Boracay was my last stop on my three weeks trip through the Philippines. It's the one island I had heard most about before I arrived to the Philippines. Not only because the Travel+Leisure Magazine chose Boracay out of all the islands in the world as its Best Overall Island of 2012, and that has to mean something, right?

Many travellers had told me, that this is where people hang out below tropical palm trees on beautiful stretches of pure white sandy beaches and where you find the biggest most craziest parties in all of the Philippines at night.

Is that really what I found?

Boracay Island

Getting to Boracay

Coming from Cebu by plane, the flight takes only 1 hour. However, mine was first delayed then got cancelled all together so I had to take a detour via Kalibo airport which is another 2 hour curvey bus ride away from Boracay island. This seems to happen quite frequently, delays are also common, so be prepared. You can also fly to Boracay from Manila in just under 1 hour.

Luckily, when I finally arrived at the Jettyport to get a boat over to Boracay, I had someone from my hotel Coast Boracay already waiting for me. The pickup and transfer is actually included in the stay, which is perfect so you have nothing to worry about when getting in so late as I did. Another 10 minute boat ride and 15 minutes in the car and I arrived at my accommodation , set at Station 2 right on the beachfront of Boracay Island's White Beach.

Beachfront Coast Boracay

Coast Boracay Entrance

Coast Boracay Lobby

Hello Boracay! Hello Coast!

I was a little overwhelmed by the warm welcome and the seamless check in by the hotel staff at Coast, because even though it was close to midnight everyone was excited to see me and I felt already quite sleepy from the long trip.

I would soon put my head down in one of the stylish minimalist Deluxe Rooms by New York-based interior designer Erik Richard Lopez. Set right on the ground floor, I would've been one of the first people staying here as Coast has only opened it's doors in May 2016 and is still in soft opening mode so not all 71 rooms are yet completely finished.

Once done, there will be a total of five room types to choose from including their private bungalow-style rooms at their second boutique property Blue Marina.

Of course there is wifi and they even have Netflix in the room.

Finally, it was time for a cucumber facial mask (which was waiting for me in my room!) and some sleep! Oh and see the little welcome cheese midnight snack? It was gone in minutes! As I chat with the management at Coast, I find out that there are a couple of more cool surprises coming with the additional room categories such as Premier and Loft, so something to be excited about!

Coast Boracay Good night

Welcome to Coast Boracay

Waking up the next morning after a bit of a sleep in, I pulled up the blinds to see that it was super sunny and the perfect day to fall right into the pool which is directly outside my room.

There are plenty of sun chairs and colourful pool towels already waiting. And the staff was serving up fresh pineapple juice and iced water all day long – can you believe it? I have not many times seen staff that is so attentive and always there when you need them, wow!

Well, but first: breakfast!

Coast swimming pool

Coast Boracay Deluxe Room

What's for breakfast?

You may have guessed it already, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day!

Leaving my room to head to the breakfast buffet, I was greeted with warm hellos and good mornings from all of the staff I met on the way. Just so friendly!

And I was not less impressed by the variety of the buffet. From fresh cappuccino to banana waffles (or Jalapeño if you like to spice up your morning!) with real maple syrup to freshly cooked omelette, a variety of Asian-style food like noodles and rice, fresh fruit, apple crumble cake, hash browns (with curry ketchup haha my German readers will love this!) and lots of other things to put on toast such as basil cream cheese, real cheese and various jams.

Breakfast at Coast Boracay

breakfast at Coast Boracay

As I finished and wanted to get up, I had one of the staff hand me a red rose and wishing me a happy day. Simply like that. Say whaaat? Has that ever happened to you in a hotel? Well, it hasn't happened for me before. Ever.

And the second day? I found some old favourites and some new variations which was good as I like to mix it up. And then, as I sat down for breakfast, I got served a delicious pancake with my name on it, you can imagine, it surely made me smile!

Mission accomplished, Coast Boracay! One happy me.

Waffle breakfast at Coast Boracay

The staff at Coast in general is truly incredible and all the four nights I stayed at the property I was always greeted by everyone, and even the otherwise rather grumpy-looking security guy you find in other places was like super friendly, reserving me a sun chair and chatting along with me. Service is really taken serious here!

Red roses by the pool

What to do in Boracay

So what is there actually to do on this tiny island you ask? If you're not hanging by the hotel pool then you most probably find yourself by the beach. Luckily, Coast Boracay has their own private beach chairs and towels in the front row and there is always plenty of cold drinks served while lying in the sun.

Coast Boracay Pool

Sunchairs Coast Boracay

And really, the view isn't too bad either!

The green-blue water is nice and warm and there are just small waves rolling onto White Beach, really perfect to just hang out and do nothing but enjoy, tan and watch pretty boats pass by. Oh and snap a pic or two.

Let the Funshine

And if you finally want to be more active, try one of the many watersports activities like stand up paddling, parasailing, jet skiing, helmet diving, wake boarding, cliff jumping, wind surfing or free diving. You want me to keep going? There are like so many things to do in and around the water, you name one, they probably have it in Boracay. There are island hopping tours too and especially kite surfing is very popular. I wish I had tried but I chickened out as I thought I wouldn't be strong enough, maybe next time.

Of course, there are also plenty of offers for a massage on the beach, a henna tattoo or to get your hair braided prettily. If you feel like a bit of shopping, visit D'Mall, an open-air mall with plenty of different shops. I did find it very Asian though with just a few European favourites.

At the end of the day, one thing you definitely won't want to miss is the incredible sunset which you can watch anywhere from White Beach. Many people are headed to the beach then so you'll be lucky if you get a shot with no people in it. I almost made it!

Boracay Sandcastle

Hyped Boracay Nightlife?

Once the night kicks in, there is still plenty of stuff to do. All along the beach you can find Shisha bars, live music, seafood buffets, fire shows and of course lots of souvenir stalls. There are some cool bars like Exit Bar or Epic Bar.

However, everyone who had told me Boracay was such a big party island, I have to say sorry, but it wasn't for me! To be honest, I didn't find the party until the very last night. And you really shouldn't party so hard when you have to get on a bus and plane ride the day after. Whoops, wasn't me!

I guess how crazy the party gets depends heavily on the night of the week and season and what crowd of people are visiting the island. If you are really in for some fun, don't miss the Boracay Pub Crawl, which is the perfect place to meet new people.

Boracay, a place where fun meets the sun?

Oh, definitely! I surely had a great time on the island which is to a great part definitely thanks to such a wonderful place I stayed at. And the hotel staff at Coast Boracay who made me feel welcome, safe and just so easy to be lazy and enjoy the powdery beach.

Pool Coast Boracay Sunsets in Boracay

A big thank you to Coast Boracay for having me stay! All opinions and recommendations expressed in this post are as always my own.

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