A Magial Night At The Dîner En Blanc Gold Coast

Have you always wanted to join a secret dinner party? I recently got to attend Diner en Blanc as it was happening on the Gold Coast for the very first time.

And while I was really looking forward to it, what I found attending was far beyond of what I had imagined. A night to remember, that’s for sure.

Diner en Blanc Gold Coast
Diner en Blanc Gold Coast Australia

What Is Diner En Blanc

If you haven’t heard about the world-famous white party before, it’s basically all about dressing white from head to toe and the secret event location is only released hours before it all kicks off. You will get on a bus that takes you there, sometimes there is also some walking involved, but the location remains a mystery until you really get there and see the fairy lights across the field framing in the outdoor site.

In preparation for the white party, you will need to organise and bring your own tables, chairs, table liners and tableware, all in white of course. While there are gourmet picnic hampers that can be pre-purchased and picked up at the location, it is probably best to organise it ahead of time and bring your meal along yourself.

The idea originally came from Paris (where else!) in the 1980’s, when Francois Pasquier gathered some friends for a picnic after a long trip abroad. Dressing white was a way to easily recognise everyone belonging to the party as the number of guests grew year after year.

25 years later, Diner en Blanc is held in over 60 cities worldwide and receives more than 100,000 annual guests.

How To Attend Diner En Blanc

Because Diner En Blanc is an exclusive event, you will have to be invited by a friend to attend. If you’ve already been to a Diner en Blanc, you are automatically invited to the next one and you can again invite new friends along. You will always purchase two tickets, so you will have to bring a friend, no going solo.

marching towards Diner en Blanc Gold Coast
magnificent Diner en Blanc Gold Coast
yummy food at Diner en Blanc Gold Coast

Anyone else who wants to get into the club but has no connections inside needs to pre-register on the website and will get access to the second batch of tickets once they are released.

On The Night

Meeting up was the QT Hotel on the Gold Coast, the departure point. This was the opportunity for a glass of bubbles and to get some snaps before getting ahead of yourself with wine and hopefully not smudging your white clothes with strawberry fingers too early in the night. I managed to actually not do that, hope you give me a shoulder clap for that. Cheers!

As the bus left a little while later, everyone was in a great mood. My friend and our table leader Karen from Gold Coast Food and Wine Tours gave us instructions on what would happen once we would get to the secret location.

Gold Coast Australia Diner en Blanc
ending Diner en Blanc Gold Coast
Diner en Blanc good company

Arriving, the bus packed with white goodies was unloaded and together everyone wheeled, dragged and pulled their chairs, tables and picnic baskets to the secret location across the road.

The scene seeing everyone unpacking, juggling plates, picking up their wine bottles, decorating their tables… it was absolutely hilarious and stunning at the same time. I think I had a pretty good thing going on across our table. For sure, the French champagne couldn’t be missing!

As the night wore on, there was live music, sparklers, dances, and many many snaps! Yes, we even made it on TV as Channel 7 was reporting live from the event.

I loved every minute of it and will attend a Diner en Blanc again! À bientôt!

Have you been to any white party around the world?

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