spending at least 2-3 days in this incredible city. It's small, so you should be able to see all the main sights in just a few days but allow 4 days if you want to truly explore every different neighborhood, go on a day trip or spend time at the nearby beaches.

If you plan on visiting other parts of Catalonia during your stay, a week or even two weeks should be enough to drive or get the train to the region's main areas.

💸 Is Girona expensive?

Girona is cheaper than other main tourist cities in Spain such as Madrid and Barcelona, but it's not cheap. It's around average for a city in Southern Europe. You can expect to spend between €8 and €15 on a main meal and around €4 on a beer.

❓ What are Girona's best sights?

Some of the best sights include Girona Cathedral, Basilica de San Felix, Passeig de La Muralla, Eiffel Bridge, and the Museum of Jewish History. As well as visiting historic buildings and cultural attractions, simply strolling around Girona is an experience in and of itself. The city's colorful buildings and friendly tapas bars will keep you entertained and its compact size means you can walk around it easily.

⭐ Is Girona worth visiting?

Girona is definitely worth visiting. Whilst it's often overlooked for nearby Barcelona, Girona's medieval sites and colorful streets will charm you, while Game of Thrones fans will be delighted by the plethora of filming locations to visit. There's plenty to do and plenty of places to eat and drink after a long day of sightseeing.

📍 What's the best neighborhood to stay in Girona?

The best neighborhood to stay in Girona depends on what you're looking for from your holiday. If you're looking for access to most hotels in Girona as well as proximity to the central sights, train, and bus stations, Barri Vell should be your go-to destination. Eixample is also central and great for sights and shopping.

For those seeking sun, sea, and sand, the nearby Llorett de Mar will be the ideal spot for your vacation. Families should head to Devesa while couples and nature lovers will love Mercadal. For Jewish history and cheaper hotels, search for accommodation in El Call.

Where to Stay in Girona – Final Words

From the city's charming Old Town to the nearby coastal Lloret de Mar, there are plenty of neighborhoods to love in Girona.

Likewise, there are plenty of Girona hotels to choose from, with features such as an outdoor pool, spacious rooms, and a central location. Hopefully, with my guide, you'll find your ideal charming hotel in your favorite district in Girona. I definitely can't wait to visit again!

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