Working From The Beach Or Between The Rice Fields – Bali’s Best Coworking Spaces

Warning: Reading this post might make you want to quit your job.

Well, you’ve been warned. Read on then. Imagine working like this. You sit cross-legged on a pool side, with a laptop on your lap, tap-tap-tapping away that SEO-optimized web article for a client that’s on the other side of the globe.

How about, brainstorming with your team while squatting on beanbags on the lawn. If you are one who is a lecture resource speaker, imagine giving your presentation bare-footed with your audience sprawled on the lush garden grass. Sounds like the kind of working condition you want to have? Well then, you are in need of a coworkation. Yes, a coworkation!

That is a vacation with your co-workers. Who wouldn’t exchange their 9-5 job stuck in a cubicle all day to working by the beach at your own time with a Tequila Sunrise in hand? What better place to do this than on the beautiful island of Bali. Bali is not just a place for sight-seeing tourists but also for digital nomads who seek to combine work and play.

Check out these 12 amazing coworking spaces in Bali.


The most popular among the coworking spaces in Bali is the Hubud, short for Hub-in-Ubud. This pioneer workspace in Bali has an eco-friendly structure made completely with bamboo and recycled wood. It’s open air cafe structure and surrounding green rice fields, so far from the common walled office, this is a breather from the constraints of corporate working.

Take off your shoes, go barefoot and meet over 200 digital nomads from techno geeks, online entrepreneurs, freelancers and creative people. Your coworking experience in Hubud will definitely not be a bore. Hubud offers regular events and talks that you can learn from.

The membership fee range from $20 for a day pass to $275 unlimited monthly access.


In this technologically-driven world, location-independent workers only need a laptop and high speed Internet to earn. Another mecca for mobile employees is Outpost. After a few hours bent over your laptop, you can unwind through a cool dip in the pool or a swim on the nearby river.

Maybe you’ve gone thirsty? No worries. An Outpost staff will whisk around a refreshing drink of fresh coconut right to your desk. Having tense shoulders? The in-house masseur can help you with that.

I don’t know about you but this seems like a workplace heaven to me. Find your working spot whether indoors or the garden area or at the airy deck space. I’m sure you will love their regular Tea Tuesdays.

Price ranges from $15 day access to $270 for a 40-hour monthly rate.

Dojo Bali

For all the surf dudes and beach babes out there, this seaside Bali coworking space is your match made in heaven. Dojo Bali is a 2-storey haven that is complete with a communal lounge, a garden-edged pool, private Skype booths, and conference rooms set in the beautiful little coastal town of Canggu.

Canggu is actually one of my absolute favourite spots in Bali to put my head down for some real work while enjoying the amazing cafés in the area and living right by the beach, going surfing every damn single day.

Dojo Bali is one of the most accommodating choice with its 24/7 service and flexible membership fees with a midnight to midnight fee of around $15. There’s also a 25-hour, 50-hour, and 100-hour rate plus the ultimate unlimited rate of around $207.

After a not-so-hard day’s work, reward yourself and head over to the renowned Echo Beach and catch some waves. If you prefer an indoor scene, Dojo Bali also holds regular activities like Members BBQ and After Work Drinks.

Lineup Hub

Just look at these pictures of Lineup Hub. Aren’t you having a serious case of workplace-envy?


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This coworking space is dedicated to freelancers and IT professionals who can work remotely. The wood texture and pops of color of the 8 different spaces make for a stunning backdrop for any working individual or a whole collaborating team. The design itself provides a super cool atmosphere that keeps you in a productive mode all day long.

You can unwind at the nearby beach or you can play with PlayStation 4 to have your well-deserved break.

Admission rate starts at around $15 daily up to $170 for the unlimited monthly package.

Connect at Peppers Sentosa

If you are in search of a place to work in while still being at the center of Bali’s action, then Peppers Sentosa in Seminyak is the place for you. It is actually a luxury villa resorts that houses a coworking space.

Connect@PeppersSentosa is an innovative workspace which also allows you access to the hotel’s amenities with just a $99 monthly fee. You can work on your projects in style by the pool, on the open-air lounge or at The Laneway dining room.

The perks are really to die for. You get free access to the gym and the pool. On top of that, you have a 15% discount at the Spa at Peppers Sentosa and at The Laneway, a restaurant and bar adjacent to the hotel serving up flavours from around the world. All of that for just $99! Perfect, if you cannot afford to stay at the resort itself!


Kumpul, as they proclaim, is “the leading creative hub in Indonesia.” The shared desks and meeting spaces provide a productive area for individual workers and for a lively discussion of ideas with like-minded people.

Kumpul’s event called the Tahu Tech: Study Circle, is a group of thinkers that research on a certain topic and then gather to share ideas upon it. They also have the Kumpul Makan Bareng event wherein you can try out the local cuisine in groups. Something different to change up the business matters!

Its cheapest rate which is for day use is around $15. If you are planning an extended stay, you can opt for the unlimited monthly package costing around $200. Being a community member can help you avail of a much lower rate which is less than $8 monthly and less than $70 for the entire year.

The Sanur Space

Founded by Emic Research, a Dutch research and consultancy firm, The Sanur Space offers 4 different working areas with shared desks. They also have private rooms good for 2 – the Sumba Room and Flores Room. For groups of 6, you can use the Batak Room for their discussions, meetings, presentations or workshops.

The price range for using the shared desks area starts from around $6.00 for drop-ins, $31 for weekly users, and $115.00 for monthly coworkers.

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The Onion Collective

The Onion Collective is like an all-in-one spot. Its comprehensive venue offers a great coworking space for digital nomads in Bali, a conference room, a restaurant, a guest house and a podcast studio which is unique to The Onion Collective and not found in other coworking spaces in this list.

With this encompassing amenities, you can live, work, and dine at The Onion Collective. For WordPress users, you can learn a lot from their WordPress Meetup and WordPress Café events. They also have tribe talks on different subjects. The space is open 24/7 and you can have admission with for about $6 a day, $33 weekly access or $115 monthly membership.

regram @tdespin Yesterday, I spend the day working from @theonionco in Ubud. The place has a good wifi and is pretty rad!

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Coworking Legian

Even after years, Bali proves to be a favourite for digital nomads, not only thanks to the sprouting of coworking spaces here and there. Perhaps the newest one on the island is the Coworking Legian at Sara Residence. The spacious, open-plan design gives you a lot of room to work individually or in a bigger group.

The working facilities include an indoor area, outdoor lounge, and enclosed meeting rooms. It vouches for a best value for the price as you can see in its competitive prices. For short time users, there’s the $8 daily rate. For this who will use the venue for 5 days, you can choose the $30 package while those who will be coworking for 10 days can opt for the $54 fee.

Coworking Legian is so new and fresh in the scene that you can still avail of its soft opening promo that goes on from September 19-November 30, 2016. The first 5 people who will register every months will get a month-long free trial to use the amenities of this coworking space.

Livit Spaces

Quite different from the previously named coworking venues in this list is the Livit Spaces. It is an up-and-coming tech startup community with a coworking space and co-living accommodations. There are 9 villas to choose from equipped with office area, swimming pool, library and recreational spaces.

It hosts a number of startup companies like the Mailbird, which is a globally-acclaimed email client. They support budding entrepreneurial works through its Startup Studio where they mentor and seed fund budding startups in exchange for a stake on the said business. Coworking at Livit Spaces will definitely help you hone your passion.

You’ll be glad to know that there are no daily chores here. You can leave the cooking, cleaning, and laundry to the staff. Such upscale coworking experience warrants a higher price. The cheapest daily rate starts from around $46 per day.

Project Getaway

Project Getaway is one of Livit Spaces’ startups. It’s a month-long annual coworkation in Bali where you will be coworking and co-living in a team of 20 lifestyle entrepreneurs from around the world. You will be staying at a prime location in the midst of majestic rice terraces that also has a great view of Bali’s sunset.

After meeting with Bettina from Project Getaway earlier this year over a round of delicious smoothie bowls, I am tempted to join one of their coworkations in Bali next year. There are actually coworkation retreats planned in other locations too, they just held one in Mauritius – a little bit different to the usual places for digital nomads.

They put a lot of fun activities, workshops, and talks on which you can choose from. This also provides a great opportunity for those who are looking to build startups since Project Getaway invites investors to hear your proposals. The coworkation experience offered by Project Getaway gives you the networking opportunities paired with the flexibility of choosing when to work or when to go on adventures.

Hacker Paradise

Hacker Paradise eases the burden for new digital nomads coming to Bali because it books your accommodation, workspaces, and connection with the community. Hacker Paradise not only organises coworkations in Bali but all around the world.

From November 20 to December 17, 2016, Hacker Paradise will plant their flag in Ubud, Bali. Look forward to a comfy private accommodation and productive coworking and collaboration with other participants. You can reserve your spot right now for the 4-week paradise package, inclusive of program and housing, for $520/week.

What makes a digital nomad or a location-independent worker so cool is the flexibility and freedom that you have while you earn. You need only your computer and find a high speed Internet connection to work remotely. If you have that kind of liberty, why not bring your work setup to the island of the gods.

A lot of people would think that getting actual work done on a tropical island is impossible. However, that proved false as attested by these thriving coworking spaces in Bali. As long as you have the passion for your work, I believe you can work on your project anywhere.

Having experienced firsthand the Bali coworking scene, I would swear that being with like-minded individuals in a free environment actually boosted my productivity level compared to when I was working in a traditional office.

Switching to a laid-back workspace plus being a stone’s throw away from the beach, I wouldn’t want to trade this for anything! If you want to quit your 9-5 job right now, I would understand. But don’t just take my word for it, head to Bali and live the working dream. I surely will be back and live mine in no time!

If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello. I will for sure miss this place and my Bali life..

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Are you planning to hit Bali for some coworking? Would love to hear where you will choose to go!

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