Finding Cheap Flights: Is Matt’s Flights Legit?

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I love a good deal! Truly, no matter if it's at the shops or for an upcoming trip.

Over the years, I have used various websites to find the best flight deals for short-haul as well as international flights. I haven't always been successful and probably wasted a lot of time browsing, changing dates and looking for nearby airports to push ticket costs down. 

If I have a trip on the horizon, the first thing I do is put up an alert with Skyscanner or Google Flights to not miss when the ticket price drops, as they immediately send you an email when that happens. 

Because I am travel-crazy, half of my social media feed is full of travel hacking tips, reviews, itineraries and destination inspiration. And I always see some insane deals, like flights for up to 70% off, Chicago to Paris for $250 or buy a one way ticket and fly back for free!

With almost 40 million flights per year departing globally, you will surely be able to find and book one of those deals, right?

finding cheap flights

What Is Matt's Flights?

Meet Matt, a world traveler who has been flight hacking and finding the best deals for years. Until he decided that his cheap flight tips could help other people afford to travel more and wander the world.

So he created Matt's Flights, a service that works as a subscription and delivers the best flight deals directly into your inbox every week. Unlike what I used to do, browsing various flight search engines for hours in the hopes of finding an epic deal, he does all the searches for you.

Is Matt's Flights Legit & Legal?

You are wondering why there would be such good deals in the first place? Aren't they too good to be true?

Well, like anyone, airlines also make mistakes and accidentally undercharge for flights. No matter if it's a domestic destination or something more exotic like France, Iceland or Bali. Basically, Matt and his team look for those deals all day long and send you the very best ones.

All you need to do is watch your inbox. Matt claims to save you up to 50-80% off flights. Isn't that crazy! I am sure this is not the case every day, but even a 30 or 50% off a flight could realise your next travel dream faster than expected.

Here are some deal examples from Matt's Flights.

Flight Alerts In Your Inbox

Best of all, the email alerts are customised with the departing regions you select at the start. This is to make sure you only get the deals that apply to you, because who needs the best flight deals from New York when you live in San Francisco?

Matt recently contacted me to give his platform a try and of course, I was curious to see if this could be something for me, seeing that I travel often and spend way too much time on those flight search engines.

Matt's Flights generally works for deals on airline tickets both domestically and internationally, however, the primary focus is on departures from the United States and Canada.

Matts Flights

Matt's Flights Subscription Pricing

Matt's Flights works as a subscription. There are two tiers: Free & Premium. 

This means you get flight deal alerts, the frequency depends on the tier you are signed up with, plus you get the opportunity to participate in various travel giveaways.

Matt's Flights Free Service

If you want to sign up right away, you can go for the free version on the Matt's Flights homepage. Simply enter your email address and you will start receiving emails within a day or so. That's it, no spam and you can unsubscribe from the newsletter with flight deals at any time.

Note that with the free version, you get less deals. Free means free, like always. Even though Matt does send you some emails to tell you about the premium deals you missed the week before, which might make you pretty jealous and have you sign up for the Premium Service anyways.

international flight deals
SF to BCN flight deal

Matt's Flights Premium Service

You can also try the Premium Service for 14 days for free. No strings attached, just enter your details via this link and you will be in the Premium loop. You do put your credit card details in here, however, if you cancer before the 14 days are over, there are no strings attached and you won't be charged. 

If you decide to stay on the Premium Service after the 14 days trial, it's $59.99/yr. That's about $5 per month, so very affordable and similar to other flight deal services similar to Matt's Flights.

24/7 Direct Access

With the Premium Service, the added extra is that you have 24/7 direct access to Matt and his team via email to run unlimited custom searches for your next vacation destination. If you have a destination in mind, they will do the searching for you and send you the best deal they find for your specific needs.

In each email, you will get the roundtrip price plus some info on when the deal might be gone as well as some additional information like the airline that flies here and when the best time is to visit. Usually, the email also comes with a Google Flights search screenshot so you can see the price is legit and exists. 

Note that you will have to book your flight yourself, Matt will only show you the best deals, you just have to take action as soon as you can before the deal disappears!

Mexico flight deals

Is Matt's Flights Worth It?

Matt's Flights is definitely worth considering if you live in the US or Canada and like to travel more but don't have much time to look for a good deal, or just don't know where to start. 

Obviously, there are many great flight deal sites out there and not one fits everyone. So before you decide and jump in, I recommend you evaluate what exactly you are looking for and then try various alert sites out for free. This way, you get an idea of the sort of deals you can expect and potentially book and if a paid service would be worth it for you.

Whatever you decide to do, know that there are many fantastic flights deals out there that just waiting to be found and being signed up to something, no matter if it's free or paid, is better than just booking at the first price you see on Skyscanner!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Matt's Flights, all opinions are my own.

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