You seldom find people in New York who aren’t ready to discuss business. NYC is home to some of the biggest companies in the world, and many business ventures have and continue to find fertile grounds in the city that never sleeps.

In addition, New York City consistently occupies the top spot in the list of business destinations in the country.

It’s no wonder, then, that many hotels and venues have made it their bread and butter to offer space to people who want to discuss business opportunities outside of your typical office or meeting room setting.

If you’re a business traveler or a native New Yorker who’s on the lookout for a space conducive to sharing ideas and innovations, check out these spaces right in Midtown Manhattan.

Westgate Resorts

One of the main advantages of Westgate NYC hotel is its proximity to the Grand Central Terminal and other popular landmarks, not to mention you can get a room in the same place to stay overnight.

Get served with freshly-brewed coffee and appetizing meals as you talk with colleagues, potential business partners, and like-minded entrepreneurs in this conveniently located and reasonably priced accommodation.

All these factors make the Westgate a top choice for traveling businesspeople.


You may see plenty of remote workers sprawling their gadgets on the tables at Gotan, but that’s just a testament to how comfortable the place is.

There are small tables here for grabbing lunch and friendly discussions, and there are longer ones where you can sit with your team as you tackle the talking points for the day.

Our favorite thing about Gotan, however, is the authentic NYC vibe. The delicious smell of coffee in the air as crowds rush in and out really kickstarts your creative juices.

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Located at 100 Park Avenue in New York is a coffee and chocolate shop that many locals know and love: 2Beans.

The spacious location has two floors, making it the perfect spot for casual conversations and smaller business meetings. If coffee isn’t the first choice for you for a pick-me-up, maybe a hot cup of chocolate and banana muffin can do the trick.

And for coffee connoisseurs, we dare you to find a cup of java that can beat the robust taste and perfect cream offered by the coffee at 2Beans for their price.

The Grand Salon

There’s no shortage of class at The Grand Salon in the Baccarat Hotel with their extensive menu of tea and their exquisite food offerings.

You can easily bring your most promising clients here and create a positive impression as you both enjoy the well-combined glamor of European luxury and Manhattan personality.

Sit anywhere you want; there’s room to spare in the crystal-adorned Grand Salon.

Culture Espresso

You don’t often come across a gem like Culture Espresso. A combination of strong coffee, exciting aromas, and delicious pastries may just make this coffee shop your next favorite hangout.

But what about for meetings or some work on your laptop? Compared to the other destinations on this list, this place has a very Italian feel, so it’s a nice change if you want to get away from the New York vibe.

Granted, the place isn’t large, but most business meetings today don’t involve a lot of people anyway.

Also, if you haven’t tried Culture Espresso’s chai latte and chocolate chip cookies, do so. We’re sure you’ll be looking for an excuse to drop by this coffee shop every opportunity you get.

Best business meeting spots NYC

Business meetings outside the office can be more productive

We’re living at a time when many of the traditional practices tied to business don’t apply anymore.

In fact, many of the impactful ideas people have today are born outside of the office, whether it’s in a hotel conference room, lounge bar, or quaint little coffee shop.

So the next time you want to schedule a business meeting, you may be doing your company a favor by holding it in a place outside the office.

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