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5 Awesome Gold Coast Cafés With Wifi You Gotta Visit

There really is a lot to like about cafés. They inspire me. They mix up my daily routine. Since I've been housesitting on the Gold Coast, I had the chance to stalk quite a few cafés. Here are my favourites I will surely return to over and over again.

Coworking Spaces You Should Visit in Kuala Lumpur

On my most recent visit to Kuala Lumpur, I finally got to check out the vibrant and growing startup scene in town and met some interesting talents across various industries. Here are some of the great coworking spaces you should check out on your next visit to the Malaysian capital.

Sydney’s Best Coworking Spaces

Welcome to Sydney, the startup capital of Australia. For many this may be a surprise finding a startup scene so vibrant and bustling in one of the most expensive cities to live in the world. And despite, startups in Sydney sure like to co-work and there are different set ups for different professionals to be found all over the city. I checked out the hip spaces, joined meet-ups and finally put together a list of the best coworking spaces in town.

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